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Gusto is a drug dealer and Night club owner who was sent to prison on a drug bust which happened through an undercover cop, he blames a former act Albert Brown who just came by to apologize for the other night, but since the cops busted in immediately following his entrance he made an immediate assumption that Albert was a mole among the police, while he was in prison he found out that Albert and his friends formed CB4 and Albert took Gusto's name as a rapper, furious with this Gusto made his way out of prison to hunted down CB4's manager Trustus who was scared so tough that he choked on his food while he was choking Gusto put his gun away and sat down next to Trustus girlfriend Sissy leaving him to choke to death while people try to help only to wind up arguing over how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver to save him, than he went on to hunt down CB4 and force them to disband through framing along with his sidekick 40 Dogg who talks through a vocal stick Gusto was portrayed by Charlie Murphy.

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