Gutsco the Rogue is one of the bosses from Final Fantasy III. A mischievous thief who lived in the Subterranean Lake, beneath the Dwarven Hollows and became a major threat after the great earthquake.

He steals one of the two ice fangs that had been kept by the dwarfs, then retreatsto his home, as the dwarfs cast a protective barrier to seal the other ice fang. The Warriors of Light enter his cave and fight Gutsco, who is seemingly defeated. Gutsco, however, disguises himself as their shadow, following them to the Dwarven Hollows. When they put the ice fang back, Gutsco reveals himself and steals both ice fangs, which was his plan all along. With the two fangs, he goes after the Fire Crystal in the Molten Cave to absorb it's power. The Warriors of Light follow him, but Gutsco absorbs the power of the crystal, becoming the dread Salamander. Even so, the Warriors of Light defeat him, retrieving the ice fangs.

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