Guttman Kubrick

Guttman Kubrick is a villain in Fairy Tail. Guttman is a sadistic green creature. He is also a member of the Zentopia Legion Corps and a former prisoner of Zentopia's main prison, in which he resided in the Forbidden Cell.

After Lapointe tells the Legion Corps that they will be receiving a new member, Guttman is seen walking down a corridor chained up with two guards around him. He introduces himself causing Dan Straight and Mary Hughes to wonder if he was even human. He walks forward but quickly gets his head stuck on the wall. He uses his Magic to destroy the wall and knocking out the guards. He is later seen kneeling with the rest of the Legion Corps where he comforts them.

Guttman is later seen walking out of the wreckage of a church along with Mary where he punishes her by stomping on her followed by the use of his Magic. He tells her that the Zentopian doctrine means to do what is asked and not to question the faith. Guttman notices Juvia Lockser and Gajeel Redfox watching them and attacks them with his Magic. Juvia and Gajeel later defeat him.

Later he fights Mary until he hears the truth. He later helps the others to destroy the chains.

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