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You don't pay me to worry about her.
~ Guy to Will Stacks about Annie.

Guy Danlily is the main antagonist of the 2014 film adaptation of Annie.

He is the campaign advisor of Will Stacks who intends to get him to become Mayor so he himself can retire and sees Annie as a pawn for the election.

He was portrayed by Bobby Cannavale, who also played Irving in Mr. Robot, Gyp Rosetti in Boardwalk Empire, James Kent in Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Sergio De Luca in Spy, and Russel Van Pelt in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.


Guy is the pompous political advisor to Mr. Will Stacks who sees of Annie Bennett as points for him to be Mayor (which is so he can retire) rather than as a person—almost as if she's not human at all. In a bar, he parties with Miss Hannigan promising her that she'll get the same reward he gets.


Guy is helping in leading Stack's campaign for mayor of New York City, which happens to be a failure. However, it wasn't until Stacks saves a little girl named Annie from being run over by car, which is recorded and sent to the web. This heroic act allowed Stacks to gain points for his campaign, and Guy, believing that there might be a chance, convinces his boss to bring Annie to his inner circle and use her to gain more support from the voters. Stacks decides to send Grace to go get Annie from Harlem, despite Guy's insistence to do it himself. As Guy continues to beg Stacks to let him bring Annie instead of Grace, Stacks shuts off Guy's video call.

During a Stacks Mobile event at the Guggenheim Museum, after Annie does her performance, Guy gives a speech to which she is unable to read because of her illiteracy, to which Will responds by getting a tutor to help her out.

At that time, Will start to develop some feelings for Annie, and decides of adopting her. However, Guy wants to get Annie off from Will's hands, believing that she has served her purpose. To do so, he hatched up a scheme of passing down fake parents to Annie and make it look like Will is passing down Annie to them so that he can get a good reward. He even had Annie's cruel caretaker Miss Hannigan to participate in his scheme. But when Hannigan bungles her end of the bargain, Guy does a fake DNA test and hired a couple as the fake parents, then he betrays Hannigan by cutting her out of the deal.

After arranging a public reunion between Annie and her fake parents, Guy watches as Will is unwilling to her go, but decided to let her have what she really wanted: a family. As Will compliments over Annie's singing ability, this causes Hannigan to reconsider her thoughts. Around the same time, when leaving for Brazil, Annie soon realizes that her 'parents' are fake and that it was all a setup. They got her to believe that Will has been using her (not knowing that Guy is the one behind all of this), Annie runs off, feeling betrayed.

Meanwhile a guilty Hannigan and Annie's friends meets up with Will and tells him that Guy had the imposters take Annie somewhere. Outraged by this turn of events, Will angrily confronts Guy for his deceit and treachery and fires him before going with Hannigan and the other foster girls to rescue Annie. Trying to keep his job, Guy tries to convince Stacks that if he rescues her, his campaign will come to an end, but Stacks no longer cares about that because he loves Annie more. Desperately, Guy attempts to stop Grace by grabbing her arm, forcefully begging her to talk to Stacks for him, but instead she punches Guy in the face for his betrayal before heading off to aid Will in finding Annie as Guy is escorted away by two guards. It's completely unknown what happened to Guy after this, but he was either forced to find another job after being fired or most likely was arrested along the fake parents and sent to prison to pay for his crimes.



  • Guy is a mixture between Mayor Brown and Chuck Long.
  • Although Miss Hannigan is the main antagonist throughout the franchise, Guy takes the role of the main antagonist in this film because he had bigger plans than anyone else.
  • Guy takes on one of Rooster Hannigan roles as being the one who plots to send Annie away with phony parents for his own gain while Annie's fake father takes on the role pretending to be Annie's father and nearly succeeds in kidnapping her, as Rooster did.
  • Guy's last name, "Danlily", is only said once (when he introduces himself to Hannigan).


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