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Well, the sad truth is, underdogs seldom win. And dreamers... let's just say, eventually they have to wake up. I've never talked to a snail before. So small, so amusing. No wonder they want to see you race, eh? Vroom, vroom! Look at him go. Thank you, plucky snail. Because of you, the whole world will be watching this race, and when the checkered flag drops, they'll be watching me win.
~ Guy Gagné revealing his true colors.
I will not lose to a snail!
~ Guy Gagné's breakdown before causing the crash.

Guy Gagné (pronounced GEE gahn-yei) is the main antagonist of DreamWorks' 27th full-length animated feature film Turbo and a minor antagonist of the television series Turbo Fast. He is the archenemy and former idol of Turbo the Snail.

He was voiced by Bill Hader, who also played King Leonard Mudbeard in The Angry Birds Movie and Angry Birds 2, and Hansel in Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil.


Guy Gagné comes across as an eccentric yet charismatic racer, seemingly passionate and boastful when it came to being interviewed by reporters regarding his occupation and lead as the top. However, he is, in truth, an ambitious and competitive egomaniac who will do anything to win, even if it means resorting to cheating by cutting off Turbo and inadvertently making the snail lose his speed; Gagné's immense ego is what eventually made him lose the Indy 500 race.


Guy Gagné was shown being watched on an old garage TV showing a recording of the Indy 500 by Theo (soon known as Turbo); he is shown again in another recording, though it got cut off halfway this time when Turbo had the TV broken by accidentally pushing it to fall off. When Turbo attempted to retrieve a fallen tomato from getting it crushed, Gagné appeared as a figment of the snail's imagination as Turbo reimagined the ordeal as a race.

Gagné did not physically made his appearance until the moment Turbo showed up for the Indy 500; at the time, Gagné was racing a lap and gets interviewed by reporters. A taco man named Tito later introduced Turbo after the latter dragged him to Guy Gagné, much to the racer and the crowd's confusion. However when Turbo shows off his speed and astounding the audience by qualifying for the race via achieving a speed of 226 mph, Guy Gagné was stunned at the snail's ability and later gave Turbo a chance by stirring the crowd when the latter was initially refused entry into the race by the CEO. The snail later sneaks into the storage for Gagné's race car and his trophies, only for Turbo to meet Gagné himself; Turbo them tells the famed racer that he believes in him. However, Gagné reveals his true colors when he tells our hero that dreamers have to wake up and plots to take out Turbo in the Indy 500.

In the final lap of the race as Turbo, though initially struggling in the first one, managed to be in the lead, Gagné (desperate to overtake him) inadvertently causes a crash that snares most of the competitors, including Turbo, who wakes to find his shell punctured and his speed gone. As Turbo resumes the race with the support from Chet, Gagné single-mindedly pursues him, dragging his wrecked car while attempting to step on the snail and crush him, though Turbo eventually wins narrowly and Gagné is disqualified for cheating before getting beaten up by Kim Ly for trying to kill Turbo.

The rest of Guy Gagné's fate was unclear, but the news paper showed him now as the former champion, shamed and being forced to face many Indy Car sanctions, costing him his fame and most likely his car.


No dream is too big, and no dreamer too small.
~ Guy Gagné's motto.
I, for one, believe that if the Indy 500 isn't going to put a limit on speed, then it shouldn't put a limit on spirit!
~ Guy Gagné when Turbo is refused entry into the race by the CEO.
Crawl home, garden snail... while you still can.
~ Gagné to Turbo, dissuading the latter to refrain from entering the race.


  • He returns in the episode "The Snailman" of the Netflix spin-off series Turbo F.A.S.T. in order to get revenge on Turbo.
  • Guy Gagné is French-Canadian, though his accent sounds more Spanish than French at times.
    • His last name is a misspelling of the French word "gagner", which means "win”.


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