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Guy Shepherd is a supporting antagonist in The World's End. He alongside Oliver Chamberlin is the co-leader of the Blanks and was a formerly good-hearted and friendly teacher who was a positive figure to the protagonists before being one of the first ever residents of Newton Haven to be converted into a blank.

He was portrayed by Pierce Brosnan.


Although he is a supporting antagonist, his role in the film is small. Guy Shepherd was viewed as "cool" teacher by Gary King and his friends during their high school years and was always rather talkative and nice towards the four. After they left school however, Guy was converted into a blank and grew to become one of their leaders. 23 years later when Gary and his friends returned in Newton Haven to complete the Golden Mile, several Blanks attempted to convert them before Guy confronted a lone and vulnerable Oliver and converted him convincing him to become his co-leader and to manipulate his friends into becoming blanks.

Although Oliver continuously fails in this plan he ends up bringing his friends to the pub which Guy was waiting in, The Beehive. At The Beehive everyone seems suspicious of Guy and although Oliver tries to reassure them Andy notices Oliver's previously surgically removed birthmark had returned and whacked his head with a stool exposing him as the leader of the blanks. Guy cuts the power and begins a battle with the remaining members of the friend circle.

After The Network had removed all technological advances from Earth, Guy along with all of the other blanks with the exception of Oliver and Pete were abandoned and became enemies of the human race.


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