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It was kinda fun in a necrophile sort of way.
~ Guy deceives Rosemary into believing that he raped her in her sleep.
They, uh, promised me you wouldn't be hurt... and you haven't been, really. I mean, supposing you had the baby and you lost it? Wouldn't that be the same? And we're getting so much in return, Ro.
~ Guy attempts to justify his betrayal of Rosemary, only for her to furiously spit in his face.

Guy Woodhouse is one of the main antagonists of the horror novel and film Rosemary's Baby. He is the husband of Rosemary Woodhouse.

He was portrayed by the late John Cassavetes in the 1968 adaptation.


Guy and Rosemary move into an expensive apartment, next to an elderly couple named Roman and Minnie Castavet. A struggling actor, Guy worries about affording their new lifestyle, especially considering that he and Rosemary are trying to conceive a child. One night, Guy rapes Rosemary while she is asleep, resulting in her getting pregnant. Soon afterward, Guy is cast in the lead of a high-profile film.

During her pregnancy, Rosemary falls severely ill. On advice from the Castavets, Guy sends her to an unconventional doctor named Sapirstein, who seemingly cures her. 

When her friend Hutch dies under mysterious circumstances after meeting Roman, Rosemary learns that Roman is in fact Steven Mercato, an infamous Satanist, and gradually discovers that he, Sapirstein and the Castavets are members of a Satanic coven. She then learns that Guy promised the coven their baby in return for advancing his career. She tries to run away, but Guy and Sapirstein track her down and bring her back to their apartment. They sedate her, and when she regains consciousness Guy tells her that the baby died.

Moments later, however, she finds Guy, Sapirstein, the Castavets and the rest of the coven gathered around her baby, a boy and very much alive. Upon seeing the child, she recoils in horror and demands to know what they've done to his eyes; one of the coven remarks that the child has "his father's eyes" - those of Satan himself. It is then revealed that, in return for a successful acting career, Guy allowed Satan to take possession of him when he raped Rosemary and father their child, making the boy the Antichrist. Guy tries to calm Rosemary down, but she spits in his face. Nevertheless, she seems to accept the child. It is left ambiguous whether she and Guy stay together.

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