Guzzlord, also known as the Junkivore Pokémon, is one of the various evil Pokémon in the series of the same name. A Ultra Beast from another dimension, Guzzlord is known for its gigantic hunger and possible destruction of the Ultra Ruin.


In the games

Sun and Moon

Before the events of the game, a Guzzlord who Looker and an unnamed follower were tracking managed to kill the follower because Looker was caught off guard and pitied it. During the events of the game, Guzzlord was one of the Ultra Beasts who entered Alola. Out of fear that he may wreak havoc in Alola, Looker sent the player to track him down and catch it. Guzzlord was eventually found by the player in Resolution Cave and the player successfully caught it and added it to their Pokédex.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Guzzlord can be found by accessing the Ultra Wormholes. It is found in a parallel universe similar to a destroyed Hau'oli City called the Ultra Ruin. There, it can be caught by the player and be added to their Pokédex.


Guzzlord first appears in SM100, where it appeared in the Ultra Ruin. It first attacked Ash and Pikachu before Dia and Zeraora drove it off. Dia reveals to Ash that Guzzlord was the one responsible for the destruction of his homeworld. In SM101, Guzzlord returns for vengeance and nearly manages to defeat Pikachu and Zeraora, but is defeated by them when Tapu Koko makes it possible for Z-Moves to be used in the Ultra Ruin. They summon an Ultra Wormhole and sent it back to its domain.

A second Guzzlord appears at the end of SM139 and in SM140 where it attacks the Manalo Stadium. After a tough battle, the guardian deities are able to restrain it, allowing the Kahunas to defeat it with Z-Moves before sending it through an Ultra Wormhole.

Later on in SM140, a shiny Guzzlord emerges from another Ultra Wormhole, only to be quickly defeated by Hau and Gladion with their Z-Moves. Suddenly, a giant Shiny Guzzlord appears and attacks Ash and Professor Kukui. Pikachu and Kukui's Lucario were easily overpowered, until Ash's Poipole, having evolved into Naganadel, distracts Guzzlord, allowing Pikachu and Lucario to use two simultaneous Gigavolt Havocs to defeat the giant before sending it through Naganadel's Ultra Wormhole.


  • Guzzlord is the 799th Pokémon in the National Pokédex.
  • With a health stat of 223, Guzzlord has the third-highest statistic in health behind Chansey and Blissey.
  • In Sun and Moon, Guzzlord has the lowest catch rate of the Ultra Beasts with a catch rate of 15.
  • Guzzlord's name may be a combination of "guzzle" (meaning eating in a greedy manner) and "lord".


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