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Gveld Horteknut is the main antagonist of Fowl Twins: Deny All Charges, which is the second book in the Fowl Twins series by Eoin Colfer. She is a psychotic, misanthropic dwarf who wants to reclaim her family's gold by any means necessary.


Early Life

Gveld was born into the Horteknut clan, which is an ancient dwarf clan. Their goal is to reclaim gold stolen from them by human ACRONYM agents. . She considered humans to be less than animals, and had tortured and killed many humans throughout the years in her quest to reclaim gold. At some point she rescued Gunderson from an Acronym site, not realizing that Gunderson was actually a human little person. Gveld used gold to make a grill fo her teeth, and the radioactive gold caused psychosis, making her reckless and deranged.

Fowl Twins: Deny All Charges

Gvled wanted ACRONYM to move the gold from their secure location in Florida. She and her clan strapped Lazuli Heitz to a missile headed towards the Fowl Twin’s jet over Florida. She hoped that Lazuli would be killed, the Fowl Twins would be blamed by the LEP, and ACRONYM would be forced to move the treasure.

However, Myles and Beckett rescued Lazuli and Gveld wasn’t able to intercept the treasure before it was moved to Dublin, in a safehouse over a convention center.

She needed a human to get through the convention center so she kidnapped Myles and replaced him with a copy, provided by Ishi Myishi and Lord Teddy Bleedham-Drye. When Beckett and Lazuli tried to follow, she had them captured. She threatened to torture and kill them unless Myles helped her steal the treasure. Myles came up with a good plan for the Dwarves to break into the ACRONYM base, but she went back on their deal and tried to have them killed anyway. Myles sent out a message on the internet that a famous celebrity would be at the convention center. Gveld and Gunderson snuck in, disguised as cosplayers. Gveld planned on blowing up the convention center, which would kill the ACRONYM agents along with thousands of children. She didn't tell Gunderson, knowing she wouldn't approve.

Myles and Becket escaped. Myles confronted Gveld in the elevators. He revealed that Gunderson was human. Gveld was furious and demanded that Gunderson blow up the center to prove her loyalty. Gunderson did, but Lazuli prevented the building from collapsing. Gveld was furious and tried to kill Myles. Gunderson, realizing how deranged Gveld had become, tried to escape using rock polish. Gveld tried to grab the rock polish, and accidentally spilled it, destroying their elevator. Finally realizing what she had become, Gveld managed to push Gunderson to safety before falling to her death.

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