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Gwendolyn is a minor antagonist in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, appearing in Part 2 of its second installment 3Below.

She is a Gorbonian who, being Stuart's ex-girlfriend, decides to eat him because they broke up. It's also revealed that she is a bounty hunter and a spy who works for General Morando of the Taylon Phalanx, and gives him valuable information about the Royals' whereabouts.

She was voiced by Kathleen Turner, who also played Matty Walker in Body Heat, Beverly Sutphin in Serial Mom, Claudia in A Simple Wish, Dr. Elena Kinder in Baby Geniuses and Constance Nebbercracker in Monster House.



Gwendolyn and Stuart were once a couple until Stuart broke up with her, so she tried to devour him, as Gorbonians tend to do so to their ex. Due to this, Stuart fled from her and escaped to Earth.

At some point in her life, she became a spy and bounty hunter who worked for General Morando.


After seemingly having found her fiancé, Theodore of Territora, she goes down to Earth as she knows that Stuart is there to eat him, as her species can't get a spouse without devouring their ex. She continues to bother him and not leave him and the Royals alone, and even tries to kill them, but Stuart shows her the pottery they made together. However, she eats the pottery, as she never cared about his feelings, now seeing their relationship as meaningless. She then pretends to reform and leaves the area, with Stuart and the Royals being left behind.

Later on, she contacts Morando and tells him that she found the Royals hiding in Arcadia. She then asks him if she should kill them, but Morando tells her that it is unneeded, as he plans to create an asteroid the size of Arcadia and hurl it toward Arcadia to distract the Royals from his arrival on Earth at Area 49-B.

It's unknown what happened to her afterward after Morando died.


  • She is the only one of Morando's bounty hunters who hasn't been killed nor faced the consequences of her actions.


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