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Gyges (GoW Comics).jpg

Gyges is a giant monster, and an enemy in the God of War Comics.


Gyges is a giant, deformed creature that is said to have 50 heads and 100 arms, multiple eyes.


Awakening Gyges

Gyges Awakens

After arriving on the island where the Ambrosia is being kept, Kratos accidentally awoke a hungry Gyges. Gyges stated he had been awaiting Kratos' return to acquire the Ambrosia once more.

Gyges' Past

Gyges attempting to eat Kratos

Gyges explains his origins to his great nephew, stating he is one of three Hecatonchires, children of Gaia and Ouranos who were banished because of their appearance. He explained that he planned to use the Ambrosia to revive his brothers but because Kratos burned off a hundred of his arms were burned off in his battle with Helios' Champion, in his first quest to get the Ambrosia, he had to enter a healing slumber.

He then revealed that, he vowed vengeance on Kratos for his actions and attempted to devour him.

Confronting Gyges

Kratos attacks Gyges

Kratos, however, escaped the vines of Gyges and revealed that he was planning to destroy whatever Ambrosia left on the island, because a Disciples of Ares wanted to use it to revive their fallen God. Gyges pleaded to Kratos not to destroy the Ambrosia, as it was keeping him immortal, but Kratos ignored Gyges' request.

Kratos proceeded to use the Flames of Apollo to set the island on fire. As Gyges' life ended in agony, the Tree of Life and all its Ambrosia incinerated into nothing.


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