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Why can't you just leave me alone?! I don't need a brother, or a hero, or anyone! You're worthless to me-but you'll be worth your weight in gold!
~ Gyldygga,prior to the battle.

Gyldygga is a minor antagonist in Dragon Quest XI. She used to be Mia, Erik's sister, now overcome by her own grudges and greed, enhanced by Mordegon and the corrupted Yellow Orb. Just like Mia, she's voiced by Inori Minase in Japanese version, Lauren Mote in English version.


Before the event of the game, Erik gave Mia a necklace for her birthday. This necklace appears to give Mia the power to turn any matter into gold. At first, Erik is too excited about it. However, he soon found out the necklace is dangerous when his sister showed him a golden seagull. So Erik told Mia to take off the necklace, however, the necklace lost control and turned Mia into gold, much to Erik's horror and regret. He proceeded to hide his cursed sister in their hideout and leave to find forgiveness, and hopefully a cure.

After the fall of Yggdrasil, Mordegon turned Mia back to normal and weaponised her greed and anguish. This caused Mia to turn into Gyldygga, who in turn turned the Vikings that used to enslave her and her brother into golden monsters. She also cast a curse called Gold Fever into Sniflhiem, which randomly turns citizens into gold and built a golden castle called Gyldenhal. 

When the Luminary arrived to Sniflhiem, Gyldygga has her minion to kidnapp Erik. After rescuing Erik, the Luminary is able to recover Erik's memory through a Yggdrasil root. They than storms in Gyldenhal and is shocked to find that Mia has become Gyldygga. Although Erik tried to reason with her now-evil sister, Gyldygga refused to listen and attack them. In the end, Gyldygga is defeated and Mia returned to her sense, destroying the Gyldygga personality as a result.


As a human, Gyldygga is basically Mia. However, when in her monster form, she is a golden beast with sharp claws


Gyldygga is extremely greedy. She also has a hatred towards Erik for abandoning her in their hideout.



  • As one would expect,Gyldygga represent Greed,for her obsession of gold.


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