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Villain Overview

Heh, Gyou'Un, when that hour arrives... on those scarlet fields... stain the the grounds even darker with the blood of your enemies...!!
~ Rin Shou Jo
A sword that has been raised to deliver a blow...MUST be allowed to fully complete its downward stroke. You must see it through to the very end. No matter how bitter the cost.
~ Gyou'Un imparting his lord, Rin Shou Jo's will and last advice to Ou Hon and Shin.
I meet my end now not as the first, but the last, the one who served him longer than any other. Heh... but perhaps... that's an honor as well.
~ Gyou'Un's last words and thoughts.

Gyou'Un is a major antagonist and supporting antagonist in the historical seinen anime and manga series, Kingdom. He served as the right hand man to the Great General and heroic military legend, Rin Shou Jo of Zhao's Three Great Heavens and was the leader of the Rin Family's Ten Generals as he was one of the most powerful figures in the Zhao military alongside his colleague Chou Ga Ryuu and contemporaries Rin Ko and Kai Sha Bou of Ren Pa's Four Heavenly Kings during the previous era of the Warring States Era.

He was one of the central antagonists of the Western Zhao Invasion Arc in which he made his first and final appearance within the series.


Gyou'Un was eternally grateful to the man who saved him from the fate being a slave and gave him reasons to live. He was supremely loyal to his lord Rin Shou Jo as he was ready to kill anyone that would attempt to harm or insult his lord and fight against the most powerful of opponents for him. While he appeared to be an unsociable and grim person as opposite to his close friend, Chou Ga Ryuu's smiling and calm demeanor Gyou'Un was a caring and considerate man as he smiled whenever his lord, Rin Shou Jo expressed his views on what it means to be a Great General. However, after Rin Shou Jo's untimely death at the hands of disease and the rest of his collogues killing themselves immediately afterwards, Gyou'Un experienced an incredible amount of grief as his cries of sadness wailed so loud that it was said that even the residents in the capital of Kantan could hear it. He became extremely bitter towards the unfairness of life and saw the rest of his remaining life as nothing more but a hollow existence. He was also incredibly wise as well as extremely arrogant.


Early life

Gyou'Un's childhood days with Rin Shou Jo and Chou Ga Ryuu.

Gyou'Un was captured as a slave by the state of Zhao when he was a child, he would be bought by a young man named Rin Shou Jo who either did it on a simple whim or saw the potential within him. This young noble took his time as he raised and molded Gyou'Un into a member of Zhao military caste and his personal army as Gyou'Un was drilled and taught constantly in the military arts which included - tactical theories, strategical manipulation, and martial arts. During this time, he met his future colleagues that would one day become the Rin Family Ten Generals and became close friends with one by the name of Chou Ga Ryuu as they often played against each other in mock tabletop battles with their lord, Rin Shou Jo present.

Gyou'Un smiling at his lord's Rin Shou Jo's genius in Chou Ga Ryuu's flashback.

Gyou'Un learned much since becoming a talented soldier and officer in the Zhao military. He ceased to be a just a mere slave as he grew to become the right-hand man of Rin Shou Jo as well as his greatest warrior and blade within the Rin Shou Jo Army of the Three Great Heavens. Within the next three decades, Gyou'Un would wage war against the enemies of Zhao alongside his collogues and contemporaries as they frequently clash with the likes of the Six Great Generals and their own talented officers on various battlefields as he fought to take their heads with his prized podao. During one of these confrontations he, Chou Ga Ryuu, and their master Rin Shou Jo met the Monstrous Bird of Qin, General Ou Ki and officers of the Ou Ki Army in the aftermath of an intense battle between Zhao and Qin and where Rin Shou Jo expressed his philosophy and worldview on the Warring States Era as he wished those in the future good luck in conquering the lands.

Western Zhao Invasion Arc

Have you noticed yet, Ga Ryuu? These Shukai Plains that we stand on now... are the very same grounds... that our beloved Master prophesied of in his last message.
~ Gyou'Un


Powers and Abilities

In those days long past, to speak of the martial might of the Rin Shou Jo Army would be to speak of the man named Gyou'Un!
~ Ri Boku on Gyou'Un's abilities.

Even after years of being away from a real fight, Gyou'Un retained his inhuman might as he destroys and slaughters the elite soldiers of the A Kou Army with a single swing of his blade.

Physical Abilities

Fighting Style

  • Expert Tactician: As a student of Rin Shou Jo, Gyou'Un was taught a great amount of tactical theories and strategical knowledge by his lord during their youth. Gyou'Un could use his tactical intuition to sense the flow of a battlefield and "light a fire" at the most important situations that guaranteed the greatest opportunities of damage to his opponents.
  • Instincial Type Warrior
    • Perception: Thanks to his impressive instinctual nature, Gyou'Un was capable of immediately sensing and feeling the "flow" of a tell the changes to the Hi Shin Unit's maneuvers as they switched commanders.
  • Leadership: Gyou'Un symbolized the Zhao military might due his status as the former right hand man of a member of the previous generation of the Three Great Heavens. Gyou'Un could inspired his men and other Zhao soldiers as a pillar of the state of Zhao.



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