Gyro is a member of the Gamma holding the title of Gamma Ultima who is the former instructor of Alain and the secondary antagonist in Kamen Rider Ghost.

He was portrayed by the veteran stunt performer and suit actor Seiji Takaiwa, who plays various primary Kamen Riders in suits, except Kuuga and Hibiki, Super Sentai Rangers and Julio Rivera aka B-Fighter Genji in the Metal Heroes series.


Gyro was sent to the human world by Adel, where he confronted Alain. Stating that he would teach him again, Gyro assumed his Gamma Ultima form and engaged Kamen Rider Ghost Boost Damashii, Kamen Rider Specter Nobunaga Damashii and Kamen Rider Necrom Grimm Damashii, managing to fight all of them off. After repelling and reversing a Triple Rider Kick, the three Kamen Riders made their retreat.

Gyro later requested to Adel that he be allowed to fight Ghost in his Mugen Damashii form. Adel granted Gyro's request and the Gamma Ultima went to fight Takeru once again. However, rather than use his Mugen Damashii, Takeru assumed his Ore Damashii, not wanting to only rely on Mugen Damashii. Takeru was easily defeated by Gyro, who insisted he use Mugen Damashii, but Takeru continued to refuse.

However, Ghost was soon rejoined by the heroic Ghost Eyecons, and assumed Ghost Grateful Damashii before defeating Gyro with a Mega Omega Formation, shattering his Gamma body. Gyro was later revived by Takeru's wish and turned away from the Gamma ideology.

When Demia Project is activated, Gyro is too late to convince Adel to stop the project upon realizing the side-effects of the Gamma Eyecon Capsule and the outcome of the said project. After the death of Adel and Gammaizers, Gyro awakes in his original body.

Upon the return of the traitorous Danton, Gyro is killed by him.


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