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Villain Overview

Yeah... Oh no... We can't have that. My adorable little sister, trying as hard as she could... Left with no head on her shoulders. I'll kill everyone who messed with her... I'm gonna collect what's due. We'll pay you back for what you did to us! And as you lie dying, don't forget... That it was Gyutaro who sent you to the afterlife!
~ Gyutaro as he vows to kill those that bullied his sister.
The sufferings of my past were lessons on what to do to others as revenge! If I don't cause misery equal to my own unhappiness, I'll never balance the scales! That's how it is when you're a demon! And we kill anyone who tries to tell us otherwise.
~ Gyutaro and Daki to Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, and Tengen Uzui.

Gyutaro is a major antagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and a member of Twelve Kizuki. He is Daki's elder brother and the true holder of Upper Rank Six, according to Muzan Kibutsuji.

He is the main antagonist of Red Light District Arc, but originally remained to be hidden within his sister's body in the first half of the arc, and proves amply to be even more dangerous than her.

He was voiced by Ryōta Ōsaka (who also voiced Amy Kirio in Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun!) in Japanese and Brandon McInnis in English.


My own ugliness became my pride.
~ Gyutaro aware of his own appearance.

As a demon, Gyutaro is a relatively tall man with a skinny build to him, covered in a black-dotted, pale grayish complexion. His anatomy was somewhat strange in that his upper torso, arms, and legs were all extremely muscular while his waist was incredibly skinny, his pelvis jutting out at an unnatural angle.

He possessed thin, green, and red eyes, their sclera bright orange, that were slanted drastically downwards at the sides, the kanji for "Upper Rank" and "Six" carved across them. He has unruly black hair that cut sharply off to a brighter green around the crown of his head, worn messily styled with uneven bangs and several ahoges. His body and face have noticeable ink-like markings in the form of black spots on his body and a flowing water-like pattern on his face. Gyutaro has been described to look very ugly.

Gyutaro wore no shirt, only sporting a pair of baggy blue pants and seven pieces of pattern red cloth to decorate his body, one large one around his neck and three smaller ones around each arm.


No one saves us. It had always been that way. Our usual typical everyday lives. There were no 'humans' to save us.
~ Gyuutarou reflecting his and Daki's tough past life as humans.

Due to his disturbing childhood and traumatic experience, Gyutaro shows a disturbing and twisted view of the world and is cruel, jealous and petty towards anyone who lives a better life than him.

Even so, Gyutaro shares a genuine, familial love and feeling towards his younger sister, Daki, a feeling that can be understood by Tanjiro Kamado himself, although his twisted view of the world and overprotective attitude shaped Daki into a spoiled and childish sociopath. Nevertheless, his love for her won't stop him from berating her out of frustration when she acts childishly or indecisively.

Due to the hardship he faced as a human, Gyutaro developed a twisted personal belief that to take from those who have a better life than he had as a human is justified, and it soon became his oath once he and his sister were transformed by Doma. He expressed that he has absolutely no regrets of becoming a Demon and vowed to become a Demon again and again should he ever reincarnate into human world.

He is also shown to be arrogant and sarcastic towards his enemies, shown in his sarcasm towards Tanjiro and Tengen Uzui. However, in his last moments, Gyutaro was inspired by Tanjiro's encouragement and remembered his long-abandoned humanity, which later became a factor for him heading towards Hell with Daki/Ume hand-in-hand to face their afterlife together once more.


Is that so? 22 Hashiras lost their lives to us because they couldn't pull off that one simple easy feat!
~ Gyutaro to Tengen Uzui and his hunters as they figured out Gyutaro and Daki's weaknesses.
You got three wives?! Ehhhhh?! Don't f--k with me!! Unforgivable!!
~ Gyutaro to Tengen when the former realizes that Tengen has three wives.
We two are as one.
~ Gyutaro making his debut, to save Daki.
How truly unsightly. You couldn't save your sister! Don't be saved by your younger sister, but rather save her with these hands as you are the older one! Hey you, how do you feel now? To have survived alone? Hey you, jackass, half-wit, maggot, retard, unhelpful nuisance you. Why are you born?
~ Gyutaro virulently mocking Tanjiro - which is also the former's own bitter self-hate born from his own trauma.
Uwaaaaaah!! No! No! No! Don't take her from me! Why do you take from me while giving me nothing in return! I won't forgive you! I won't forgive you! Give me back my sister! I'll kill you all! Be it god or Buddha!
~ Gyutaro screaming at the world in anguish as he cradles Daki's charred body.





  • Gyutaro is a Japanese slang equivalent to a gigolo.
  • Gyutaro shares a similarity to Akaza that both are full of self-hate, resorting to extortion to make their living prior to becoming to demons.
  • Gyutaro is essentially a foil to Tanjiro Kamado in the sense that both Tanjiro and Gyutaro are older brothers that look out for their younger sisters, Nezuko Kamado and Daki. But while Tanjiro is a kind and compassionate individual that cares and respects others, Gyutaro is a violent and ruthless individual that envies those for living a better life than he did and slaughters them as a result.
  • Kaito Ishikawa, Kosuke Toriumi and Yuichi Nakamura were considered for Gyutaro's role, but it was eventually given to Ryota Osaka after going through intensely competitive audition.
  • Gyutaro was one of Muzan Kibutsuji's favorites among the Upper Moons, holding his greedy nature in high esteem.

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