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My own ugliness became my pride.
~ Gyuutarou

Gyuutarou is a major antagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and a member of Twelve Demon Moons. He is Daki's elder brother and the true holder of the Upper Moon Six title, according to Muzan Kibutsuji.

He is the main antagonist in Red Light District Arc, but originally remained to be hidden within his sister's body in the first half of the arc, and proves to be even more dangerous than her.


Due to his disturbing childhood and traumatic experience, Gyuutarou shows a disturbing and twisted view of the world and is cruel, jealous and petty towards anyone who lives a better life than him.

Even so, Gyuutarou shares a genuiue familial love and feeling towards his younger sister, Daki, a feeling that can be understood by Tanjiro himself, although his twisted view and overprotective attitude shaped Daki into a spoiled and childish psycho. Nevertheless, his love for her won't stop him from screaming and insulting her out of frustration.

Due to the hardships he faced as a human, Gyuutarou eventually developed a twisted personal belief that to take from those who have a better life than he had as a human is justified, and it soon became his oath once he and his sister were transformed by Douma. He expressed that he has absolutely no regrets of becoming a Demon and vowed to become a Demon again and again should he ever reincarnate into human world.

He is also shown to be arrogant and sarcastic towards his enemies, shown in his sarcasm towards Tanjiro and Tengen. However, in his last moments, Gyuutarou was inspired by Tanjiro's encouragement and remembered his long-abandoned humanity, which later became a factor for him heading towards Hell with Daki/Ume hand-in-hand to face their afterlife together once more.

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Red Light District Arc


  • Gyutaro is Japanese slang equivalent to a gigolo.


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