Hödekin is a legendary kobold of German folklore who began his life as a relatively harmless and well-meaning house-spirit but became increasingly dangerous and cruel as time progress to the point the bishop he had befriended was forced to exorcise the fairy to safeguard his servants and friends.


Hödekin began his life as a house-hold spirit known as a kobold and had befriended a bishop despite the traditional animosity between fairy folk and the clergy - in exchange for his services the kobold was granted a place in the bishop's home as a servant and performed his duties with respect - however, he was also an ill-tempered and cantankerous fairy, and this would ultimately led him down the path of darkness when a young kitchen servant continually harassed him via throwing dirt and dirty water on him: rightfully angered the kobold complained to the head cook but the cook made the unwise decision to mock the kobold for fearing a child.

The kobold, having had enough, promptly warned the cook of his future actions via the chilling sentence "Since you won't punish the boy, I will, in a few days, let you see how much afraid of him I am." - sure enough a few days later when the young servant was asleep the kobold entered his room, strangled him to death and chopped up his body before putting it in a stew.

Things went even worse when the cook, having discovered what the fairy had done, angrily rebuked him - the kobold flew into an unholy rage and began defiling the bishop's food via squeezing toads over them and going as far as punting the cook into the castle moat.

Upon learning of these gruesome crimes the bishop was left with little choice but to exorcise the out of control kobold and he has not been mentioned since.

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