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The box witch with a covetous nature. She is a staunchly reclusive witch. Anything she covets she locks away within glass. The thoughts of her prisoners are laid bare, but one can strike her without thought without problems.
~ Official profile
I have only one wish. Box up that memory.
~ From Puella Magi Madoka Magica Official Guidebook "You Are Not Alone"

H.N. Elly (the handle name for Kirsten) is a minor villain from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. As a Witch, she used to be a magical girl until grief and despair overwhelmed her.


H.N. Elly uses her Witch's Kiss to brainwash numerous people into starting a suicide cult as an attempt to ascend to heaven (in a manner similar to the Heaven's Gate religious movement). As she tries to stop the mass suicide, Madoka almost gets lynched by the brainwashed victims of the Witch but gets swallowed into Elly's barrier at the last second. The witch uses mind reading to demoralize Madoka with images of Mami's death, but Sayaka, who has made a contract with Kyuubey and become a magical girl, rescues her and slices the Witch to death with her sword.


H.N. Elly is arguably the most destructive Witch to normal people shown in the series if we exclude super-Witches that have direct access to realspace like Walpurgisnacht or Kriemhild Gretchen. Instead of affecting mortals one by one with her Kiss, she is able to control enough people to form a fully-fledged suicide cult.

Inside her barrier, though, she is an excessively weak Witch. She has no known means of attack aside from her minions and is effortlessly killed by Sayaka, a novice magical girl.