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Featured in the queue video of H.R. Bloodengutz' Holidays of Horror.

During Halloween Horror Nights 21, an actor named Larry Kurtzberg is approached with an acting offer by Lady Luck. Accepting that offer, he takes on the role of "creature feature" host H.R. Bloodengutz and goes down a murderous path.



Larry Kurtzberg had his glory days back in the 1930s but eventually retired to the family taxidermy business as those days waned. Sometime in the 1970s, he becomes desperate to reclaim his former acting glory and is approached by Lady Luck in the disguise of a secretary working at a TV studio WKNB in Carey, Ohio (a common setting of HHN haunted houses). Lady Luck presents the offer of either continuing the taxidermy business or taking on the role of "H.R. Bloodengutz", a host reminiscent of Grampa Munster from The Munsters, during a midnight showing of horror films. Kurtzberg accepts the offer and becomes the character.

H.R. Bloodengutz Presents Holidays of Horror

Kurtzberg grows to love the H.R. Bloodengutz role, albeit a little too much when he insists on being referred to as such and has horrible mood swings. However, as time goes on, the ratings for the midnight showing go down due to people's disturbance at a series of holiday-themed horror films shown during the airing. His producer Reynolds sends Kurtzberg/Bloodengutz a letter informing him that the show has to be cancelled due to the low ratings and loss of advertising revenue.

Angered, Bloodengutz abducts Reynolds and several TV crew members and entraps them in the WKNB studio with Reynolds tied into a chair. For the theme of his featured haunted house, Bloodengutz hosts one final broadcast airing horrific holiday-themed horror films, such as The Feaster Bunny (featuring a demonic man-eating Easter bunny) and Ho-Ho-Homicide (featuring elves murdering Santa and going on a rampage). Throughout the guests' emergence into the films, Bloodengutz appears in periodic broadcasts like those seen in the queue videos. In each, he dons a holiday-appropriate costume, makes darkly humorous remarks, and horrifically tortures Reynolds in snuff film fashion (such as jabbing out his eye during an Independence Day-themed segment) along with the TV crew. He continues his broadcast hosting even as the police arrive and as the show ends, slashes Reynolds throat.

Following Bloodengutz's capture, Reynolds succumbs to his wounds and the rest of the TV crew is hospitalized, then quitting their jobs. Bloodengutz is locked away without ever showing any sign of remorse for his actions.


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