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Habaki (in Japanese: ハバキ, Habaki) is a minor antagonist in the Fist of the North Star spinoff/prequel Legends of the Dark King. He loyally serves his master named Gaoh.

He was voiced by Jin Horikawa.


Habaki first reports to his master that Reina is leading the attacks against the Black Steel Castle. Habaki then learns of Sakuya heading for the castle undercover. He almost protests to Gaoh allowing her inside.

Upon seeing that his boss had been killed by Reina's arrow shot, Habaki is then informed by Sakuya that Gaoh was just a sleazy womanizer. He then holds a very brief funeral for Gaoh before promising to continue the defense.

The warning comes out too late as many of Gaoh's henchmen begin fleeing for their lives. Habaki then enocunters Reina and shows his Nanto Shuga Ken abilities by using the air to cut her sword in half. He seemed to hold the upper hand until Raoh catapults himself to their position.

Upon seeing Raoh, Habaki then engages him with the Senpu Ga, but it only scratches his face. While Raoh is impressed with Habaki's fighting style, it is still anemic in comparison with Hokuto Shinken. As the two continue to lay blows on one another, the sun rises when their fists collide. But after that, Habaki's upper body is blown apart.

Powers and Abilities

Habaki's Nanto Shuga Ken allows him to manipulate the air to cut his enemies.


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