Habu (in Japanese: ハブ, Habu, "Viper") is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star. He serves the false Toki named Amiba.

He was voiced by the late Ichirō Nagai in the anime.


Habu is first seen escorting a heavyweight boxer to his master for power point testing. After the boxer dies in the procedure, Habu leads a squad to the town of Gobia alongside Gyuki. Habu challenges a bar full of patrons to try and beat Gyuki in arm-wrestling matches with the prize being a month's worth of food.

Habu first seems to challenge Kenshiro, but then a man who once strangled a wrestler challenges Gyuki first. Thanks to Habu activating buzzsaws, the giant man loses, but then Kenshiro snaps Gyuki's arm.

After knocking out Gyuki, Habu decides to test Kenshiro's agility. He admits "Toki" gave him the speed of a monkey and readies his Ru Yi Bang staff. Habu hops around attempts a Yaen Gasatsu Ken, but Kenshiro punches him away. At first Habu seems unfazed planning to slice up Kenshiro, but finds his hands locked to his staff.

Kenshiro then toys with Habu by bashing him into a wall. He then brings Habu to Amiba's hideout and tricks Toki's imposter into mistakenly killing him with a sword.

The anime adds a scene with Habu being forced to take Kenshiro to Amiba's hideout with the former scolding his captor about how he's playing into Amiba's hands. Two of Amiba's goons almost save Habu, but are killed.

Powers and Abilities

Habu uses high-speed agility that was bestowed to him by Amiba. He can also use a Ru Yi Bang staff in conjuction with his Ko Ken (Monkey Fist).


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