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Hades is a recurring antagonist in the Descendants franchise.

He appears as the false main antagonist and deuteragonist of Descendants 3, and an unseen antagonist in the novels Isle of The Lost and Return to The Isle of The Lost.

He is the former ruler of the Underworld, the most powerful villain residing on the Isle of The Lost , the ex-lover of Maleficent and the father of Mal and Hadie.

He was portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson.



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After his defeat Hades was banished to the Isle of The Lost by King Beast. While there he developed a romantic relationship with fellow villain Maleficent of whom he had two children with Mal and Hadie. At some point the two blew off their relationship however and Hades took the younger child Hadie for himself.

Isle of The Lost

Much to the annoyance of Hades Maleficent deliberately defied and disrespected him to their daughter Mal often belittling her and abusing her and calling her weak by comparing her to her father.

Return to The Isle of The Lost

In this novel Hadie implies that he has received from his father and expressed fear at the idea of his father discovering his desire to be an anti-hero instead of a villain.

Wicked World

Hades does not appear in any form in the TV Series however a statue of him stolen by Dr. Facilier makes an appearance.

Descendants 3



Hades is somewhat more mellow than his original version with him being much more relaxed and level headed. In spite of this however he remains a cold and distant figure who cares quite little for many people and is motivated by purely blind revenge against the heroes residing in Auradon.


Hades appears much more humanoid than his original version with his hair being simply varying shades of blue in colour as opposed to literal flames, his skin being a more ordinary fair skinned tone than grayish blue and his clothing being more modern albeit dirty and tattered, with him adopting somewhat of a punk persona in his time on the Isle.


  • Hades' outfit in Descendants 3 is a possible reference to another villain in the series, Zevon with his bluish color scheme and black leather trench coat being somewhat reminiscent of Zevon's outfit and signature colour of teal.


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