Hee hee... Hee hee hee hee hee... And here I'd thought that you Celestial Realmers were a bunch o' scaredy cats. But here you are, in the heart of the Infernal Realm. Very Impressive. Right, Beelzebear?
~ Hades.

Hades is the former primary antagonist  and later as an on & off anti-heroine of the videogame, Valkyrie Crusade. She is the queen of the Infernal Realm, whose goal is to take over the Celestial Realm and eventually, the entire world.

Despite being the villain of the series, she sometimes helped the Oracle and her allies to defeat the other enemies that threatened the world before going back to her old way.


Hades was a short girl with two pairs of brownish-black horns on both sides of her head and two red eyes. She also have a pale, orange hair and wore the black dress with a red gem on the middle of it, which also revealed her midriff. She also have two black wings and also have two bits with red gems, which were seen floating around her. She also wore two sleeve gloves and two mismatched sockings.

When in her disguises, her hair will turn from her pale orange color to reddish pink color when not in her true form.


Hades is the egotistical and ruthless demon queen who desires to take over the Celestial Realm and will not stop at nothing to ensure that her goal will come in fruition.


Not much was known of Hades's past of how she became the ruler of the Infernal Realm, though it was 

Celestial Realm 2

Hades is the main antagonist in the story here. She was also responsible of attacking the earth

The Accursed Queen

Hades was seen reluctantly assisted Oracle, Mia, Wa Ran and Alpheratz to travel into the Demon Realm in order to get to Calamity, who returned to her realm in despair after the supposely failed cure of her Miasmic Curse. The reason of her reluctance is that she and the others was informed by Mia that the Demon Realm was now currently ruled by Crimson Eyes, one of the demon lords who ruled the entire realm and that she also feared of Crimson Eyes' power. Despite that, she went with them anyway.

Once in the Demon Realm, 

Powers & Abilities


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