If you leave me here in this broken girl, I swear it, Castiel: I will tell them where you are. And they will hunt you. Until their last breath, they will seek revenge on the angel that did this, who destroyed Heaven. [...] They will seek a vengeance on you that will make God striking down Lucifer seem like child's play.
~ Hael's threat to Castiel

Hael is a minor antagonist appearing on the CW television series Supernatural.

She is played by Grace Phipps.


In the Season 9 premiere "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here," Hael meets Castiel at a gas station. The two of them sit and talk, and Hael recounts how she was in Heaven before Metatron cast a spell to banish all angels to Earth; she remembers falling for what seemed like forever.

Castiel encourages Hael to embrace free will, and she expresses a desire to visit the Grand Canyon (which she created thousands of years ago). However, when Dean Winchester calls Castiel for help and Castiel says he has to leave, Hael begs him to stay. When Castiel insists on going, Hael knocks him out with a wooden plank.

Later, Castiel regains consciousness to find himself in the passenger seat of a car being driven by Hael, who reveals that her human vessel is wearing down and that she needs to take a new vessel, then informs Castiel she's going to possess his vessel, Jimmy Novak. Castiel surreptitiously fastens his seatbelt before causing the car to crash, sending Hael (who isn't wearing a seatbelt) crashing out of the windshield.

Castiel gets out of the car and confronts a bloodied and injured Hael, who angrily vows to reveal his location to the angels before Castiel stabs her with his angel blade, killing her.


What's an angel without its wings?
~ To Castiel
It was a normal day, and then just...dark. And then I was just...falling. How could that happen?
~ Recounting what she was going when Metatron's spell took effect
You understand that I couldn't just let you leave. I'd be lost without you, Castiel.
~ To Castiel, after he regains consciousness
It's the least I could ask of you, considering, well... This is all your fault, isn't it? Making the angels fall? So, we'll drive to the Grand Canyon, you'll tell me more about humans, and I'll show you what I'm capable of. We're going to become more than just friends, Castiel. We're going to become one. [...] Your vessel is strong. This one won't hold me much longer. You were right, Castiel. With us together, I think I could learn to like it here.
~ To Castiel, revealing her intentions
Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Help angels? After what you did? They don't want your help, Castiel. They want your head.
~ To Castiel
Don't you get it? Together, I can protect you, Castiel.
~ To Castiel
I will go on angel radio and tell them everything unless you open your heart and say "yes."
~ Hael's last words before Castiel kills her



  • Her name means "The God" in Hebrew.
  • It was later revealed Hael's vessel name was Gloria Lewellen Jacobson.
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