Run back home, little princess!!
~ Hailstrum to Thor

Hailstrum is a minor antagonist in the 2011 Marvel film Thor. He is a Frost Giant of Jotunheim, serving for the Frost King Laufey.

He was portrayed and voiced by Joshua Cox.


When Thor prepares to ascend to the throne of Asgard, he was interrupted when Frost Giants attempt to retrieve the Casket. Against the orders of his father Odin, Thor travels to Jotunheim to confront Laufey, accompanied by his brother Loki, childhood friend Sif and the Warriors Three (Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun).

Having expected their arrival, Laufey and his Frost Giants gave them an unwelcome visit, but gave them a chance to leave. To ensure Laufey's point, Hailstrum walks toward Thor in a more menacing way, preparing to attack him if he refuse. At first Thor and his friends are about to leave, but when Hailstrum taunts Thor by calling him a 'little princess', this provoked an angry Thor to use his hammer to smack Hailstrum in the head, crushing his skull instantly. This event is what led to brief fight against the Frost Giants and the fracture of the truce between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants. Laufey later learned that it was Loki (who turns out to be Laufey's son) who let the Frost Giants attack Asgard as he was jealous of Thor of earning the throne.


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