Hairy Dwarves are a type of exotic, hostile alien found in modern South American UFO folklore, they came from a period of time when aliens were far more diverse in appearance than they would become in later years - as well as being far more aggressive.

The Legends

Hairy Dwarves are described as strange humanoid creatures covered in thick fur, often ape-like and similar to creatures such as bigfoot but far more aggressive - they were said to abduct humans and made use of advanced technology (such as UFOs), yet also retained a high degree of animal-like traits, being more brutish in nature than the Greys and Reptoids that would eventually come to dominate later UFO lore.

Hairy Dwarves were also noted for their often fantastic array of powers and technology, such as having glowing eyes, rock-like skin so durable weapons shatter against them, they are also said to have extendible claws on hands and feet that can be used to scale walls or slash at victims.

The most bizarre feature of Hairy Dwarves is that they lack a proper mouth, instead they have a strange cavity and sometimes will insert laser-based weapons into these primitive "mouths".

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