I kill anyone who makes me their enemy. Anyone who stands in my way. I don't show mercy. But I don't discriminate. I don't care if we were classmates. I won't hesitate to kill you. But don't get the wrong idea. I don't think for us as classmates, friends or comrades. I came here because I owe Shirasaki a favor. Once I'm gone, I'm gone forever.
~ Hajime to Kouki in the dub.
I definitely used to be. But not anymore.
~ Hajime revealed to Cattleya that he is not human anymore in the dub.
Shut up!
~ Hajime to Daisuke Hiyama before kicking him.

Hajime Nagumo, also better known as the God Slaying Demon King, is the main protagonist of Japanese series, Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest. He is the anti-heroic protagonist of the main series.

He was once a weak willed and incompetent human with an extremely kindness before when he was abused and bullied by Daisuke Hiyama and his gang and had a miserable life at school and Tortus when he is enable to get Kaori Shirasaki's attraction in school. After fall into the Abyss from Daisuke Hiyama's betrayal and suffered merely 2 days after a monster cut off his left arm and eaten it, he abandoned his kindness and became a ruthless and sadistic killer to murder anyone who gets in his way. After killing the powerful monsters and eating their meat to absorb their powers and might, he mutated into a monster and became a human/monster hybrid but no longer considered himself as a human anymore. He and his harem has caused massacres and genocides in Tortus of murdering those who were blindly worship the false god, Ehit (after he learned the truth that he and his classmates were pawns, not chosen heroes).

After killing Cattleya following his reunion to his weak and incompetence classmates only to repay for Kaori, he cuts his ties and left them as they are not his friends or comrades (except for Shizuku Yaegashi and Yuka Sonobe who are the only ones he cares) but ended up having Kaori to join his party in her request as she want to win his heart at all cost even in his relationship with Yue. After killing the psychotic traitor, Hiyama for harming his middle school lover, Kaori Shirasaki, Hajime has successfully made humanity to turn against Ehit to ruin his little "Chessboard of life and death" forever thanks to the helps of both of his teacher, Aiko and Princess Liliana leaving Tortus as a godless world. Even after the war following the truth of Ehit's malice towards humanity, Hajime continually refused to rejoice his weak classmates to suit Kouki Amanogawa's stupidity and delusions but later he gave his classmates another chance to join him to clear last labyrinths and kill Eht in order to return back home to Japan.



Hajime was once a weak willed, but an extremely kind, timided and stabled human. He has a brave will which got attention from Kaori Shirasaki. He had a miserable life at both school and Tortus was abused and bullied by Daisuke Hiyama and his gang for enable to got attention the popular idol. He was an otaku who loves video games, movies, anime and manga from both of his parents (his father as a video game designer and mother as a movie, anime and manga creator). His studies were average and he lacked sports due to his laziness when sleeping in class.


After he was left for dead due to Daisuke Hiyama's betrayal, Hajime abandoned his kindness and adopted a newly personality of being cold, unstable, ruthless, uncaring and sadistic murderer after turning into a monster by eating the monsters' meat when killing them to absorb their powers. He cares nothing for his former classmates (except for Shirasaki, Yaegashi and Sonobe) and will kill them if they get in his way caused them to be afraid of him even his former bullies are terrified of him of his wrath which is intensified after when he murdered Hiyama.

After learned from the Liberators of Tortus was manipulated by the evil "god", Ehit, Hajime doesn't respects or worship for the false god but rather insult and disrespected the so-called "god" as he will kill them as well. He viewed Apostles and Demons to be "God's puppets" because they're weaker than himself after he killed Noint (who is renowned to be the strongest of all). He has no hesitation of killing one of his former classmates who made pact with the demons to have 60,000 monsters and harm his teacher, Aiko. Even though he reunited with his classmates (only to indebted Kaori), Hajime still doesn't care about them and gave them a warning if getting in his way, he will kill them which caused them to be afraid of him including his former bullies from the past are terrified of him more than the rest of the classmates after killing Cattleya.

When one of his lovers (Kaori Shirasaki) was temporarily murdered at the hands of Hiyama, Hajime became outrageous and more unstable when destroying his undead classmate (Reichi Kondou) and the knights who were killed by Eri and Hiyama. He murdered Hiyama his former bully by breaking almost all his bones and damaging his internal organs after beating him up and toss him to the monsters for them to eaten Hiyama alive as Hajime watch pitiless when Hiyama screamed in agony as well walked away and abandoned his former bully to his death although he was going to spare him by reconsidered his mistakes and wrongdoings. After murdered his former bully, Hajime made this murder as a lesson from Hajime's warning to his former classmates, if they dared cross him or harming his comrades (harem), he will murder them just like he did with Hiyama. After returning to Japan, He was less merciless only to beaten up anyone who are annoyance his wives as he beaten up the students from the Yaegashi family dojo effortlessly and bullied and humiliated the so-called "Soul Sisters" who are annoying to his wife, Shizuku Yaegashi and his idiot brother-in-law Lundel, who is a failure attractive boy after being bothersome to both of two of his wives (Lundel's sister Liliana and Hajime's middle school love interest, Shirasaki), and adoptive daughter, Myu while Hajime has no qualm of throwing a sugar cube at Lundel. He is disgusted of his wife, Tio's perversion and will no show hesitation on if she keeps continuing her perverted actions. Hajime considered Tortus to be the world of murder due to Ehit's manipulation.

He shown no tolerance of empty idealism, delusional prides, emotionally weaknesses or cowardice when he told Kouki Amanogawa (the supposedly strongest of the Hero Party) to stop trying to enforce his delusional "justice" and project his weaknesses toward the murderer when he was unable to kill Cattleya for his unneccessarily mercy to the demon woman. Hajime even called his former bullies to be weak and worthless as he seeing madness in their eyes and lack of actual sincerity. Hajime still doesn't care for his previous mistreatment nor to forgives for those who betrayed him at all as he refused to return back to the so-called "Hero Party" who are pawns to Ehit or letting those who deserted him in the Great Orcus Labyrinth due to Hiyama had left Hajime for dead only for him to survived as an indestructible monster as it demonstrate Hajime exposing the truth in front of Hiyama when noticing he and his gang were feigning an apologize in an attempt for forgiveness by trying to make Hajime to forget his mistreatment Hiyama and his gang gave him purely, just so they would get closer to Kaori Shirasaki (Hajime's lover since middle school). Though he respects true moralities and virtues (from Kaori, Shizuku and Aiko), he disdained misguided morality and virtues such as Kouki's delusional habits for the so-called "justice" and his useless heroism as well he detested the Holy Church's so-called "decree" which is completely meaninglessly after they ever did was dying in battle.

Being very sadistic, Hajime is extremely cruel, and abusive toward his enemies. He mocked them to make them look like fools when they lead themselves toward their deaths, anguishes, agonies and despairs in Hajime's hands. Hajime is also violent when he doesn't hold any of his victims feeling by torturing them to make them suffer to despair, hardship, anguish and agony as he had suffered when he makes his victims screams in weep and wail. He usually scolded Kouki for his delusional pride of his useless heroism and meaninglessly efforts in his childish ideals. Though he respects actual virtues from Kaori, Shizuku and Aiko, Hajime is distasteful for misguides virtues such as Kouki's childish ideals as he always correctly stated to Kouki that his ideals will always lead the so-called "hero" to his own failures even when Hajime easily defeated him twice in first a pointless unarmed duel and a second worthless fight merging with his doppelganger for trying to take Hajime's lovers. Since Hajime holds no respects or loyalty to the Holy Church, he doesn't hold a qualm when he ordered Tio to kill the pope and the bishops by destroying the temple (which she is pleasured to satisfy for her revenge against the Holy Church for killing her parents and people). In his confront with Eri Nakamura, Hajime tormented her to make her suffer slowly and doesn't care what was her motivations or who has caused Eri to become a traitor before he would kill her but interfered by both Hiyama and later Freid Bagwa. Hajime abused his former bully, Hiyama physically by breaking his bones and damaging his organs and mentally by mocking him sadistically for the reason Kaori will never be his girlfriend for the rest of his worthless life due to his lacks of responsibilities before kicked him into the monsters for Hiyama's insolence (although Hajime was willing to spare Hiyama if he would learn from his mistakes and wrongdoings). Hajime scolded Kouki even further if he did bothered told him of Ehit's manipulations due to his naively optimism of classmates were always oblige of helping and protecting each which are the very weaknesses for other classmates' possibilities for betrayals such as the idiot, Hiyama and the intelligent, Eri to betrayed him without noticing or reasons. Hajime insulted Freid Bagwa by calling him a fool for his mistook thinking that Hajime is allies with the so-called "hero party" and the kingdom which is an opposite that Hajime and his companions were never allies with the Heiligh Kingdom or the so-called "chosen heroes" as threatened Freid to leave or die along with his remaining troops. In his fight with Noint, Hajime considered her to be weak as he is more powerful than she could've have even in the verge of her death. If anyone says Yue's name without honorifics, Hajime will make them suffer in despair and agony for the worse case due to them have no rights to say the name that he gave his lover as he easily brutalized Kouki because the so-called "hero" is still too weak even when merging with his doppelganger. When Yue was captured and possessed by Ehit, Hajime captured and tortured Alva (Ehit's retainer) to interrograte for Yue's location and later killed him after he gotten all what he need.

If I have power, I should use it for justice? It’s because you think like that that you always end up messing up when it really matters. Personally, I think power should be wielded with a clear intent. You don’t do something because you have the power to. It’s because you want to do something that you obtain the power necessary to achieve it. If you really think you’re obligated to do things just because you have the strength to, then for you, strength is nothing more than a curse. You lack resolve, Amanogawa. Anyway, I’m not going to argue with you about the path I’ve chosen. If you keep pissing me off I’ll send you flying out of here like I did with Hiyama.
~ Hajime's disdains for Kouki's deluded justice

Unlike those who are obsessed for power, Hajime is not power hungry as he believed strength is a curse as it is worthless to use for the so called "justice" but can be use his own goal to return back home to japan for the sake of his parents. He doesn't care of Kouki's useless justice as he is not friends or comrades with the masochist hero. Hajime viewed Kouki's fusion with his doppelganger is pathetic measly power that is still too weak to defeat him and his demonic powers as a prove when Hajime dodged and blocked every of Kouki's attacks and bypassed his defensive powers and easily thrashed him.

Due to the side-effects of his mutations, Hajime lacked the ability to be afraid or timid as he abandoned his timidity. He is not afraid of anyone or anything anymore no matter who is coming, be they humans, demons or false gods, he will kill them all. He is not afraid of the Bastard Four (his former bullies) anymore and doesn't care about his previously mistreatment from the Heiligh Kingdom which holds nothing to him as he deemed his former bullies to be weak and worthless when they really think Hajime would forgive them by letting them to join his party just so they would get close to Kaori purely. He is not afraid of hostage taking from idiots such as Freid Bagwa (a delusional demon general and an "ancient magic" user) of his ignorance of taking the citizens of the Heiligh Kingdom and his classmates in his mistook thinking to force Hajime to give him the location of the Great Labyrinths only for Hajime to extinguished Freid's 100,000 troops by Hajime's satellite laser. He is not afraid of the so-called "god", Ehit as Hajime considered Ehit to be pathetic and weak after slaying Noint. Due to him not being afraid, Hajime doesn't consider himself as a human anymore. Before he made humanity turned against Ehit, He is not worried or cared to be declared as a so-called "heretic" stupidly by the Heiligh Kingdom, the Holy Church and Garland as Hajime unleashed the massacre and genocide the both the human and demon pawns of Ehit.

As a mercenary, Hajime only work for those who needed to accomplish missions in exchange to pay him up for golds and moneys. After succeeded missions, Hajime then, leaves his original clients and ended their deal as he move on to the other clients to hiring him for more important missions. He revealed he only work for them just so he could get paid for more currencies. While having Kaori travelling with him, Hajime intend to extend the currencies from his mercenary assignments from his clients. He works alone with his harem and never takes orders from those who are weaker than himself and ignored every of their commands when he disregarded Kouki's pleas to spare Cattleya.

Despite he was once human, Hajime is coldblooded and merciless genocidal who is not loyal to flags, kingdoms, countries, churches or villages who are blindly worshiping the false god when unleashing a massacre and genocide in the war against both Garland and Heiligh Kingdom by killing demon and human worshipers. He has no feelings when he is tormenting, torturing and killing his enemies (including women such as a monster women, Cattleya and Noint). Since he has no concerns for the Holy Church, Hajime has no qualms when he ordered Tio of destroying the Holy Church's temple to kill the Pope and all of his bishops for their interference in his fight with Noint (which is her pleasure to exacted her revenge). Hajime is one step ahead of his enemies such as Freid Bagwa by using his satellite laser to extinguished 100,000 of Freid's troops.

Due to his mutation, Hajime doesn't have any interests of worthless challenges or pointless fights issued from those who are weaker than himself as he considered them to be a waste of time and effort when he easily defeated them unlike Daisuke Hiyama (his treacherous classmate and former bully who was a weak selfish incompetent that Hajime killed). Due to him not being amused for these weak and pathetic challenges, Hajime isn't bothered of those challenges as he deemed himself to be more powerful than anyone including his now weak and incompetence classmates (mostly Kouki Amanogawa and Daisuke Hiyama who are even more incompetents than the rest of his weak classmates). He viewed those who challenged him to take his harem by force to be pathetic incompetents and worthless weaklings such as his idiot classmate, Kouki when Hajime easily defeated the so-called "chosen hero" twice in first a useless unarmed duel and later a foolish fight when Kouki failed miserably of trying to take Hajime's harem. Out of all his classmates whom he deemed them to be weaklings and incompetents, Hajime viewed few classmates who are even more weaker than his weak classmates such as Kouki Amanogawa (his idiot classmate who holds a weak resolves due to his delusional habits of his self-righteousness ignorance despite of originally was the strongest) and his former bully, Daisuke Hiyama (one of the weakest of the so-called "heroes" who was a weak, selfish sore loser due to his persistently lust for Kaori and his lack of responsibility when he kept on inflicting pain on those who are weaker than himself as a result for Hajime easily brutalized Hiyama and tossed his former tormentor to his death by feeding him to the monsters for his idiotically betrayal).

Due to the rage consuming him, Hajime is a wrathful genocidal when anyone had angered him after they've gotten his way or harms his harem, he will kill them just like he murdered Hiyama for his temporarily murder on Kaori to satisfying his pathetic lust. He gave a warning to his classmates to make them taken it seriously (except for Kouki due to his persistence) when they've tried their best to not angering him or harming his harem as they are terrifying of Hajime's monstrous strength and murdering intents even his former bullies are more terrified of Hajime than the rest does after killing their 'friend', Hiyama. Hajime is willing to destroy the Heiligh Kingdom, the Holy Church and Garland and erase them from their existence if they continually getting in his way when they insolently considered his so-called "heresy". He would destroy Tortus itself if he has to for his goal of returning to Japan. If one of his companions is harmed, Hajime shown them no mercy by killing them as he assassinated Hiyama. His warning that he gave his classmates is too powerful, inevitable and unbreakable that no one could ever attempting to cause any trouble to Hajime due to them being terrified of him as they don't want to suffer death at his hands as Hiyama did. If anyone say Yue's name without honorifics, Hajime will make them suffer in the worst case when he brutalized Kouki for his insolence due to him doesn't have the rights to say the name that he'd given his lover.

In spite of his average academic grades, Hajime is highly emotionally intelligent even more than one of his lovers/wives, Shizuku Yaegashi. Hajime considered Tortus' true nation as a world of murder and conflicts as it lacked peace due to conflicts between humans and demons manipulated by the false god. Hajime is already aware Hiyama once tried to kill him when he not only he refused to forgive him by calling him and his gang weak and worthless due to lack of sincerity of seeing madness in Hiyama's eyes, but backfired his plan right in front of Hiyama and his gang which caused Hiyama not only being afraid of Hajime's demonic powers, but became a deranged lunatic when he will never get the chance to make Kaori as his girlfriend. After learned from the Liberators' holographic message, Hajime considered fighting for Ehit and all of his teaching from the Holy Church are completely meaningless and pathetic such as Kouki's delusional pride habits of his childish ideals and his so-called "justice" to his stupid heroism. When knowing Kouki is more naive and too delusional, Hajime decided to not informed him of Ehit's manipulation even if he did tell him which is too late for that after the Holy Church chosen Kouki as "hero" and all of worships from the Holy Church and Heiligh Kingdom he received was nothing more but a fabricate lie and considered Kouki's expectations of classmates are meant to help and protect each other are stupid and ridiculous which is the very weaknesses of allowing other classmates' possibilities of betrayal when it enables for Eri and Hiyama betrayed them without noticing but too late for that. Hajime considered Kouki's fusion with his doppelganger as a pathetic measly power-up which is still too weak to defeat him. Hajime acknowledge Noint to be similar of Valhalla's Valkyries of the Norse mythologies despite of his average grades. Hajime correctly considered the reason of Kouki's failure was because of his naivety which always led Kouki to his own failures even in their second fight which is pointless and hopeless when Hajime easily defeated Kouki. Hajime's intelligence is even more greater when he is one step ahead of his enemies such as hostage take of his classmates and the Heiligh Kingdom by Freid (a delusional demon general) doesn't work him and Eri's plans of attempted hostage taking of one of his lovers/wives, Remia and his adopted daughter, Myu were too predictable and will always lead to her failures due to Hajime always continually foils her and Garland's plans.

Despite of being merciless and a murderer, Hajime is still honorable what's left of his morality. He cares deeply his harem and fathered Myu. He freed Yue as his most trusted companion and main lover after heard she was also betrayed. He saved Shea Haulia from drowning. He allowed his childhood lover from middle school, Kaori Shirasaki to join his party for her try to win his heart and Hajime managed to convince Kaori easily when she learned that they were summoned by Ehit selfishly as his pawns, not real heroes due to her unbreakable love for Hajime. After murdered Hiyama in coldblooded, Hajime gave his classmates a second chance to join him of clearing the remaining Labyrinths to kill Ehit but warned them if they cross him or harm his lovers again, he will never forgive them as he will kill them as he murdered Hiyama. While the funeral of being asked of what really happened in his "fall" after defeating Garland's troops, Hajime enlightened his classmates of what really happened in his "fall" was actually an intentionally murder attempted by Hiyama where it wasn't an accident causing his classmates to lose what's little of their sympathies for Hiyama and always remember Daisuke Hiyama as a selfish, deluded traitor. He only let Kouki, Ryutarou, Shizuku and Suzu travelling with him just for Kaori's sake, not his. Hajime was generous enough to his classmates travelled with him by enhanced their equipment to make their weapons stronger (except for Kouki Amanogawa, it is because his dislike for the so-called "chosen hero" when shown Hajime has weakening only to Kouki's equipment instead of strengthening them due to his sword has too much adjustments and cannot give great extent). He gives his respects to Ryutarou, Suzu and Shizuku for accomplishing their trials to gain "Age of Gods" magic (except for his idiot classmate, Kouki due to his stupid habits to his childish ideals and his delusion pride as a result for his failure of accomplishing his trial and later gotten easily defeat by Hajime yet again). After killing Ehit, He was willing to bring his former classmates back to Japan with him. Hajime willing to help would-be slaves and Myu by killing the slave traders and their leader as well destroy their hideouts with the help of his lovers to put an end to slave trades forever. Due to Kaori's sake, He obliged of Suzu's begging of giving Eri resolves but told her he will kill Eri if she doesn't redeem herself. Hajime found his former bullies who now became the two stooges, Shinji Nakano and Yoshiki Saitou annoying even though they shown their complete loyalties for him. His treatment from his former classmates improved as they called him as the "God Slaying Demon King" after he slayed Ehit. He cares for his lovers as he married them all and have Yuka as a mistress as part of his family. He is protective for his wives, mistress and stepdaughter Myu. He took Myu everyday to school like an ordinary father. He is respectful for almost all his family-in-laws for protecting their daughters and granddaughter (only for Tio).

His otaku habits still remained unchanged even with Shirasaki still grown him and his wife.

Hajime has a immense love for his family. His parents were responsible for Hajime became an otaku from their creations of both video games (from his father) and anime and manga (from his mother). In his summon, his parents told Hajime to survive and return to Japan safety at all costs even if it means to abandon his kindness and morality to become a genocidal mass murderer, a sadistic bringer of agonies, a weapon of mass destruction and even a god slaying destroyer. Hajime will never let anyone get their filthy hands or laying a single finger on his lovers even through worthless challenge when Kouki Amanogawa (his idiot classmate who has a stupid childish ideals) attempted to take Hajime's lovers by force when challenging Hajime to a pointless and childish challenges only for him ended up defeating Amanogawa twice so easily, first a pathetic unarmed duel and later a hopeless fight while Kouki foolishly merged with his doppelganger (which is still too weak to defeat Hajime). He also will never let anyone get anywhere near his lovers such as the Bastard Four when they failed in attempt to manipulate Hajime with a false apology just so they would get close Kaori as he dismissed them to be weak and worthless causing his formerly bullies not only be afraid of him but also gave up their pursuit for Kaori's attentions (except for Daisuke Hiyama due to his persistence).




Shuu and Sumire Nagumo

Shuu and Sumire are Hajime's parents. He has an immense love for his parents. They were the reason of Hajime to become an otaku due to their influences. His father, Shuu is a video game designer while his mother, Sumire is a designer of anime, manga and movies. His father allowed Hajime of drinking alcohols despite of him being underage. When Hajime was transported to Tortus, Shuu and Sumire called their son to survive and return to Japan safety at all costs even if it means to abandon his morality to become mass murderer. They've made their own son into a monstrous and sadistic murderer more capable to kill those who gotten his way with ease. But a trace of his soft side, he gained powerful female companions (including Kaori) and helping the helpless in the sake of his parents.


Hajime and his companions

Hajime deeply cares for his companions and his adoptive daughter, Myu. He did all the effort he could to make them happy. Initially he has eyes on Yue as his lover until accepting others as well. Hajime will never let anyone who are stupidly enough to take his lovers even through challenges issued from those who are weaker than himself as he easily defeated Kouki Amanogawa twice (first a pointless unarmed duel and later a hopeless fight even when Kouki used "Limit Break" and merged with his trial doppelganger which are still too weak against Hajime). If one of his companions is harmed in any cases, Hajime will be consumed by rage and killed those who harmed his lovers such as when he killed Daisuke Hiyama for his treachery in his temporarily murder on Kaori Shirasaki (Hajime's lover since middle school) just so he could satisfy his selfish lust on Shirasaki. Hajime is willing to save the life of his lovers when he revived Kaori by transferring her soul into Noint's body for the sake of Shizuku Yaegashi (Kaori's best friend and one of Hajime's lovers).

The female companions are absoluely loyal to Hajime due to their undyingly love for him. They've ignored and are disgusted of other men who attempted to flirt with them or insult Hajime in any case including Kouki Amanogawa (Hajime's idiot classmate and both Kaori and Shizuku's stubbornly childhood friend). If Hajime was hurt by anyone, Hajime's lover will make sure those either they suffer greatly or die such as when Tio and later Yue made Freid Bagwa suffer by struck him with serious injuries and later when Yue and Shea were willing to kill Kouki Amanogawa for his weakly attempt to kill Hajime of his delusional heroisms.

In the After Story, Hajime married his 8 lovers but for Yuka Sonobe became his mistress and live a very happy life.


I'll protect you and you'll protect me. we'll be unstoppable. And we're gonna defeat everything and everyone... and surpass the entire world, together!
~ Hajime to Yue

Yue is Hajime's most trusted companion and main lover. Hajime met Yue within the labyrinth. He initially would to leave her in her imprisonment but reconsidered when learned she was also betrayed. Hajime decided to free her in order for Yue to become his most trusted companion. Hajime then gave Yue her name as she doesn't want her original name anymore. Hajime and Yue successfully conquer the Great Orcus Labyrinth. Hajime tells Yue that they do all means to ensure they will get to Japan even if it means to go up against the so-called "God", Demons and the Holy Church as they will kill them all. Despite having a harem of most beautiful girls, Hajime only had eyes on Yue as main lover initially before accepting the others as his lovers. When Yue was taken by Ehit, Hajime killed his way to reach Yue. During the time Hajime fights Ehit while he temporarily possessed her body, Yue successfully freed herself from Ehit's influence and giving Hajime the upper hand as he successfully killed Ehit and destroyed his little "chessboard of life and death" forever.

Hajime hates anyone of saying Yue's name without honorifics due to them have no rights to say her name and willing to make them suffer into a worse case because he is the one who gave his lover her name as it demonstrated when Hajime ruthlessly thrashed his idiot classmate, Kouki Amanogawa for his self-righteously ignorance even with "Limit Break" and fused with his trial's doppelganger which are still too weak against Hajime.

For Yue in return, she holds a complete loyalty and immense love for Hajime. As a vampire, she is obsessed of Hajime's blood when bites him to suck out his blood. She felt happy and doesn't mind to let Hajime look her body when she seduce him. While in her loyalty and love for Hajime alone, Yue is very disrespectful towards other men and look down on them when viewing them to be worthless and stupid men including Kouki Amanogawa (an idiot classmate of Hajime and a stubbornly childhood friend of Kaori and Shizuku who is a deluded fool and the only man Yue hates worse than other man due to his delusional habits of justice). While viewing Hajime as handsome and attractive, Yue viewed other men including those who are handsome and good looking ones as ugly and unattractive such as Freid and Kouki. According to Hajime himself, Yue is even more ruthless and sadistic than himself when she kicked and smashed the balls from other men. Whether those who attacked Hajime, Yue will make sure they would either suffer greatly or die such as when she dealt a serious injury blow to Freid Bagwa (a delusional demon general of Garland) and later was be willing to kill Kouki Amanogawa for his weakly attempt to kill Hajime after the so-called "chosen hero" gotten easily defeated by her lover. For her love rivals, Yue holds jealously towards Shea, Tio, Kaori, Shizuku and Remia and willing to compete against her rivals to win Hajime's affections.

After Ehit's death, Hajime and Yue created a crystal key to return back to Japan.

In After Story, Yue married and became Hajime's first wife.

Kaori Shirasaki

Shirasaki! We leave early tomorrow morning! Don't be late.
~ Hajime to Kaori after allowing her to join him officially.

Hajime first met his childhood love interest who is precious to him, Kaori since middle school. She caused nothing but trouble to Hajime when she given her attention to him.

After he fall, Kaori believed he is alive and always focus on Hajime's attentions. As Kaori thoughts of Hajime's survival turned out to be true, she is shocked of her reunion with Hajime but sadly became a very powerful sadistic killer after he already discarded his morality and killed Cattleya. After killing Cattleya, Kaori announced that she is leaving the "Hero Party" to join Hajime's party to ensure to win his heart even though he is in a romance with Yue much of Kouki and the Bastard Four's dismays.

In their journey after joining Hajime, Kaori barely keep up and gotten saved by Nagumo multiple times though she started out as the weakest to all of Hajime's companions due to her inferiority complex. When Hajime offered her to return back to the Heilligh Kingdom since she couldn't take it anymore, Kaori refused this offer and always remained in Hajime's side no matter how brutal Hajime is or how harsh the journey could be. Instead, she wanted to become stronger just so she would always stay by Hajime's side by all means. Due to her unbreakable love for him, Kaori always believes everything Hajime told her even easily accepting the fact of Ehit is an evil "god" who selfishly summoned them as playthings to his "chessboard of life and death". But no matter what happens, Kaori will always stay by Hajime's side and turning against Ehit even if it means to become a so-called "heretic" against the Holy Church and Garland as demonstrated when she refused to return to the so-called "Hero Party" from both her idiot childhood friend, Kouki's demand and later the Bastard Four's reconsideration due to her absolute love for Hajime much of Kouki and the Bastard Four's despairs. It revealed Hajime does love Kaori after freeing her from the influence of an evil spirit.

When the Bastard Four attempted to manipulate Hajime with a false apology by forgetting the mistreatment he receive from them in a selfish a bid to accompany his party, purely to get close to Kaori, Hajime will never let the Four to join him and his party of getting close to Kaori after revealed to the Bastard Four that his mistreatment means nothing to him when he will never let anyone get anywhere near to Kaori or any of his lovers. Due to their lack of sincerity and contained madness in their eyes, this caused them to be afraid and gave up their chance for Kaori (except for Hiyama due to his persistence).

When Kaori was temporarily killed by Daisuke Hiyama, Hajime became wrathful by destroying all of Eri's undead slave and killed Hiyama himself. When reviving Kaori, Hajime made a promise to put her soul into a stronger body due to her not wanted to be bothered of her weaknesses which would give Hajime time to heal her original body. After he killed Hiyama and reviving Kaori, Nagumo revealed to Shirasaki of Daisuke's betrayal and ensured her that he already had Hiyama killed. After he easily defeated Kouki in a pointless fight while he foolishly merged with his doppelganger, Hajime forced to admit Kaori that he does loves her.

After Story, Kaori married to Hajime to become one of his eight wives. Hajime then placed Kaori's spirit back into her original body after he healed and modified her body with Noint's organs and genes in an undergone transplant surgery making Kaori impossible to die easily. Kaori is the only known wife who holds interests of Hajime's hobbies of playing video games, reading manga and watching anime and movies (developed by Hajime's parents, Shuu and Sumire). Kaori and her mother, Kaoruko are more supportive to Hajime than Kaori's father, Tomoichi due to his ignorantly hostility towards Hajime.

Shea Haulia

After Hajime and Yue left the labyrinth, Hajime met Shea a pervert and incompetent rabbit beastgirl. She has flirting for Hajime. When she was unconscious due to not able to swim, Hajime do mouth-to-mouth until Shea woken up and use mouth-to-mouth to kiss him causing him to pulverize her. Hajime trained her to know how to fight and join his journey. Hajime gave Shea drucken (a hammer which is one of his masterpiece). Hajime help Shea to rescue Myu and the beastgirls who were captured and was about to be sold as slaves. Hajime declared her as his second lover. After Story, Shea married to Hajime and became one of his eight wives.

Tio Klarus

Huh? Eh, she's not a bad person, just a pervert.
~ Hajime to Shea of his feelings for Tio.

While undone the brainwash by impale his rod on Tio, Hajime literally spared her and got disgusted by her perverted neglecting. When preparing for war against Shimizu and his 60,000 monster army, Hajime initial refused for Tio to join him but letting her to join. When in his unofficial date with Shea, Hajime told her that Tio wasn't a bad person but still a pervert. For the Holy Church's interference his fight Noint, Hajime permitted Tio to destroy the temple to purposely kill both the pope and his bishops (just so she could satisfying her revenge at the Church for killing her parents and people). When learned of her parents and people's death by Ehit's manipulation, Hajime decided to help Tio to kill Ehit to avenge her parents and people which ended up to be a success. In After Story, Tio became one of Hajime's wives.

After freed from her brainwash from Yukitoshi Shimizu, Tio holds a completely loyalty to her now "master". She always neglected towards him. In her goals, Tio revealed her reason she'd joined Hajime to suit her quest for revenge against Ehit.

Shizuku Yaegashi

You can have it. You've been a big help.
~ Hajime to Shizuku when gifted his Black Blade katana to her.

Hajime befriended Shizuku since middle school. After he fall, she followed Kaori's thought of Hajime is still alive which turned out to be true as she surprised not only Hajime survived but became a monstrous murderer aftter murdering Cattleya. Hajime give Shizuku his Black Blade as a gift which she appreciated of it which caused Shizuku to develop her love for Hajime. However, she tried to lie that she doesn't have a feeling for Hajime. Like many of their classmates, Shizuku took Hajime's warning of murder even his classmates seriously as he prove his example after he murdered the traitor, Hiyama. Unlike her stupid childhood friend, Kouki Amanogawa, Shizuku doesn't condemned Hajime for killing Hiyama as she chose to never forgive the traitor for his betrayal when he temporarily murdered Kaori. When Hajime revived Kaori, Shizuku owes an eternal debt for Hajime. Shizuku then travelled with Hajime to clear the remaining labyrinths and kill Ehit. When she defeated her doppelganger, Shizuku admitted to Hajime that she is in love for him and later carried her while she is sleeping. After Kouki's ease defeat by Hajime once more, Shizuku told Kouki to stop his insolence as she is in love with Hajime and wanted to be together with him due to the pain Kouki has caused both her and Kaori.

After Story, Hajime began to marry Shizuku of becoming one of his wives until Shizuku's so-called "fan club" calling themselves the "Soul Sisters" (who are actually Shizuku's annoyance) tried to stop their marriage. Due to her feelings, Shizuku refused to assist the "Soul Sisters" from getting bullied and completely humiliated them in public. Following Shizuku's so called "fan club's" punishment, Hajime finalized his marriage with Shizuku. After married Shizuku, Shizuku became shiest of all her fellow wives when seeing Hajime around. Hajime and Shizuku were both gotten annoyed by the students of Shizuku's family's dojo who were trying to attack Hajime only for him to beat them all over and over again without efforts every time Hajime visit due to their stubbornly persistence similar to Kouki.

Liliana S. B. Heiligh

After he saved her three times (first from the gang of thugs, then from the war in the Heiligh Kingdom and now from her ex-fiance Baius who mistreated her sexually and physically), Princess Liliana develop a love feelings for Hajime. In After Story, Liliana married and became one of Hajime's wives.


When rescue her daughter, Myu from slavery, Remia became attractive to Hajime by calling him "Darling" (ダーリン, Dārin). When Garland's troops are attempted to capture her and Myu by Eri's plot, Hajime protected them and killing the demon troops. After Story, Remia became one of Hajime's wives.

Aiko Hatayama

Aiko is Hajime's social studies teacher. She felt sympathy of Hajime's supposedly death. But when learned he is actually alive and seeing him, She is surprised and relieved he survived but sadly became a ruthless and sadistic murderer. Hajime told the reason he is not returning to them because of the god's manipulation and Hiyama attempt to kill him. She travel for a bit with him to find a boy. Hajime refused to save Shimizu as he kill him. During the war on Heiligh, Aiko supported to help Hajime by assisting Tio to destroy the temple and kill the Pope and his bishops. After Story, Aiko became one of Hajime's wives.


When met Myu, Hajime initial to left her off. Myu once called him as "Onii-Chan". When captured by slave dealers, Hajime kill his way to rescue Myu. After rescue her, Myu called Hajime as "Papa" despite he told her that he may look older but he is only 17 years old. Hajime became a protective father for Yue. Hajime will pulverize anyone who mistreated his adoptive daughter. After returning to her mother, Hajime made a promise for Myu that he will come back and take her and her mother to his world. Hajime protected Myu and Remia by killing Garland's troops from attempting to capture Myu and Remia as hostages. After story, Hajime had made an arrangement for Myu to go to school.

Yuka Sonobe

Before his fall, Hajime save Sonobe's life. When seeing Hajime's alive but changed a lot, she felt relief but sadden when he became a monstrous murderer. Before the war against the monsters, Sonobe thanked Hajime of saving her even though he thinks it was a fluke. Sonobe swore she won't waste her life and do whatever means to help him in turn, Hajime told her to don't die. Sonobe shown no fear for Hajime when he murdered Hiyama. After story, Sonobe became Hajime's mistress.


Ryutarou Sakagami

Ryutarou originally look down on Hajime of not having superhuman abilities before his fall.

But when he survived and became more powerful, Ryutarou fears Hajime by showing his respects for him and his demonic strength. Ryutarou shown surprise of Hajime's firearms and vehicles similarity of Ryutarou's admiration for military soldiers. Ryutarou has a complete amazements for Hajime's weapons and vehicles created similar to Earth's military technology for wars.

Like the most of his classmates, Ryutarou takes Hajime's warning seriously when he killed Cattleya. During the war in Heiligh Kingdom, Ryutarou shown in fear when Hajime murdered the traitor, Hiyama. After Hajime tells them he will never rejoined them, Ryutarou (along with Suzu and Shizuku) was able to get Hajime of giving them a second chance of helping them to clear the labyrinths and destroy Ehit with his strength. Unlike Kouki, Ryutarou has no jealously on Hajime of his harem abilities get beautiful girls (including Shizuku and Kaori) to be in love with him as he allowed Shizuku and Kaori to be in love with Hajime. Ryutarou valued his friends instead of prides as he doesn't condemned Hajime of murdering the traitor, Hiyama as Ryutarou will never forgive Hiyama for his betrayal. For reviving Kaori, Ryutarou expressed his gratitude to Hajime unlike Kouki who is being dense. Witnessing Hajime trained the Haulia Tribe how to fight, Ryutarou considered Hajime to be a pupil of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Having resolves, Hajime gotten touched as he accepted to train Ryutarou when considered him as a friend. After enhanced Ryutarou's twin gauntlets, Ryutarou's respects for Hajime has suddenly increased even more when testing his gauntlets' new powers.

For accomplished his trial, Hajime gave Ryutarou his respects unlike Kouki who is dense. After Ehit's death, Ryutarou sympathized when heard how Hajime mutated to gain powers by giving him more respects as Ryutarou believe he won't able to be the same as Hajime. After returning to Japan, Ryutarou gives his appreciations to Hajime even more as referred to be a "God Slaying Demon King".

Suzu Taniguchi

It is unknown of their relationship, but Suzu surprised of not only did Hajime survived and became more powerful but has turned into a ruthless and sadistic killer.

Suzu has no object of letting Kaori travel with Hajime. Like most of their classmates, Suzu takes Hajime's warning seriously when he killed Cattleya and later the traitor, Hiyama. When Hajime was leaving to clear the last remaining Labyrinths, Suzu was able to have Hajime give her and the others chances to clear the Labyrinths and destroy Ehit with his assistance. Suzu doesn't hold ill will to Hajime for murdering Hiyama as she chose to never forgive the traitor for his arrogance. In her respects, Suzu gagged Hajime a nickname as "Hajihaji". When failed to enhanced Suzu's bracelets with new abilities, Hajime gives his twin iron fans to Suzu as a powerful gift. When Suzu plead Hajime to gives Eri a chance for redemption, he oblige before telling to Suzu if Eri doesn't redeem herself, he'll kill her. For her achieve of "Age of Gods" magic, Hajime gives Suzu his respects. After returning to Japan and killed Ehit, Suzu and the rest appreciated Hajime as a token of gratitude, she come up with the nicknames for him as "God Slayer" and "Demon King" but combined them as the "God Slaying Demon King".

Kouki Amanogawa

Listen up, Amanogawa. I don’t care about your justice, and I have no interest in arguing with you about what’s right and wrong. We’re not friends, we’re not comrades, and we definitely don’t believe in the same things, so I have absolutely no intention of doing something just because you say so. All I did was allow you to accompany me for a bit. Don't you dare make me angry. The next time you do something stupid... I’ll break your arms and legs and send you back to the kingdom.
~ Hajime to Kouki.

Before his mutation, Hajime also disliked and as being the only one who doesn't look up to Kouki even if he is Kaori's childhood friend as he considered him as an masochist idiot. Kouki considered Hajime to a bother due to his laziness and gotten a lot of attraction from Kaori.

After his mutation, Hajime gotten annoyed by Kouki's ignorance habits for "justice" and told the so-called "hero" to stop projecting his weaknesses to him. Hajime also told Kouki that he will kill him even if they were once classmates. Hajime gotten further annoyed by Kouki's idiotic, childish and empty ideals as well of his delusional prides over and over again. Unlike most of his classmates, Kouki didn't take Hajime's warning serious as he is exceptionally persistent to prove himself that he is stronger than Hajime due to him being blessed as Ehit's so-called "chosen hero" and believen himself to be fix as a suitable lover to both Kaori and Hajime's companions. However, Kouki's attempts prove himself has only made things worse for him when Hajime easily conquered all of the Great Labyrinths and receive more love from Kaori and his companions, while Kouki couldn't clear a single labyrinth and didn't get any attentions from Hajime's companions at all as a result that Kouki is now no match for Hajime to both strength and willpower. Because of Kouki's jealously towards him of not only did Hajime acquired power that is far superior than Kouki, but also became more popular for the most beautiful girls (including Kaori and later Shizuku) as Kouki began to lose his popularity for girls eventually when he self-proclaiming Hajime as his rival. But for Hajime, he doesn't viewed Kouki as a rival but rather considered him as a masochist hero and an emotionally incompetent weakling who can never defeat him. As a former member of the so-called "chosen heroes" who learned the truth about Ehit's malice towards Tortus, Hajime doesn't take orders from Kouki anymore nor will he waste his time and effort to suit his delusions especially when Hajime absolutely refused to let Kouki of taking his lovers (including Kaori and Yue) even through worthless and childish challenges issued by Kouki only for Hajime to easily defeated the so-called "chosen hero" twice.

Since Kouki is too naive and delusional, Hajime decided to not inform him about Ehit's manipulations due to Kouki and his weaknesses. After Hajime's companions bluntly rejected Kouki's offer to join him and leave Hajime due to his self-righteously ignorance, Amanogawa foolishly challenged Hajime into an unarmed duel in attempt of taking his harem by force. However, Hajime isn't interested of Kouki's stupidly challenge when he easily defeated Kouki with no efforts at all by dropping Kouki into a pit filled with non-lethal grenades to humiliate him for his insolence thus ending such a pointless duel. After Hajime killed Hiyama and both Aiko and Liliana exposed of Ehit's true nature, Kouki got furious and tried to blame Hajime by asking him why didn't he tell him about Ehit's malice towards humanity as well as Eri and Hiyama's betrayals earlier from their reunion. In response, Hajime told him even if he did bothered telling him, Kouki wouldn't believe him and will get mad at him instead by placing all of his efforts of making it harder for Hajime to convince Kouki. Hajime scolded Kouki as he correctly told him that it was his delusional idealisms were both of the reasons Ehit chosen him as a "hero" of being his pawn and his stupid expectation for classmates are natural to oblige of helping and protecting each other is at fault due to the very weaknesses for allowing other classmates' possibility for betrayals such as the intelligentlly Eri and the traitorous psychopath, Hiyama to betrayed him without even noticing although Eri has also betrayed Hiyama due to him being pathetically weak against. Despite of being faced into an undeniable reality of how Kouki's naivety idealism has caused those who were under his commands to betray him, he still condemned Hajime for killing Daisuke Hiyama despite the latter was a selfish and deluded traitor when he temporarily killed Kaori. While Hajime revived Kaori, Kouki doesn't express any gratitude to Hajime at all it is due to his naivety and childish ideals as well as his immense jealously towards Hajime unlike both of Shizuku and Ryutarou whom expressed their own gratitude for Hajime.

When you're this stupid, there's no point even pointing out your stupidity. But let me say just one thing. Who do you think you are, saying Yue's name without honorifics? You bastard.
~ Hajime's rage to Kouki when said Yue's name.

Kouki Hajime asked him why won't he use his powers for "justice" to kill Ehit and save Tortus, Hajime criticized Kouki and considered his self-righteousness to be childish and ridiculous by telling him strength is nothing but a curse due to his weak resolves and willed. Hajime gave Kouki and the rest of his classmates a second chance to join him to clear Labyrinth and kill Ehit due to Shizuku, Suzu and Ryutarou's begging, but tell Kouki if he angers Hajime by continually enforce his delusions towards him one last time, it will be Kouki's turn to die in a miserable death similar to Hiyama's demise. After liberated the Haulia Tribe, Hajime scolded Kouki again as he told him that he doesn't care about his delusional justice and has no interest of argue what was "right" and what was "wrong" as they are not friends or comrades. Hajime scolded Kouki even further as he told him of he only allowed to accompany him for Kaori's sake, not his. Hajime continually refused to take orders from Kouki, and warned him if he continually enforcing his delusional ideals even further again, he will kill Kouki just like he murdered Hiyama. While unable to clear the Haltina Labyrinth, Kouki had Hajime to enhance his equipment but little did Kouki know, Hajime has weakened Kouki's equipment instead of strengthened due to his sword has too much adjustments that cannot be enhanced (unlike the others' equipment that are strengthened by the new enhancements). Due to Hajime's newly wild appearance, Kouki gotten jealous when Hajime gotten even more attraction from girls while Kouki lost all of his attractions from girls completely. When Kouki was corrupted by merging with his trial's doppelganger after seeing he carries Shizuku, he attempted to kill Hajime by foolishly believed Hajime has "brainwashed" his companions and Shizuku into loving him and stupidity thinks by killing Hajime would "free" them and force them to join Kouki to "save" the world on behalf of Ehit. Due to Kouki delusions gotten in his nerves furthermore, Hajime finally lost all of his patience and will make Kouki suffer for his insolence as he easily overpowering Kouki with brute force despite of Kouki's fusion with his doppelganger and "Limit Break" (which are still too weak against Hajime). When Kouki say Yue's name without honorifics, Hajime brutalized the so-called "hero" in a worse case due to Kouki having no rights to say her name because Hajime is the one who named his vampire lover. When Kouki foolishly blamed Hajime for "ruining" his heroism and Kaori and Shizuku became Hajime's lovers by saying why does everyone loves him despite being an uncaring murderer who abandoned the people from Ehit's malicious without a thought, Hajime sharply criticized that it was Kouki's delusional habits for justice that always lead himself to his own failures even in this pointless fight even Hajime told Kouki he already lost to him. As the realistic of his claims that Kouki already lost to him turned out to be true, Hajime once again defeated Kouki so easily without efforts or sustain injuries. Despite of him wanted to kill Kouki in order to stop his delusions, but he spared him due to Shizuku and Kaori by separating him from his fusion and kill his doppelganger as well knocking Kouki unconscious and ending such a hopeless fight. Still after this, Hajime maintained this alliance with Kouki due to Kaori and Shizuku. When Yue and Shea were going to kill Kouki for his weakly attempt to kill Hajime, Nagumo told them to leave Kouki be as he doesn't want to make Kaori and Shizuku sad.

Meld Loggins

Meld was Hajime's deceased mentor. Meld held his regards for unable to save him from his fall. When revealed of being alive but mutated into a monster, Meld thanked and apologized Hajime for not saving him. When Meld sadly was killed by Noint and turned into Eri's undead slave, Hajime shown outrageous and destroy all the undead slaves due to Kaori's temporarily death by Hiyama. In his last moment, Meld requested to end him which Hajime coldly obliged and destroyed Meld's body with his shotgun. In the funeral, Hajime visited Meld's grave and place a flower as a token for his gratitude and remembrance.

His Classmates

Are you stupid? Why must I go to such trouble just to suit your delusion? Don't tell me that just because I am a classmate, you all think that it is natural for me to always risked my life and limb to help all of you. If you keep believeing and spouting that sort of ridiculous crap, its gonna end up just like what happened with Hiyama.
~ Hajime to Kouki and his entire classmates after Hiyama's death and Eri's betrayal.

Originally, Hajime doesn't have a good relationship for his classmates. The boys in his class bullied him for enable to get Kaori Shirasaki's attentions. In Tortus, none of them helped Hajime from getting bullied by Hiyama and his gang. During the Orcus training, Hajime held Behemoth long enough, this made most of his classmates show respect to Hajime, but unfortunately Hajime didn't live it for long. In his "fall", they easily accepted of Hajime being dead due to him being weak, but despite this, his classmates were horrified by his "death", which made many of them too scared to fight again.

After his mutation and acquired powers beyond their blessed strengths, Hajime doesn't cares about his classmates anymore (except for Kaori Shirasaki, Shizuku Yaegashi and Yuka Sonobe). He will kill them if they gotten his way. While reunited in his classmates, his classmates are surprised Hajime is still alive but also became terrified of him due to not only did he obtained power and strength hold far superior than his classmates' abilities but also his mass murdering intents, even his former bullies are afraid of him greater than the rest of the class as it demonstrated Hajime has killed one of the classmates in front of Ai-Chan's squad and later killing Cattleya in front the entire classmates in the Orcus Labyrinth. Despite of him saving them only to repay Kaori, Hajime still doesn't care about them and give them a warning if they cross him by any chance, he will kill them and never see them as his friends or comrades. Because of this, some of them coldly understands why he will never rejoice them due to the anguishes and agonies he endured. None of the classmates (except for Kouki and the Bastard Four due to their jealously) having objections when Kaori joined Hajime in her request it is due to their fears of Hajime's tremendous powers and mass murders. Due to his mutations, Hajime considered his classmates to be weaklings and incompetents while they're still following meaninglessly to Kouki's childish ideals and delusional justice. Since he became more powerful than his entire classmates, Hajime doesn't need any of his classmates' supports and assistances as he is more capable enough to do things himself due to his classmates' misguidedly weaknesses. All of the classmates (except for Kouki (due to his delusions), Hiyama (due to his selfishly hatred towards Hajime and his lust for Kaori in his misdeeds) and Eri (due to her evilness)) taken Hajime's warning seriously as they don't want to die at Hajime's hands. They're trying all of their bests and efforts of not wanted to anger Hajime which is intensified. They are afraid of Hajime even further when he easily defeated their supposedly leader of the party, Kouki in a worthless unarmed duel in his weak attempts to take Hajime's lovers by force. For the Bastard Four, they attempted to manipulate Hajime by feigning an apology for him in order to forget about the mistreatment of their now-formerly victim received from them and allowing them to accompany him, purely to get close to Kaori. But for Hajime, he wasn't so easy to be deceived such as when he simply refused to forgive them or allowing them to accompany him after he revealed to them his mistreatment from them means nothing to him by calling his former bullies to be weak and worthless causing them not only to be afraid of Hajime even further but also gave up their pursuits for Kaori's attentions (except for Hiyama due to his persistence).

Following of both Eri's betrayal towards her classmates and Ehit's true evil nature was exposed both Aiko and Princess Liliana, Hajime's incompetence classmates are terrified of Hajime even further when witnessing his wrath as he killed the traitor, Daisuke Hiyama for his arrogance in his betrayal after temporarily murdered Kaori Shirasaki (Hajime's lover since middle school). After killing Hiyama, he proven his examples of his murder intents to his classmates if they still dare to cross him or harms his companions, it would eventually be their deaths similar to Hiyama's death. When Freid Bagwa stupidity held his classmates as hostages in attempted to force Hajime to surrender and gives Freid the locations of the Labyrinths, Hajime in response, pressed a button that activated his satellite laser to destroy the half of the Heiligh Kingdom along with 100,000 of Freid's troops before calling the demon general a fool and told the latter that he couldn't care less about his classmates and made it clear he was never affiliated with the Kingdom or the so-called "chosen heroes". Unlike Kouki who is a deluded idiot, Hajime's entire classmates doesn't condemn him for killing Hiyama nor will continue to follow Kouki's delusions anymore because of their fears for Hajime but instead they've condemned Hiyama for his selfishly betrayal. Hajime criticized them it was their naiveties and carelessly optimists which almost lead themselves to die by Eri's hands due to their weaknesses and Kouki's misguidance unlike Hajime and his party. None of the class (except for the delusional, "justice" driven idiot, Kouki) were even trying to blame Hajime for not telling them of Ehit's true evil nature earlier upon their reunion as they silently agreed to his harsh but correctly criticism when Hajime revealed to his entire classmates that all of their supposedly heroisms to fight against the demons of Garland on behalf of Ehit were completely meaningless after learning they were just playthings to Ehit's childishly "chessboard of life and death" and never were Ehit's true heroes even all of the worships they've received from the Kingdom and the Holy Church was just a fabricated lie due to the Kingdom's king and nobles had been brainwashed by Noint all this time (before they were killed by the traitorous Eri). After Hajime killed Hiyama, Hiyama's false friends (Yoshiki Saitou and Shinji Nakano) walked towards Nagumo and kneeled to apologize to him for their misdeeds but this time it is actual sincerity as they swore they will never cross him or harm his companions as shown when they let Nagumo to keep Shirasaki for himself though he regarded them as annoying.

When the class asked of Hajime of what really happened to him in his "fall", Hajime enlightened them of his fall was a failed assassination plot by Hiyama when he tried to kill him intentionally, not accidentally which caused his classmates to lose whatever is left of their sympathies for Hiyama and will forever remembering Daisuke Hiyama as a selfish jerk in school and a deluded traitor in Tortus due to their hatred for Hiyama and his arrogantly lust for Kaori. Neither Saitou and Nakano are mourning for Hiyama as they chose to regarded themselves for unable to save their friend, Kondou. Though he initially tell his classmates that he will never rejoin them again just to suit Kouki's delusional heroisms, Hajime gave them another chance to join him and clear the remaining Labyrinths kept his warning that he'd given them, if they cross him or harm his companions one last time, he will be never their forgiving and will kill them just like he killed Hiyama. Hajime's classmates treated him properly it is due to their fears for him. After Hajime killed Ehit, Hajime was willing to bring his classmates back to Japan. Following their returns, they expressed their gratitude to Hajime for everything he done for them. In exchange for their gratitude, they gave him the nickname as the "God Slaying Demon King".

After Story, Hajime's treatment from his classmates has improve as they viewed him as their leader more than Kouki ever were.



After all, we are talking about you who love to interpret things to your own convenience. The god Ehit whom the people of this world believed in and also specially chose you to be the Hero was a twisted evil god, and that your heroism efforts are completely meaningless, if I told you that, you definitely wouldn’t have believed me. You will probably get mad at me instead. Am I not wrong!?
~ Hajime to Kouki about Ehit's true nature and reasons

Hajime is Ehit's one of formerly summoning "heroes", but now his killer and latest archenemy after the Liberators. Afte summoned, Ehit belittled Hajime by blessing him non-combat abilities and without superhuman physical abilities.

After his mutation and learned about the false god's manipulation, at first he originally doesn't care about Ehit but will kill the false god if he get in his way as a result of his disrespects for the so-called "god" as he considered Ehit to be a weak god. When the Heiligh kingdom attempting Hajime to rejoice his classmates for the war against Garland's army on behalf of their "god", Hajime simply rejected them as he revealed he couldn't careless of their war as Hajime refused to be taken in part of Ehit's twisted entertainment by massacring the worshippers be they humans or demons even he doesn't care about he and his party are declared as "heretics". In the death of Daisuke Hiyama by Hajime, Hajime has caused Ehit to lose all of his amusements for Hiyama due to him being pathetically weak after witnessing the raged consumed Hajime has easily defeated and later murdered Hiyama.

Ehit shown in fear of Hajime worse than the Liberators due to not only his demonic powers but his mass murdering when his pawns failed to kill Hajime due to him being far more powerful than his weak and incompetence classmates. Unlike the Liberators who cares about for people, Hajime has no concerns for Tortus or its people as Hajime unleashed a massacre upon Ehit's human and demon pawns as well casually killed the Pope and all of his Bishops (with the help of the vengeful Tio Klarus). While Hajime unleashed the massacre in the Heiligh Kingdom, Ehit considered Hajime as an irregular as he wanted to kill Hajime and his companions at all costs by sending Noint in attempt to assassinate Hajime but only for her to die at Hajime's hands caused Ehit to shown a sheer terror. With the help of his old teacher, Aiko and Princess Liliana, Ehit's human worshipers turned against the false god himself and sided with Hajime much of Ehit's fears. Hajime insulted Ehit when he revived Kaori with Noint's corpse much of Ehit's despair and rage.

After Tortus no longer continues its worshiping for Ehit anymore due to Aiko and Princess Liliana revealing his true nature, Hajime (much like Miledi Reisen) revealed to the Kingdom in all of the teachings and decree from the Holy Church that received from Ehit and all of his classmates that their supposedly heroism to fight against the demons of Garland on behalf the false god, Ehit were completely meaningless even for Kouki's delusions. Following the truth, Ehit send out his entire 500 Apostle creations seeking out to kill Hajime, his companions and the so-called "chosen heroes" as well he attempt to unleash an omnicide by wiping out the entire humanity and the beastmen so that he could continue to rule over Tortus as a "god" once more without any needs of humans. He fear the worse when all 500 of his Apostles creations are killed by Hajime and his party. Ehit is shown in greater fear when Hajime killed his retainer, Alva. When Ehit captured and temporarily possessed Yue's body, Hajime and Ehit fought until Yue freed herself from Ehit's influence which allowing Hajime to gain the upper hand and successfully kill Ehit thus destroying his "chessboard of life and death" for all eternity. In the moments of Ehit's death, the false god realized Hajime didn't kill for saving Tortus or carrying the Liberators' goal as he only killed Ehit because he became his enemy who stood in his way for his failed weak attempted to possess Yue's body.

Daisuke Hiyama

Don’t pin the blame on other people. You’re the one who decided to stoop to this level. Both here and in Japan, you’ve always been the loser. You didn’t lose to other people. You’ve lost to yourself. You never once tried to take responsibility for anything. All you ever did was sit on the sidelines and insult everyone else, when the real loser was always you.
~ Hajime to Hiyama after easily defeated him

Hajime was Hiyama's mortal enemy and bully victim from the past for enable getting Kaori's attractions. But now Hajime is Hiyama's contributed murderer. He tried to kill Hajime but failed so miserably only for Hajime to fall also making it even worse as Hajime transform into a monster.

However, when Hajime survived and became a demonic murderer, Hiyama is now terrified of Hajime's demonic powers and mass murdering intents after he murdered Cattleya. Hiyama's fears has gotten worse when Hajime has easily defeated Kouki in an unarmed duel of Kouki's weak attempt to take Hajime's lovers by force. In attempt to manipulate Hajime to letteing Hiyama join the hiss party (so that he would get closer to Kaori purely), Hiyama feigning his apologize for Hajime to try to find forgiveness by telling him to forget his mistreatment he and his gang gave him months ago. But for Hajime himself, however, called Hiyama and his gang worthless and weak as Hajime revealed doesn't even care about his mistreatment and refused to allow Hiyama to join him as Hajime already knew that Hiyama was the one of tried to kill him back at the Orcus Labyrinth which is Hiyama's greatest nightmare. After the truth revealed to Hiyama, it caused the latter not only to be afraid of Hajime and his superiority, but also fell into a complete mental breakdown of becoming a deranged lunatic. Unlike his gang who given up on Kaori's attentions due to their fear for Hajime, Hiyama is continually persistent as he refused to give up on Kaori due to his hatred towards Hajime has grown even worse. But Hiyama himself, doesn't have the strength or courage to match Hajime as killing Hajime this time, is already too late when Hiyama fired a fireball at Hajime, he easily dispelled the fireball effortlessly as Hiyama's fireball was too weak when it did no damage on Hajime at all due to Hiyama's lack of training even from his weak responsibilities and always inflicting pain on those who are weaker than himself.

Follow Kaori's temporarily murder by Hiyama, the raged consumed Hajime ruthlessly brutalized Hiyama physically as he broke almost all of Hiyama's bones and damaging his internal organs. After the fight ends, Hajime gripped Hiyama at his neck to lift him up with his prosthetic arm. The severely wounded Hiyama blamed Hajime for always having Kaori's attentions. but Hajime countered it by telling him to stop making excuses by blaming those who get attraction from beautiful girls including idols and sadistically mocked Hiyama mentally as he tormented his former bully that the reason Kaori will never his become his girlfriend for the rest of his useless life is because of his lack of responsibilities and not learning of his failures and his mistakes as Hiyama brought nothing but his own downfall after being called by Hajime as a weak selfish loser. When Hajime attempted to give Hiyama a chance to survive if he could realize his mistakes and wrongdoings, Hiyama feebly vowed to Hajime that he will kill him and will make Kaori his girlfriend no matter what it takes causing Hiyama to lose his only chance to stay alive.

Good luck surviving out there. Knowing you, you probably won't make it.
~ Hajime to Hiyama before killing him

For his insolence, Hajime continually brutalizing Hiyama as he has quite enough of Hiyama's insanity and empty threat as Hajime decided to make Hiyama's death to more painful, despair and agony. Hajime then tossed Hiyama to the horde of monsters for them to devour Hiyama alive. Hajime then watched pitilessly as the monsters are tearing the screaming Hiyama apart before he walked away and abandoned his former bully to his miserable death for his confrontation with Eri and Freid. Hajime has achieved his revenge for what Hiyama did to him and Shirasaki as well the innocent people he and Eri has killed.

Hiyama's death has proven Hajime's previous warning that he give his classmates that it would happen if they still would gets in Hajime's way by harm his companions, it will be their certain death just like Hiyama did. None of Hajime's classmates (except for Kouki due to his delusions) condemned Hajime for murdering Hiyama nor will they continually follow Kouki's misguidance anymore it is due to their fears for Hajime.

When asking him what really happened to him in his "fall" incident, Nagumo enlightened his classmates the incident was caused by Hiyama intentionally where it wasn't an accident causing his classmates to lose what's little of sympathy for Hiyama as they will always remembers Daisuke Hiyama as a selfish, deluded traitor even when returning to Japan. For Hiyama's so called "friends" Shinji Nakano and Yoshiki Saitou, they kneel to apologize Hajime but this time is an actual sincere as they sworn they will never get in his way or harm his companions by letting Hajime to keep Kaori for himself only for Hajime considered them to be an annoying stooges despite they swore their newfound loyalty to him.

While returned to Japan after Hajime killed Hiyama and later Ehit, Hiyama's family failed of their once try to avenge Hiyama's death by killing Hajime. But like their son, they were defeated easily by Hajime and suffered mental breakdown after they've learned of their son's betrayal and discrimination such as harming Kaori Shirasaki which they were unaware.

Eri Nakamura

I don't care what drove you to this, I don't care what your motives are, and I don't have time to listen to you explained them. If that's all you got to say... then die.
~ Hajime to Eri for her failure of turning Kaori into Hiyama's sex slave.

Eri Nakamura was one of Hajime's classmates who is also a traitor working for Garland as a spy.

In her fake personality, it is unknown how Eri personally felt for him, but in her true nature, Eri is attempting to kill Hajime and the rest of their classmates due to him and them being in her way of making Kouki as her boyfriend. When seeing he is alive but obtained monstrous power, Eri is terrified of Hajime for his powers and his mass murdering intents after he killed Cattleya. Due to his genocide, Eri viewed Hajime as a monster who that kills anything gets in his way. When he arrived, Hajime prevented Eri's "Soul Blind" from turning Kaori into Hiyama's undead sex slave. For her chance to survive from Hajime's wrath after Kaori's temporarily death, Eri betrayed Hiyama and begged Hajime to spare her life so that she could make Kaori as his slave but only anger Hajime even more. Because Hajime acquired spirit magic that can revive the dead, Hajime doesn't need Eri to do any favors for him as he is willing to kill her. When Eri send her slaves to kill Hajime, she is terrified even worse when Hajime destroyed her slaves. Eri tried to kill Hajime with daggers only for Hajime to overpowering her so easily. Hajime tormented Eri worse than the time she was suffered by her mother and stepfather. Hajime is willing to kill her regardless of what was her motivations or who has caused her to become a traitor. He was going to kill Eri but until Hiyama interfered by firing a fireball at Hajime (but has no effect) despite Eri has already betrayed Hiyama. She feared Hajime worse when he killed Hiyama. Hajime is willing to kill Eri but she got away with Freid. Eri has angered Hajime one last time when she captured Yue and gave her body to Ehit. Since Eri has no resolves left inside of her, he will kill her but no longer needed to when Eri committed suicide by exploding herself for her attempted to kill Suzu.


I’ll kill anyone that makes themselves my enemy, even the gods themselves. I can’t imagine someone stuck as their pawn is much of a threat.
~ Hajime's to Cattleya before killing her.

Hajime's killed victim. After arrived due to Endou, Hajime mocked her to leave or die. But instead she chose to fight Hajime. Witnessed her attack didn't even do anything on Hajime, Cattleya asked Hajime if he is human which is response he was once, but he is not human anymore causing her to call him a monster. Hajime shot her legs to give him answer of the monsters were created from a form of "ancient magic" by clearing the Labyrinth. She told him if he is anything like them, both of his monstrous and inhuman strength were checked out. After got all the answers, Cattleya tells Hajime to kill her but warned him of her lover will avenge her one day but ensure her that he doesn't care who comes at him be they demon or "god" as he will kill them all. He killed her in coldblooded while ignored Kouki's plea causing his classmates to be afraid of him and the Bastard Four are more terrified of him than the rest.

Freid Bagwa

The foolish one is you, you big fool. When exactly did I say that I was allied with the Kingdom and these guys here? Don’t just selfishly categorize me with them. If you want a war, then go right ahead. However, if you get in my way just like now, I’ll erase everything. Ma~a, I’m not free enough to waste my time on 1 million opponents though, this time around I’ll let you off so hurry up with the remaining people and get lost. You’re the commander of the army right?
~ Hajime to Freid after killing 100,000 demons

Hajime is Freid's sworn enemy for killing Cattleya and disrespect for his "god". Freid tried to ambush Hajime but didn't manage to kill him only injures him. Freid then cowardly retreat. While attempted to interrogate Hajime to tell him of the Labyrinths' locations by using his classmates and the citizens of the Heiligh Kingdom as hostages, Hajime viewed Freid as a fool when he responded he massacred 100,000 of Freid's troops and refused to give him the locations. He told the demon general to leave or he will destroy him and his remaining troops as well erase Garland from existence. Following with no other options, Freid retreated but told Hajime he will kill him in name of his "god" next time they meet.

Noint (formerly)

Looks like this 'Irregular' was more than you could handle.
~ Hajime to Noint before killing her.

Hajime is Noint's formerly killer and reviver. For ruining Ehit's "chessboard", Noint was send to kill Hajime. Initially she manage to catch to Hajime, but later she was no match for Hajime as he told her that he is more than she could've handle. Hajime then used a rod from his Punker Bunker and killed Noint by impaling her heart. Hajime then used Noint's body as a vessel to revive Kaori Shirasaki.

In the After Story, Hajime implanted Noint's spirit into his spider golem. Noint obliged to become Hajime's subordinate as adopting her new name as Netemp.


After Yue was captured by Eri and temporarily possessed by Ehit, Hajime captured Ehit's retainer and the false god of demons, Alva into a small cage for his failed attempt to capture Hajime's other lovers and his adoptive daughter, Myu. After capturing Alva, Hajime tortured him in interrogation to tell him of Yue's whereabouts. When he was about to die, the severely wounded Alva begged Hajime to spare his life in exchange for him to become his complete loyal servant and willing to guide him to Yue only for Hajime to kill the so-called "god" of demons ruthlessly.

Yukitoshi Shimizu

Yukitoshi was Hajime's classmate and killed victim. While holding Aiko hostage, Shimizu demanded Hajime to give his guns which he refused until an unknown assailant shot Shimizu at the heart. While barely alive, Shimizu begged Hajime to save him so that he will become his complete loyal servant but seeing he is beyond saving, Hajime mercilessly killed him.

Abilities and Powers

  • Mystical Mutation: Hajime gained this mutation by devouring powerful monsters' meat and drank a liquefied mana. He has bypassing level 100's limits. The cost of his mutation is no longer considered to be a human anymore.
    • Superhuman Strength: After he devoured many powerful monsters and absorbing their powers for his mutation, Hajime get demonic strength more powerful than demons, Apostles and false gods after slaying Ehit. Hajime's strength is 12 times more powerful than the supposedly strongest, Kouki Amanogawa. His strength is even greater than strength blessed humans, beastmen, demons and Apostles such as when he killed Noint. His strength is unrivaled and has no equal meaning no one in the Hero Party and Garland's demon troops (such as the supposedly strongest, Kouki Amanogawa and the demons' general Freid) has the strength or power match his strength. His inhuman strength can easily break humans' bones and damage their internal organs even those who were blessed by physical power such as the traitor, Daisuke Hiyama, who was one of the supposedly strongest of the so-called "Hero Party". He easily defeated the supposedly strongest and the so-called "hero" Kouki Amanogawa twice in first the unarmed duel and later his second fight even merged with his doppelganger (which wasn't strong enough to defeat Hajime) without any efforts. His powers are too much for anyone to handle even a spell used by the pope and his bishops still wasn't powerful enough against Hajime when Hajime easily break free this spell and ruthlessly attacked both of the pope and his bishops. He can easily break weapons and armors with his bare hands as he crumbled Kondou's spear and both of Meld's and Hiyama's swords.
    • Superhuman Speed: Hajime has tremendous speed that not even the masochist hero Kouki Amanogawa can catch his speed and keep dodge attacks that he tried to hit Hajime. His speed is at least 12 times faster than one of his lover/wives, Shizuku Yaegashi.
    • Durability/Invulnerability/Regenerative Healing Factor: When unleashed his crimson Mana during his fight with Noint, Hajime get invulnerability, Tremendous Durability (damage resistant) and regenerative healing factor. He doesn't get a single injury or a scratch from those attacks that are weak such as Cattleya's most powerful attacks, Kouki's sword attacks and Hiyama's fireball. His Durability is at least 12 times tougher than Ryutarou Sakagami. Even from an ambush by Freid Bagwa is just not enough to kill Hajime but only injury. When his fight against Noint, Hajime only took one slightest injury as it nicked him a little. His regenerative healing factor heals his wounds and recovering himself even if its severe.
    • Enhanced Senses: Hajime can sense through any magic attacks even sneak attacks. Along his emotionally intelligence, He can predict every moves or plans his enemies who commends only for him to foil every of their plans to ensure his enemies will all be emerged to their defeats in miserable failures.
    • Marksmanship: Like earth's military soldiers, Hajime has great accuracy of using firearms and grenades. His revolvers can penetrates high level monsters' durability and pierce through armors such as the Templar Knights and Kouki's strongest armor. While his sniper rifle is 10 times more powerful version than his revolvers. His pile bunker has the power to penetrate through defenses and pierce a powerful individual's weak points such as Noint's heart. One of his wives, Shizuku Yaegashi asked of Hajime's newly rank as a gunner which is unknown to him.
    • Power Absorption: While in his mutation, Hajime has the ability to absorb power from many powerful monsters by eating their meat. He continually devouring the monsters to gain more and more power. The more he eats the monsters, the greater his strength will increased even further that no ordinary human even those who were blessed with physical power could ever surpass him such as Kouki Amanogawa (his idiot classmate).
    • Immunity: Due to devouring powerful monsters, Hajime has immunity to all source of conditions. He is immune from mind control. Due to drinking alcohol by his father, Hajime is immune from its intoxication.
    • Weaponry Creations: Hajime created powerful weapons with powerful ores similarities of Earth's military's firearm for war. His shield has powerful defense also reflects the attack back into his enemies. His hammer is one of his greatest masterpiece a gift to one of his lovers/wives, Shea Haulia. His black sword is one his greatest masterpiece that is light but cuts through anything and cannot be broken as it was a gift for one of his lovers/wives, Shizuku Yaegashi. His mini-gun has incredible power and hold 12000 bullets and his anti-tank rocket can caused great explosion though outnumbered but not outgunned. Hajime's orbital satellite laser can destroy countries and lands and the lives within when he demonstrated of extinguished 100,000 demons troops under Freid Bagwa's commands. His shotgun shells contains not ordinary gunpowder, but poison needles. He created powerful grenades and bullets from monsters' manas and genes. His Twin Iron Fans are powerful fans imbue the user's blood for barriers and tornadoes as it was a gift for Suzu Taniguchi to replace her failed enhanced bracelets.
    • Vehicle Creations: Hajime created any source of vehicles for transportation. His motorcycle similar to an american gang's bikes while carries 3 people. His truck carried at least 10 people similar to military hummer. His bus carried 20 people. His submarine is similar to a navy submarines but lava proof. His aircraft travel many place in few minutes. His speed boat is similar to a navy speed boat. Hajime not only created this vehicles for transportation, but equipped with heavily guns and launchers. Despite of him didn't get his driver licenses, he can still drive his vehicles.
    • Medical Knowledge: Hajime created elixir to heal wounds even if it's severe. But it cannot help those are beyond saving such as Yukitoshi Shimizu after shot at the heart by unknown demon assailant.
    • Spirit Magic: Hajime can revived anyone who temporarily died by using Noint's body as a vessel when he revived his lover and future wife, Kaori Shirasaki within 5 days.
    • Master Hand-to-Hand Combat: Hajime never received any method for training before his mutation. With his mutation, Hajime has tremendous power of hand-to-hand combat. He can overpowered the supposedly strongest humans, demons, beastmens and Apostles even without using his guns. His Hand-to-Hand combat skills are considered to be too dangerous when it holds the power to easily break bones and damage inner organs from humans even those who are blessed with enhanced physical power such as when he thrashed the traitor and his formerly bully from the past, Daisuke Hiyama after the latter temporarily killed Kaori Shirasaki (who is Hajime's lover since she met him in middle school). Hajime has easily thrashed the so-called "chosen hero", Kouki Amanogawa without any efforts or sustain injuries after defeated him so easily even when he used "Limit Break" and merged with his doppelganger which are still too weak to match for Hajime.
    • Training Methods: Through his mutation, Hajime has a harsh and brutal training methods of turning weak willed people into a strong assassins. According to Ryutarou Sakagami, Hajime is considered to be a pupil of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.
    • Body Modifications: While revived person resided into Noint's body, Hajime has tremendous adjustments of modification of the revived person's original body with both Noint's genes and organs through undergo and transplant surgeries to make their bodies tough and cannot die so easily as he did modifications on his lover/wife Kaori.
    • Intelligence: Despite of his average grades, Hajime is extremely emotionally intelligent even greater than one of his lovers/wives, Shizuku Yaegashi. He is fully aware that Kouki is so naive and delusional enough to not believe and get mad at him instead if he did tell him of Ehit's manipulations which is the reason he will not tell him. Hajime already know Hiyama was attempted to kill him before when he backfired Hiyama's plans towards him and his gang and will use the knowledge for Hiyama's demise when attempted to feign an apology to join Hajime's party purely to get close to Kaori Shirasaki (who is Hajime's lover since middle school). After defeated the weak and selfish Hiyama, Hajime revealed the true reason Kaori will never become Hiyama's girlfriend for his worthless life due to his lack of responsibilities which always caused Hiyama to his own failures as well as his downfall as Hajime was not expected Hiyama to survive when kicked toward the monster hordes. With the help of his teacher, Aiko Hatayama and Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh, Hajime has successifully turned all of Ehit's human worshipers against the false god himself. Hajime also has the knowledge for strength and weaknesses. Hajime considered Noint as a weak "god's" puppet who stood no chance against him after killed her. He criticized Kouki the reason why Kouki kept on failing is due to his childish idealism even in their fight when Kouki foolishly merged with his doppelganger when Hajime considered Kouki to be an emotional and incompetent weakling who can never defeat him in both strength and willpower as he easily defeated him twice in an unarmed duel and later when Kouki merged with his doppelganger for a pathetic measly power up that is still too weak to defeat Hajime. Hajime knows the all Tortus worshiped the same fake god. Hajime is also one step ahead than the foolish demon general of Garland, Freid Bagwa as Hajime called him the foolish one after wiped out 100,000 demon troops.

Killed Victims

List of Hajime has killed

  • Countless Monsters (Including over 60,000): Hajime killed many powerful monsters and devoured their meat to absorb their powers for his mutations.
  • Countless Humans
  • Countless Demons (including over 100,000 by his satellite laser)
  • Countless Apostles
  • His Doppelganger: When face his doppelganger, Hajime easily defeated it to obtain "Age of Gods" magic.
  • Kouki's Doppelganger: After separate from Kouki's body, Hajime killed Kouki's doppelganger as a result for Kouki's failure in his trial.
  • All of Eri Nakamura's undead soldiers: Following in Kaori's temporarily death, Hajime (in his enraged state) destroyed all of Eri's slaves with his minigun.
  • Cattleya: Hajime killed Cattleya with a headshot.
  • Daisuke Hiyama (contributed): Following in Kaori's temporarily death, Hajime ruthlessly thrashed Hiyama easily by breaking his bones and damaging his internal organs. While initially would given him a chance to survive by realizing his mistakes. However, for Hiyama's insolence and gotten completely insane, Hajime decided to make Hiyama's death into a more painful despair and agony when he tossed his former bully to the monsters to devour him.
  • Reichi Kondou (zombified): After Eri killed and reanimated Kondou, Hajime easily destroyed his former bully's body with a headshot caused Nakano and Saitou to be more afraid of him.
  • Hansen (Anime only): In the Anime adaption when attempted to sell Myu as a slave, Hajime jumped on top of Hansen and killed him with a headshot three shots from his gun.
  • Alva: After Yue was captured and temporarily possessed by Ehit, Hajime captured Alva to torture him to interrogate Yue and later killed him mercilessly.
  • Noint: While Noint in her disadvantage, Hajime fired a rod from his pile bunker towards her heart which purposely kill her.
  • Ehit: In the final battle when Yue freed herself from Ehit's control, Hajime finally killed Ehit and ended the fake god's "chessboard of life and death" for all eternity.
  • Yukitoshi Shimizu: After Shimizu was severely injured by a unknown assailant, Hajime mercilessly killed his former classmate.
  • Meld Loggins (zombie): After Noint killed Melds and Eri turned into a zombie slave, Hajime destroyed Meld's corpse when a shotgun blast from his prosthetic arm.
  • Hoelscher Nobles (contribute): The Haulia Tribe was the ones who killed the nobles after Hajime freed them in Shea's sake.
  • Ishtar Langbard (contributed): For the pope interference in his fight with Noint, Hajime ruthlessly attacked and severely injures the pope and later after killing Noint, Hajime ordered Tio to destroy the temple which purposely killed the pope.
  • Holy Church Bishops (contributed): For their interference in his fight with Noint, Hajime ruthlessly attacked and severely injures the Bishops and later after killing Noint, Hajime ordered Tio to destroy the temple which purposely killed all the Bishops.

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