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Hal Jordan is a supporting antagonist of the grim horror series known as DCeased, having succumbed to the Anti-Life Virus that claimed many other heroes around the globe he would be forever changed from Earth's chosen cosmic defender, the Green Lantern, into a monstrous creature that only sought to murder those around itself.


During the mass infection of Earth's population by the Anti-Life Virus Hal Jordan was unaware of the apocalyptic events, having been enjoying a camping trip with Green Arrow and Black Canary : the trio were engaging in some playful banter when Hal decided to retreat to his tent, within moments of checking his phone however things would dramatically change as Hal was infected by the virus (which was transferring via technology).

Exploding in a violent rage Hal Joran stood before his stunned former friends as a monstrous mockery of his Green Lantern alter-ego and viciously attacked them with his light constructs, trying to kill them despite the ring itself fighting his commands.

Eventually Black Canary was forced to use her sonic-powers against Hal and killed her ex-friend, ending his rampage.. as a result of this she would be chosen as Earth's next Green Lantern and went on to fight for its survival during the long and bloody wars that were to follow against the infected..



  • DCeased is currently set in its own universe, completely separate from the mainstream DC multiverse.
  • the zombies in DCeased were not cannibalistic and were instead devoted solely to killing any life around them, this made them even more dangerous than traditional zombies and they also retained all the abilities of their host.
  • Hal Jordan's ring continually tried to prevent him using lethal force, this suggests the events of Sinestro War did not occur in DCeased time-line as after said war Green Lanterns were able to use lethal force.


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