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Sinestro's right. Fear is more effective than willpower.
~ Hal Jordan as a Yellow Lantern.
My will is stronger than my hate.
~ Hal Jordan in Injustice 2.

Hal Jordan, also known as the Green Lantern, and temporarily as the Yellow Lantern during Superman's regime and unwillingly as the Red Lantern for temporary, is a twisted alternate version of the heroic main-universe Green Lantern, and the tritagonist of the Injustice series.

He is the anti-heroic tritagonist of the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and comic series and later on reforming as one of the main characters of Injustice 2. He is also set to appear in the animated film adaptation simply titled Injustice.

He was voiced by Adam Baldwin in Injustice Gods Among Us, who also played Marcus Hamilton in Angel, James Wilkins in The Patriot, and Jack in Radio Flyer. In Injustice 2, he was voiced by Steve Blum, who also voiced Vilgax in the Ben 10 series, Starscream in Transformers: Prime, Lucifer in the animated film, Dante's Inferno, and Amon in Legend of Korra.



Inspired by his father to be a pilot, Harold 'Hal' Jordan became a popular and daring test pilot for Ferris Aircraft, using some of their best fighter jets. In an unexpected event, Hal would come across a spaceship that crashlanded near his home. In there, a dying alien gave him a power ring and battery, proving that Hal was worthy of being a member of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force meant to enforce justice around every sector of the known universe. Since then, Hal has been a huge help to the Corps, as well as a founding Justice League member.

Several other humans became Green Lanterns after Hal, and the men all worked together to protect both Earth and outer space.

Year One

Green Lantern assisted the rest of the Justice League in their search for Lois Lane. He subdued the Joker and Harley Quinn by swatting them with a large hand construct. He watches Metropolis become decimated by a nuclear warhead, and helps his fellow Leaguers evacuate people within the fallout zone.

He confronts an enraged Superman, and accidentally reveals the location of the Joker. Hal tries to reason with him, but is badly outmatched in speed and temporarily stripped of his ring. Hal again tries to convince his friend not to do something regretful, having his ring returned before the resolute Superman flies away.

Green Lantern is seen again alongside Princess Diana, called to reason with Aquaman bent on revenge. Wonder Woman orders him to move the endangered ships out of harms way as the League battles Aquaman's forces. Hal uses his ring to lift all of the ships out of the water before they are struck by oncoming waves, but Aquaman summons a kraken to knock him and the rest of the League out of the air.

Green Lantern struggles to save as many sailors from the kraken with his ring as possible when Superman arrives and forces Aquaman to call off the Kraken. After Aquaman's armies rise over the world at various ports and harbors, Superman orders Hal and his fellow Justice League members to lift Atlantis onto the Sahara Desert as a threat. Green Lantern keeps a force field around Atlantis to contain water around the city, until Aquaman relents.

Atlantis is returned to the ocean, but Hal expresses discomfort in such ruthless action. Green Lantern is seen aiding Superman in preventing two communication satellites from falling onto Russia. It is also revealed he aided Shazam in Syria by creating a force field over the city while Shazam destroyed the missiles with his lightning, Hal is lying unconscious in a crater that was a city. Cyborg stumbles upon him before being attacked by the one who knocked him out: Black Adam.

Hal is seen in the Watchtower alongside Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg as they discuss the distress signal from the ruins of Metropolis. When Superman tries to leave for Metropolis to find the source of the signal, Hal quickly reminds him of how their recent actions have angered several powerful people and points out the suspicion of the signal. GL chooses to accompany Superman to Metropolis, saying his ring can protect him from the radiation.

Once in the city, Hal's ring begins to pick up the signal and the three trace it a collapsed building, directly under it. GL works with Superman and Wonder Woman to lift the building aside and after Hal sarcastically points out that a narrow tunnel is the perfect setting for a trap, is ordered by Wonder Woman to stand guard. When Clark and Diana locate the source of the signal, a large vault like bunker, Hal suggests they try other means of opening it, comparing the situation to a horror movie.

When the bunker is opened and Lex Luthor discovered alive, Green Lantern is last seen on the Watchtower and is among the many heroes shocked to learn that Luthor knew his secret identity all along. Green Lantern is among the gathered League when they learn of Hawkgirl's kidnapping and Batman's sudden move against them, along with Hawkgirl's seeming return.

Green Lantern observes the League's arguing after Hawkgirl's return, as well as Lex Luthor's press conference proposal, but does not say anything or accompany Superman to Paris for the conference, Hal is shocked by the Parademons invasion and further horrified when he learns the monsters are launching attacks all over the world.

He then goes to defend the city of Shanghai from the Parademons and saves a jet from crashing into a building, and questions if Batman's team will help defend Earth from the Parademons. Green Lantern accompanies Superman and Wonder Woman to Gotham to break up a fight between Batman's team and a cult that worships Superman.

Hal is present on the Watchtower when Lobo rams his way through it, and Hal uses his ring to seal off the breached walls to save Cyborg and Robin's life. Hal is present among the gathered Justice League as Luthor is wrapping up his presentation on the completed enhancement pill. Hal is incredulous after Luthor suggests they draw up a list of candidates they can trust to be given the supplements, thinking Luthor and Superman want to build an army, though Lex assures him it will only be a peace-keeping force, something Lantern should fully understand.

Hal joins Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash as they head to the Batcave to negotiate the release of Hawkgirl after her week long capture and replacement by Martian Manhunter. Though Superman insists it's just a conversation, Hal is quick to bring up how many 'big guns' they're bringing for just a conversation.

Once at the cave's waterfall entrance, Hal is silent as he watches Batman and Wonder Woman converse, but when Flash attempts to stop 'Bruce' from heading back into the cave, he suddenly takes to the skies above and Hal realizes it is Martian Manhunter in his place and follows after him with Wonder Woman and Superman.

In the cloudy skies above Manhunter vanishes. Hal attempts to locate him with his ring, but J'onn clocks him, knocking him unconscious and sending him plummeting into the sea below.

Hal is with the rest of the Justice League as they stand before the United Nations with Superman unveiling his new army.

Year Two

Hal is at Ollie's funeral, mourning his departed best friend along with a large gathering of other superheroes. After the other mourners leave, Hal attempts to speak to Dinah, trying to convince her that Superman is bettering the world and that Ollie's death was an accident, but Dinah refuses to hear him out. Hal sadly leaves after this.

Hal is flying a test plane at Ferris Aircraft when the plane fails in midair, with the controls frying and the aircraft beginning to fall apart as it rapidly descends in a crash. Carol Ferris orders him to eject but Hal insists he can land the plane safely. His radio cuts out and he uses his ring to safely land the plane. He meets up with a confused Carol on the runway, and when she asks him how he was able to land the plane, he brushes it off as "Skill. Talent."

Carol suddenly asks to see his hand, and with a defeated smirk, Hal raises his right hand up, revealing he was wearing his ring. Hal just tries to make a joke about her preferring her plane and pilot scattered in chunks across the runway, but Carol is flabbergasted that Hal would wear his ring while flying, noting he never wore it when he was flying in a plane.

Hal reluctantly admits that with everything that has happened recently, form Ollie's death to the government attempting to kill Superman, he feels he can't let go of the power. Carol assumes he's afraid but Hal insists he's being pragmatic when he cuts himself off before saying he's needed. He starts to walk away but Carol manages to keep him after reminding him how difficult the situation will be to explain in the paperwork.

Hal apologizes but Carol just gently tells him that he doesn't have to pretend with her and that it's okay to admit when he's afraid.

Sometime later, Hal flies through the sky as Green Lantern when he is contacted by Superman, the Man of Steel informing him that Congress is about to shutdown the government. When Hal asks what he wants him to do about it, Superman tells him to convince them not to. Hal is worried about interfering with government affairs, feeling it is going above what he is allowed to do as a Green Lantern but Superman reminds him that since he is the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 this is not interference but protection. Hal finds he can't argue with that.

Hal then asks Clark how Diana is doing, and learns from him that the doctors helping her have no idea when she will wake from her coma. Hal writes that off as them not being trained to treat an "Amazonian warrior hit by a massive nuclear blast in space". Hal then asks if Superman will join him in Washington but Superman admits he's barely restraining himself since they tried to kill him. Superman instead sends Flash to join him. Before Hal cuts the connection, he assures Clark about Diana, reminding him, "She's Wonder Woman. She doesn't know how to stay down."

At Congress, joined by the Flash, Hal prevents the speaker from officially declaring a shutdown and seals the doors to the chambers closed with his ring with a single declaration: "No one leaves."

The speaker attempts to remind Green Lantern that they have been democratically elected but Hal quickly snaps back that they have forgotten that they serve the people who elected them before calling all of them out for the petty and blatant corruption and tells them that no one will leave until the shutdown is averted. The speaker declares that Hal has no right but Hal retorts, "I have every right! I am the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. I have been charged with protecting this planet by an authority much higher than yours. This is my duty. Do yours."

Afterwards, Congress averts the shutdown and Hal thanks them for doing their job, but is threatened for taking them hostage. Hal and Barry step outside and are greeted by a large battalion of armed forces that order them to stand down. Before either can react, Guy Gardner and Ganthet arrive, with the Guardian ordering Hal to take him to Superman.

Hal is present during the meeting between Ganthet and Superman in the Hall of Justice. Hal is mostly silent as Superman and Ganthet argue, though he becomes visibly shocked when Superman asks if the Guardians allowed Krypton to be destroyed by refusing to intervene. Hal calls to Ganthet, but the argument between the Guardian and Kryptonian intensifies, and though Guy tries to smooth things over, Superman ultimately orders Ganthet to leave.

Ganthet calls both Guy and Hal after him. Hal hesitates for a moment before reluctantly following after the Guardian.

Hal meets up with Carol at a hanger in Ferris Aircraft, informing her that he's leaving, though he makes it clear that it won't be like other times he has left the planet and tells Carol not to wait for him. Carol gets angry and starts to give him a piece of her mind when she spots Ganthet watching them from a window. Hal tells Carol he's sorry before moving over to Ganthet after the Guardian tells him it's time to leave.

Hal tells Ganthet he's not comfortable leaving the planet and the Guardian informs him that Guy Gardner will be on Earth in his place.

Hal has returned to Oa along with Ganthet and is standing before the Guardians of Universe attempting to argue for Superman's actions. He makes it clear he understands that they fear what an out of control Superman would represent, but he claims that Superman is acting out of peace and not for himself. When Ganthet says that when he confronted Superman on Earth and saw he was not acting in peace, Hal counters that Kal-El had just learned that the Guardians of the Universe were complicit in the destruction of his home planet, and he tells them that if they want to judge him they should look at their own actions.

The Guardians remind Jordan that they are not on trial, and Hal reveals that Superman has lost his city and his wife, and instead of being consumed by hate as lesser men would be, he's trying to make the world a better place. Hal tries to tell them of the wars they have ended and the dictatorships they've overthrown but the Guardians only acknowledge the legitimate governments Superman has also toppled before questioning Hal on the 'super beings' Superman is rumored to be creating. Hal explains that a peace force is being assembled and that the Justice League cannot be everywhere.

The Guardians only focus on the fact Superman is creating an army of enhanced soldiers, and Hal points out the hypocrisy of this, telling them that they should reconsider their modus operandi. Hal tries to bring up that Superman has not only saved lives by ending violence, he's been working with Lex Luthor to stamp out hunger and implement renewable energy around the world, but the Guardians dismiss him.

As he moves down the spire, Hal bumps into his old drill instructor Kilowog, who is delighted to see him and gives him a rib crushing hug. The two's reunion is cut short when Ganthet calls Kilowog before the council. As Jordan watches them go, a familiar voice calls out to him and Hal sees John Stewart approaching.

The two friends share a handshake as Hal asks why he is back on Oa, and John was hoping Hal could tell him. Hal explains that it's most likely because of the situation on Earth and he explains what Superman has begun to do in his absence, transforming their planet. Both Lanterns note the thousands of returning Lanterns when Hal spots Kilowog stepping back down, only with a much more serious and sober expression.

Hal is shocked when Kilowog explains that the Guardians have ordered him to take a squad of Lanterns to Earth to bring Superman for trial. Hal makes it clear he believes what Superman is doing is right and refuses to help them. Kilowog reveals that the Guardians don't trust him and that he has been asked to hand over his ring.

Furious, Hal asks if they expect him to just allow them to attack his planet when he sees he is surrounded by dozens of Green Lanterns, John among them. Kilowog warns Hal not to be stupid. Backed in a corner, Hal screams for the Lanterns to back off and unleashes a burst of power from his ring, stunning the Lanterns and giving the chance to fly into the sky, attempting to escape the planet.

The other Lanterns quickly recover and give chase, but Hal's head-start and stronger will has allowed him to remain significantly ahead. But just as he is about to escape the planet, a wall of emerald energy blocks his path, stopping him in his tracks. Hal can only scream in denial as he attempts to smash the wall to no avail before he is bound by several Lanterns and dragged back down to the planet.

John pleads with Hal to stop fighting and Hal tries to reach out to his friend, to convince him what Superman is doing is for the best for their planet and that the Guardians can't be allowed to interfere. Kilowog punches Hal across the face to silence him. Bloody but not unconscious, Hal goads Kilowog to release him from his restraints but Ganthet prevents this and orders Kilowog to finish it.

Hal attempts one last goad as John forces him to his feet but Kilowog knocks him out with a single punch. Hal's ring is then stripped from him and entrusted to John before his unconscious body is carried off to a cell.

Hal is locked in a cell and pleading with Salaak to release him so he can stop the confrontation between Kilowog's squadron and Superman. Salaak makes it clear that it is the will of the Guardians and that they do not want it reversed. Hal calls this "Unbelievably stupid" and tries to tell him that starting a fight with Superman is a bad idea, but Salaak firmly believes there will be no fight.

Another Green Lantern arrives, claiming to be there to relieve Salaak of guard duty when he suddenly knocks Salaak out, shocking Hal. Hal is further shocked when he sees it was John Stewart who knocked Salaak out. John tells him it's time to go, though Hal is quick to remind him that he thought he was against him.

John makes it clear he trusts both Hal and Superman completely and that standing against him was an act as he presents Hal his ring again. As the two escape Oa, Hal is still in disbelief as he exclaims, "An act? You held me while they beat me unconscious." Stewart merely deadpans that he is very convincing.

Hal and John arrive just outside of the Earth, with John asking what the plan is. Hal responds that they're going to break up whatever is happening on Earth, when John suddenly points out an approaching Green Lantern ring. The ring passes them, stating it's wielder is deceased and is searching for a replacement in sector 1014. While John doesn't recognize the sector, Hal does as Ch'p's.

The two arrive on Earth and see Kilowog and his squad of Green Lanterns engaged in a brutal battle against Superman, Hawkgirl and Shazam. Both Hal and John are shocked to see Sinestro also battling the Lanterns, and while John questions his presence, Hal only tells him to break up the fighting first before they start asking questions. While John goes to intercept Sinestro, Hal intervenes between Superman and Kilowog, ordering Kilowog to stand down.

Before anyone can react, the Sinestro Corps suddenly arrive en masse, and Hal demands to know what is going on from Sinestro. Kilowog suddenly pleads submission and requests to be allowed to return to Oa, though Sinestro denies this. Hal gets right up in his former mentor's face and tells him, "You don't get to make that decision, Sinestro." Sinestro convinces Superman that the Lanterns cannot be allowed to leave, lest they warn Oa and return with the rest of the Corps.

Hal is shocked when Superman agrees and sees his fellow corpsmen surrounded by the Sinestro Corps.

Hal observes the Sinestro Corps holds his fellow Green Lanterns captive, save for John Stewart. When Sinestro suggest to Superman that they be exterminated, Hal shouts, "No one is exterminating anyone." After Kilowog speaks up, Arkillo decides to torture him by painfully contorting his body with several binding yellow constructs.

Hal springs into action, defending his former drill sergeant as he places a vice construct around Arkillo's head and demands Kilowog's release. Though Arkillo refuses and continues to torture Kilowog, after Superman reiterates Jordan's demand, Sinestro orders Arkillo to cease. Sinestro then manages to convince Superman to hold the Lanterns as prisoners on Earth.

After Superman has the Green Lanterns remove their rings, he tells Sinestro to remove his Corps from Earth. Sinestro tries to dissuade Superman of this, but John and Hal both tell Sinestro to leave, but Superman tells Hal that while Sinestro's Corps have to go, Sinestro does not. Hal is shocked but Superman tells him that there is more going on than he knows, as well as revealing Sinestro saved him from being captured by the Green Lanterns and brought to Oa.

Hal is summoned by Superman along with Sinestro and informed that the Guardians are seeking one of the Weaponers of Qward most dangerous creations, the Ur-Forge. Hal is silent as Superman confirms the forge's existence to a doubtful Sinestro before Superman explains that their combined knowledge of both the Guardians and the Weaponers will prove useful and then tasks the two to bring him the Ur-Forge.

As Hal and Sinestro fly into deep space for the coordinates of the moon where the Ur-Forge is located, a place both Hal and Sinestro believe to be where the Weaponers originated from before moving on to the Anti-Matter universe. Hal and Sinestro are attacked by one of the Weaponers leftover creations, which Hal destroys with two chain-gun constructs despite Sinestro trying to defend him. Hal warns Sinestro to back off, and when Sinestro tries to remind them of all they've been through, Hal only throws that back in his face.

Later, the former student and mentor decide to rest by a fire and wait for dawn, with Hal quickly rebuffing Sinestro's offer to take watch. Sinestro then tells Hal that he knows he doesn't trust him, and says that he doesn't need to, only trust in Superman himself. Hal accepts that Superman chose Sinestro to accompany him on this mission before clarifying that Kal-El is his friend.

Sinestro then asks what became of their friendship and how they fell so far that they now eagerly long for the day they can hack and slash at each other like civilized killers, though Hal is quick to snap, "Lanterns aren't killers." Sinestro only rebuffs that the same could once have been said about Superman himself. Sinestro tells Hal that he has seen many worlds die because of one man who would declare himself their savior and that he was once one of those me and Hal's friend once.

Sinestro tells his student that he believes he sees a second chance in Superman, and that he truly sees Sienstro in the Man of Steel, a second chance to stop him and save many more lives. Hal is silent and contemplating as Sinestro turns in, making a quick joke over who will make breakfast in the morning. Hal retorts, "Sense of humor come with the genocidal starter kit?"

Sinestro reminds Hal that he has seen many worlds die and that gallows humor is all they have in the end, "Unless..." "Unless what?" Hal asks. "You know unless what." Sienstro responds.

Hal thinks to himself, "Unless someone does something. Unless the world does not die.." Hal understands that the Weaponers tore their homeworld apart and rebuilt it into something obscene rather than let it die, and realizes Superman could do something similar if he obtains the forge. Hal falls into an uneasy sleep but is quickly awoken when he and Sinestro are attacked by another mechanical monster. Sinestro suddenly reports that he has the Ur-Forge's signal and Hal quickly points out that they're nowhere near the coordinates Superman gave them.

Sinestro realizes that the forge has been moved and the two fly off, with Sinestro baiting the monster to chase after them. Hal realizes the monster wants to convert them into machines and has self-repairing abilities. Hal and Sinestro then find the Ur-Forge being moved by a small group of Green Lanterns.

Hal smiles and greets his former comrades with a, "Hi, guys." He and Sinestro then sic the mechanical beast on the Lanterns and abscond with the forge, Hal telling the Lanterns, "Superman says "Hello"."

Hal and Sinestro carry the Ur-Forge a safe distance away, with Jordan expressing shock that they actually obtained the object. Internally, Hal begs for forgiveness and curses himself and Sinestro for getting the forge. Hal thinks to himself as Sinestro studies the Ur-Forge, "It will pass into Superman's hands, or Sinestro's, or the Guardians'. I don't know which is worse." Hal is at a total loss when Sinestro suddenly destroys the forge, with Hal barely able to throw up a barrier construct to protect himself from the blast and shrapnel.

Hal is shocked that Sinestro of all people would destroy the forge before smiling as he realizes and says, "No one can use it now." When Sinestro asks if he was more afraid of it ending up in Superman's, the Guardians or his own hands, Hal replies, "How could I be afraid...when you were the one at my back?" and clasps hands with his former teacher, their friendship renewed.

Hal and Sinestro return to Earth, where an enraged Superman demands to know what happened to the Ur-Forge. Hal lies to the Man of Steel, telling his friend, "The Ur-Forge was destroyed. We couldn't salvage it." Superman admits that it was probably for the best and that their people will be safe at least, before flying off, leaving Hal to stand by his mentor as they watch Superman leave.

Seven months later, Hal along with John are informed by Cyborg of a burning meteor about to hit Chicago. They arrive in time to see that the meteor, actually Despero, was stopped by Sinestro. Both aliens are grappling with each other, with Despero's hands around Sinestro's neck, seemingly forcing Sinestro to kill Despero in self-defense. Sinestro apologizes to Hal, who tells him he understands and is thankful that he arrived in time to stop him from doing more damage.

As Sinestro flies ahead to begin helping the wounded, John notes he didn't believe Sinestro could have redemption, with Hal telling him to believe it, saying people can change. Neither Hal or John were aware of Sinestro manipulating Despero's appearance to further gain their trust.

Hal worked with fellow Green Lantern John Stewart, Sinestro, Hawkgirl and Superman in toppling 'rogue nations' over the course of the missing seven months.

Hal is present alongside John Stewart just outside the Earth, witnessing the arrival of the Green Lantern Corps. Though John is shocked by Mogo's presence, Hal notes that Guy has brought over half of the Corps. Though Guy Gardner flies over to greet them, Hal is silent as Superman and Sinestro arrive along with Sinestro's Corps.

Hal then forms a bubble construct around himself, John, Guy and Superman, allowing the Man of Steel to converse with Guy. When peaceful negotiations fail and Superman shatters the bubble construct after breaking Guy's arm and throwing him through it, Hal flies alongside his leader and mentor in confronting the attacking Green Lanterns, though the attack is actually a feint and Hal finds himself caught in a massive beam fired from the living planet Mogo.

Hal was saved from death alongside Sinestro by Superman. Hal then uses his ring to form another bubble construct around them, allowing Superman to contact Cyborg.

Hal has joined the war between the Corps and is fighting against his former allies in the Green Lantern Corps when he is contacted by Carol Ferris. Hal tries to tell her he's "A little busy!" but when Carol tells him that the resistance is attacking Ferris Aircraft, Hal immediately flies back down to Earth for Ferris Aircraft. Hal creates a hand construct to force a stolen plane flown by Huntress to land before landing in front of Carol, asking her how she is.

Hal and Carol's conversation is cut short by Guy Gardner's arrival. Guy demands that Hal let the plane go, but Hal refuses, and while the two former friends prepare to fight, Carol gets between them, refusing to let them, when Guy is sent flying back by a blast of yellow energy. Hal sees Sinestro has arrived, flanked by two of his Corpsmen, and Hal reassures a nervous Carol that they are on their side.

A wounded and weary Guy tells Hal that he did his best to convince the Guardians that Hal had not joined with Sinestro and that he was supposed to be better than this instead of acting as Superman's puppet. Sinestro orders his Corpsmen to kill Guy but Gardner is protected by a shield of green energy before revealing to Hal that the Guardians had given up on him, just as Ganthet arrives. Hal is shocked by Ganthet's presence before he is suddenly thrown back by a burst of green energy from Ganthet.

Hal flies into the sky to avoid the battle between Sinestro and Ganthet when he sees Guy carrying Carol. Infuriated, Hal demands Guy hand her over to him, despite Carol trying to convince him Guy saved her. Not listening, Hal snatches her by her wrist, and ignores Guy's demands that he calm down, as well as Guy trying to warn him that the Guardians won't let him use their own power against him. Hal responds by summoning a mace construct to smack Guy across the jaw, knocking him away.

When Ganthet sees this, he strips Hal of his powers by calling back his ring, causing a shocked Hal and Carol to begin plummeting from the sky. Sinestro flies over to his protege, and Hal pleads to him, "Save Carol." But Sinestro refuses and tells Hal that he is needed in this war, before presenting a yellow power ring to him, telling him to save Carol himself.

A conflicted Hal stares at the ring, but when Sinestro reminds him that he is both powerless and Carol will die, Hal reluctantly claims the ring, and following Sinestro directions, uses Carol own fear to empower himself and form a hand construct to catch and save her. Hal then floats in the air dressed in the Sinestro Corps uniform as a Yellow Lantern, while his mentor gleefully notes how the Guardians have tried to take Carol from him but in doing so, they have forced them to be part of the same Corps.

Hal reassures a shocked Carol that he has her. When Carol asks what has happened to him, shocked by the sight of his new appearance as Yellow Lantern, Ganthet declares Hal has fallen. Jordan is silent as Sinestro retorts that he has found a truer path but Ganthet only reiterates that both Hal and Sinestro were terrible mistakes. Hal is silent as Ganthet and Guy Gardner begin to leave and doesn't join Sinestro and his two corpsmen when they attack Ganthet, only for the two corpsmen to be killed and Sinestro forced back.

Hal is revealed to be in the thick of the war between the Corps when Sinestro suddenly appears, calling to him while carrying John Stewart's body. Hal is shocked at the sight of his wounded friend and Sinestro orders him to get John medical help despite Hal's weak protests that he is needed in the war. Before Hal can do anything however, he is forced to watch in horror and despair as John's ring leaves his body, signifying his death as it begins to search for a new bearer.

Saddened to lose another friend, Hal asks Sinestro, "Who did this?" Sinestro tells him it doesn't matter but an enraged Jordan reiterates his question, the light of fear surrounding his body flickering dangerously, sparks flying from his eyes. Sinestro reveals to Hal that it was Guy Gardner.

Sinestro tells his protege that John was trying to protect both sides of the war and to stop all the death when Guy struck him down in a sneak attack. Enraged, Hal continues to listen as Sinestro tells him that Gardner always wanted to be the only Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Taking John's body from a barely restrained Hal, Sinestro tells him that Guy brought the war to Earth and planned everything,

This causes Hal to snap and he charges at his former friend, calling his name before striking him with a hammer construct despite Guy's protests. Hal screams in fury as he summons blade constructs to stab at Guy while ranting, "You brought them here! You did this!"

Guy protests that he never wanted any of this while Sinestro goads Hal on to kill him. Guy tries to tell Hal that the Qwardian Ring is affecting his mind even as Sinestro tells him that Guy will take both the Earth and all of Hal's loved ones from him. Guy tries to convince Hal that he can still be the greatest of the Green Lanterns.

Infuriated and unwilling to listen, Hal rips off Guy's broken arm with his bare hand with a furious scream. Jordan then unceremoniously drops Guy, watching with an unreadable expression as his former friend silently falls to his death.

Hal joins his mentor Sinestro at Superman's side as they confront Ganthet. The Guardian is all that remains of the Green Lantern Corps that came to Earth, and when the immortal states that he cannot allow Superman's threat to spread to other worlds, Hal shouts, "Ganthet! Don't do this!" The immortal refuses to heed Hal's plead and unleashes his power on the three, pushing both Hal and Sinestro back but failing to so much as make Superman flinch.

The fear empowered Man of Steel uses his increased might to tackle Ganthet into Mogo and push both the immortal and living planet into the sun, killing them both. Hal watches this unfold alongside Sinestro in space as the float aloft, surrounded by bodies of both Green Lanterns and Sinestro Corpsmen. Hal brokenly asks Sinestro, "What have we done?" Sinestro tells him they accomplished what they set out to do and saved the world.

Year Three

Yellow Lantern floats alongside Sinestro as the two stand outside the ruins of the Hall of Justice, with Hal telling his mentor, "Flash. Cyborg. Robin. All gone." When Sinestro asks where, Superman reveals Batman's allies have taken and hidden them from him, quickly realizing magic is the culprit when their rings fail to aid them in locating their allies.

Hal stands behind Superman's throne in the Hall of Justice while Lex Luthor, Hawkgirl and Shazam stand before the Man of Steel as Superman questions Lex on the location of their allies. When the Spectre arrives, Hal flies outside with the rest of the flyers to confront the Spirit of Vengeance. When the Spectre reveals that powerful forces are working against Superman, Yellow Lantern asks, "Are you one of these powerful forces, Spectre?" though God's Wrath rebuffs this, revealing he believes in their cause and will use his power to protect them.

Yellow Lantern is the first to react when the Spectre returns to the Hall of Justice to inform them that Superman has gone missing. Turning to look down at Lex Luthor, Hal asks if they can track him by his com-link, but Luthor informs him that it's off. When Superman manages to reactivate his communicator, Hal sees the location on a nearby monitor and reveals the Man of Steel is in Gotham. After Shazam heads ahead of the rest, Yellow Lantern accompanies Sienstro and the Spectre to Gotham and confronts Constantine after Shazam frees Superman from the mage's trap from Ragman.

Year Four

Months have gone by since Trigon and Mister Mxyzptlk's banishing to the void, and Hal and the others are tasked with the renewed search for Batman. When Clark indifferently replies "we need to do better" to their tireless searching, Hal calls his friend out on the condescending behaviour. In response, Clark haughtily tells him to drop his hurt feelings and do his job.

Before a fight can erupt, Diana arrives and warns him not to make more allies into enemies as Hal departs. Later, Renee Montoya knocks Damian unconscious and issues a challenge to Superman. As the fight wears on, the remaining Regime members intervene, but Superman pleads for Renee to stop, realizing she had overdosed on 5-U-93-R, and she dies of heart failure as a result.

A distraught Bruce Wayne arrives to take Renee's body, with a somber Superman letting his most hated foe off the hook under the promise of stopping further resistance, to the surprise of Hal and other Regime members. Soon after, Hermes arrives with the Amazonian army, demanding Superman to leave Earth. Diana then asks who would authorize such a command, while Damian and Cyborg arrive with the Regime's troops.

Just then, Batman's party also comes in to the side of Hermes. Hermes then asks for Diana to return to her homeland's side, but she vehemently refuses. While Superman doesn't desire to fight the Olympian's army, Hal immediately goes into a flurry as he had to slaughter his former friends in the Green Lantern Corp previously.

In act of defiance, Diana requests for judgement by combat, with Superman acting as his side's champion. As a result, Batman demands Diana to honor her heritage and fight as Zeus's champion. When Diana refuses and brawl breaks out, Zeus finally arrives and orders his daughter to fight. As their duel continues, Hal begins reminiscing of how he used to use willpower to overcome almost any obstacle that came his way, yet it was his fear that truly allowed him to power through such labors. In spite of his sensitivity to the emotion, he senses none in Superman and fears that he may lose everything despite this. Eventually, Superman is defeated by Wonder Woman but Sinestro stops her from making the killing blow.

This interference starts a fight between the Regime and the Olympian army, and Hal ends up charging at Artemis only to be knocked back by her shield. Superman, finally regaining composure, orders for the fighting to stop. Once order is reconvened, the gods give the Regime one more day to relinquish control of the planet.

Diana is then ordered to return to the side of the gods, but she resists and attacks Hermes, sparking another fight. As Superman's arm was still broken from the duel, Hal defends her from Hercules, but his fear is easily brushed aside by the demi-god, and Hal is nearly killed until Superman steps in once again.

At the conclusion of the fight, Shazam arrives and defeats Hercules, but refuses to kill the defeated opponent. Superman, who was launched in space, then charges straight for Hercules, killing the demi-god. As Hal and Cyborg tend to Diana, Shazam continues clashing against the other gods but is forcefully reverted back to Billy Batson. Zeus then demands Superman's surrender or Billy and most of the Earth will be scorched with their war. With no choice left, Superman concedes and disbands the Regime.

When Superman ends up taking Poseidon to fight Zeus, the incensed God immediately unleashes his wrath across the world, striking anyone following any other religion. As Superman is busy fighting Darksei at Apokolips, the remaining members of the Regime meet at Atlantis and move to confront the Gods. To their surprise, Batman's Insurgents also arrive to assist them.

Later, Cyborg learns of a nuclear strike on their location, and Hal immediately attempts to intercept only to struck down by Eros and knocked out. Superman and Diana are then able to redirect the missiles and send them outer space instead. After the Highfather's negotiation with Zeus, the gods agree to return home and never interject into mortal affairs again.

During the Year Four Annual, Hal is among the Regime members that keep watch over Plastic Man who asks for his son's pardon. When this is denied, O'Brien takes matters into his own hands and infiltrates the Regime's prison complex, the Trench. Hal and the others attempt to stop the release of the prisoners, but Hal and Sinestro notice that the Kilowog's imprisoned Green Lanterns were now reacquiring their rings, leading to Sinestro shooting a blast through the prison's dome, killing Kilowog instantly, to Hal's disbelief. Due to the water pressure, the Regime is unable to enter the complex and can only watch as the prisoners escape through one of Mirror Master's portals.

Year Five

Chasing after the escapees, Hal is left to fight Parasite, eventually getting help from Cyborg to fight the creature. Superman later arrives and takes control of the situation himself, taking Parasite to an undisclosed location. In the next meeting, however, Hal opens up at how they must now have someone like Bane in their employ, but Superman insists that he is making decisions in their best interest. When Wonder Woman tries to talk to her friend, he flatly refuses and tells them that it's no longer a democracy.

Later on, Hal and Sinestro are tasked with creating a new prison complex for the unrehabilitated prisoners. During the unveiling of one of Clark's new statues, the Rogues, under Batman's side, launch three simultaneous attacks on the world, with Hal being sent to investigate the site attacked by Heat Wave. Hal later apprehends Victor Zsasz before a fake Superman attacks Solomon Grundy and Clark. Hal then tries to trap the fake in a dome, but the fake breaks through and Superman is unable to chase after being grabbed by Grundy.

After this, Hal, Clark and Diana remain on the hunt for the impostor Superman, finding out that he wandered his way to the Fortress of Solitude and is now clashing against Doomsday. Eventually, Doomsday kills Bizarro, but only after Superman had to insert himself into the fight.

To the Regime's surprise Zsasz breaks into the Batcave and kills Alfred. Hal is particularly shocked as he personally captured the killer. Superman orders his subordinates to remain on high alert, as Batman predictably comes out of hiding to hunt Zsasz down. Although the enhanced Batman is able to beat up Clark, the effects of the kryptonian pill wear off and Hal and Diana easily subdue Bruce. Before they can take him into custody, Barry, wishing to honor Alfred's memory, rescues Bruce and drops him off away from Hal and the others. With no choice, the Regime members then take the unconscious Zsasz back to prison.

Hal later approaches Sinestro, wondering how the killer could've escaped. When Sinestro refuses to answer, Hal angrily leaves to make his own investigation. Facing growing indecision, Hal meets with Barry, stating that he felt that Zsasz couldn't be trusted in an interrogation, but Barry replies that the true fear is actually understanding Zsasz and accepting they now work with killers. Once Hal brings up the incident where a group of rioters named the Joker Underground were all left as fiery skeletons, Hal openly questions what they have now become. In response, Barry only replies that he shouldn't ask questions if he doesn't intend to do a thing.

Soon, an incident regarding Zsasz arises, with the murderer being killed in his own cell. Hal angrily confronts Sinestro on the matter, only for Sinestro to snidely reply, "Prison Justice". To Hal's further frustrations, surveillance for the cell at the time of the murder had conveniently stopped as well. Hal can only call the killing as cold-blooded murder.

Having finally grown weary of the constant strife, Catwoman finally defects to the Regime's side, giving Superman and the others the location of Batman's dimensional transporter in exchange for leaving Bruce alive. Batman, beaten and alone, then begins opening another talk with his former friends, remarking the dark path that led to the deaths of many of their old colleagues. Batman then shockingly accuses Superman of planning Alfred's murder, to Wonder Woman and Yellow Lantern's shock. Soon, however, Superman realizes the "talk" was only a ploy to stall for time, and Batgirl transports everyone to different locations.

In the Year Five Annual, Superman finally names himself as Earth's High Councillor, much to Hal's displeasure. As his first act since establishing his position, Superman has Hal and others aid Black Lightning and Atom's attempt to stabilize the ground zero Metropolis and reconstruct the city.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

When Superman made Earth under his One-Earth government regime, Sinestro decided to form an alliance with him since his One-Earth government is similar to his dictatorial rule over Korugar. Sinestro managed to manipulate Hal Jordan that fear is more effective than willpower, thus making him give up the power of the Green Lantern and accepting the yellow ring of fear, joining the Sinestro Corps. However, this is a set-up by Sinestro to make Hal a complete pawn of both Sinestro himself, and even Superman. At time when Hal became a Yellow Lantern, Sinestro murders John Stewart and framed Guy Gardner as the murder, with Sinestro is directly the murder of Guy through a manipulated Hal.

When the prime universe's Hal Jordan encounters Yellow Lantern in Gotham City, Green Lantern stated that Yellow Lantern has traded green for yellow, the color of cowardice. They have a fight with Green Lantern winning the battle.

When the parallel universe's Batman's Insurgency leads a rescue mission to save the prime universe's Batman at Stryker Island, Yellow Lantern, along with other members of Superman's Regime, tries to fend off the Insurgency. He clashes with Green Lantern again and eventually fought the parallel universe Batman to prevent prime universe Batman's escape to a losing fight. Parallel universe Batman then told him that Superman is the enemy, not the Insurgency.

When Superman killed Shazam after he decided to back out from Superman's decision to destroy Metropolis and Gotham and the prime universe's cities, the Flash decides to defect from the Regime. Yellow Lantern says to Flash that there is no "done" in the Regime and tries to prevent Flash from escaping. When Flash breaks through Yellow Lantern's fear barrier, a fight ensues with Flash winning.

Eventually, the prime universe Superman shows up to save the parallel universe's Metropolis and Gotham City. Yellow Lantern, Sinestro, and Black Adam encounter him in Gotham. After defeating Black Adam, Superman forcibly removes Sinestro's ring and says that Yellow Lantern still has a chance to do the right thing. Having said that, Hal surrenders and took off his yellow ring. After Superman defeats his parallel universe counterpart, many members of the Regime are arrested, including the former Regime member's Flash, who imprisons himself due to his previous status as that member, with Sinestro and Hal taken to Oa to stand trial in front of the Guardians of the Universe.

The Yellow Lantern attire can be unlocked by winning a ranked match as the Green Lantern.

Injustice 2

Hal Jordan returns as Green Lantern again, after being pardoned and released by the Guardians to atone his sins through his own merit. Hal faced through difficulties of the Guardians' rehabilitation program, such as defending the Green Lanterns alongside the reformed Titans (including Booster Gold, Lobo and new Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes) from the vengeful Red Lanterns and Starro, who are only after Sinestro. Guy's spirit manifested from Hal’s guilt as a Regime member and his hatred towards Sinestro, indirectly caught the Red Lantern's attention. He was unwillingly turned into a Red Lantern while trying to stop the raging corps' target Sinestro from taking the Red Ring of a Red Lantern temporary during the said corps’ assault, until Hal manage to use the remaining will to break himself from the Red Ring's influences and warned the surviving Green Lanterns.

Atrocitus is currently re-targeting Hal back to Red Lantern while the latter joins Batman's Insurgency. After he manages to suppress the fear emotion spectrum from the Guardians of Universe's trial, he still needs to train himself more from upcoming negative emotion spectrum, such as from Red Lantern's rage emotion spectrum, which he manage to suppress from fallen three times.

During the events of the game, Hal tracks down Barry who attacks him. After being defeated, Hal convinces Barry that he is reformed. Later, Batman, (who stopped thinking that Hal could be redeemed) rebukes Barry for bringing him only for Hal to convince him. He then sends him to Atlantis to convince Aquaman and his marines to help them despite Hal's doubts that no one will likely be able to trust him to which Batman tells him that he will "get used to that".

At Atlantis, Hal at first has a hard time convincing Arthur who distrusts all Regime Members. However, he ends up gaining Arthur's support after helping him defeat Cheetah and Bane. Shortly after, Atrocitus attacks Hal with the intent of transforming him into a Red Lantern. Hal barely wins and once again tries to sway Arthur who despite regaining trust in Hal, refuses as protecting Atlantis is his main goal.


Sorry about this lady.
~ Hal Jordan fight a female character in Injustice
Man what an ego.
~ Hal Jordan fighting Aquaman in Injustice.
I should have never been on your side.
~ Hal Jordan talking about the Regime.
We were all wrong on the side of that war.
~ Hal Jordan in Injustice 2.
You enslave it.
~ Hal Jordan after Sinestro says he brings order to earth in Injustice
To protect everything in this sector.
~ Hal Jordan explaining why he uses his rig and why he is a Green Lantern in Injustice 2
A Green Lantern stands his ground.
~ Hal Jordan won't back down to any enemy or villain in Injustice 2
You can say that again.
~ Hal Jordan after Enchantress says there is no cure for her evil ways in Injustice 2
This world is protected.
~ Hal Jordan Injustice 2
I'm a work in progress.
~ Hal Jordan admitting he has made mistakes and is not the best he can be in Injustice 2
Stop where you are.
~ Hal Jordan trying to get his opponent to stop before they get hurt in Injustice 2
I think you are taking this to seriously.
~ Hal Jordan telling Black Manta that he is going to far with vengeance in Injustice 2
I'm less than thrilled to fight a friend.
~ Hal Jordan in Injustice 2
And now I'm making up for it.
~ Hal Jordan telling Swamp Thing that he realized that it was wrong for him to betray earth in Injustice 2
Really hate to fight a friend.
~ Hal Jordan during a fight in Injustice 2
We've all made mistakes.
~ Hal Jordan knows what he did was wrong and wants to make up for it in Injustice 2
It is when you hurt innocent people.
~ Hal Jordan talking about how wrong it is to hurt innocent people and how guilty he feels about it in Injustice 2
More like I remembered.
~ Hal Jordan talking about how he remembers he's so post to be a hero not a villain in Injustice 2
That's exactly what we became.
~ Hal Jordan saying that those have sided with Superman have become traitors and villains which is what all heroes fear in Injustice 2



As Yellow Lantern

As Green Lantern


  • In the comics Hal Jordan used a Sinestro Corps ring twice. The first time was when he used them during the Sinestro Corps War storyline though only briefly. The second was during the War of the Green Lantern storyline when Krona's corruption over the Green Lantern Rings through their Central Power Battery, which forced Hal to switch to another Corp's ring. Unlike the first time however, Hal was wearing a Sinestro Corps uniform.


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Joker | Penguin | Catwoman | Riddler | Mr. Freeze | The Archer | Black Widow | Bookworm | Egghead | Clock King | Queenie Goldstein | Sandman | Dr. Cassandra Spellcraft | Cabala | Minstrel | Shame | False Face | The Siren | Undine | Chandell & Harry | King Tut | Louie the Lilac | Mad Hatter | Cornelia | Baby Jane Towser | Lydia Limpet | Zelda the Great | The Puzzler | Olga, Queen of Cossacks | Marsha, Queen of Diamonds | Lord Marmaduke Ffogg | Lady Penelope Peasoup | Ma Parker | Freddy the Fence | Lola Lasagne | Nora Clavicle | Colonel Gumm | Minerva | Killer Moth | Calamity Jan

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LEGO Batman
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Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
Lex Luthor | Joker | Harley Quinn | Riddler | Two-Face | Catwoman | Bane | Penguin | Poison Ivy | Scarecrow | Captain Boomerang | Clayface | Mad Hatter | Ra's al Ghul | Killer Croc | Bane | Killer Moth | Mr. Freeze | Man-Bat | Hush | Zod | Sinestro | Brainiac | Gorilla Grodd | Captain Cold | Black Manta | Black Adam | Bizarro

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
Brainiac | Joker | Lex Luthor | Cheetah | Solomon Grundy | Firefly | Killer Croc | Sinestro | Atrocitus | Larfleeze | Star Sapphire | Composite Superman | Bane | Arkillo | Condiment King | Music Meister | Captain Cold | Black Adam | Black Manta | Black Hand | Bronze Tiger Cyborg Superman | Deadshot | Deathstroke | Lobo | Dex-Starr | Doomsday | Gorilla Grodd | Harley Quinn | Hush | Kalibak | Killer Moth | Man-Bat | Mad Hatter | Manchester Black | Metallo | Mr. Freeze | Mr. Mxyzptlk | Parasite | Penguin | Poison Ivy | Polka Dot Man | Red Hood | Riddler | Toyman | The Trickster | Ultra-Humanite | Catwoman | Bizarro | Amanda Waller | Captain Boomerang | El Diablo | King Shark | Killer Frost | Plastique | Terra | Zod | Faora | Joker | Two-Face | Ra's al Ghul | Bane | Catwoman | Scarecrow | Blight | Joker | Mr. Freeze | Arrow Deathstroke | Malcolm Merlyn | Darkseid

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Justice League: Steppenwolf | Parademons (Parademon Scout) | Darkseid | Black Clad (Black Clad Alpha) | Lex Luthor | Deathstroke | Ares
Zack Snyder's Justice League: Darkseid's Elite (Darkseid, Steppenwolf, DeSaad, Granny Goodness, & Parademons) | Lex Luthor | Deathstroke | Black Clad (Black Clad Alpha) | Ares | Joker

Direct-to-video Movies
Justice League: The New Frontier: The Centre | Captain Cold
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths: Crime Syndicate of America (Owlman, Ultraman, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, J'edd J'arkus, & Black Power) | Lex Luthor | White Martians | President Slade Wilson | Rose Wilson
Justice League: Doom: Legion of Doom (Vandal Savage, Bane, Cheetah, Ma'alefa'ak, Metallo, Mirror Master, & Star Sapphire) | Royal Flush Gang (King, Queen, Jack, Ace, & Ten)
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Justice League: War: Darkseid | Desaad | Parademons | Ocean Master
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Justice League vs. Teen Titans: Trigon | Legion of Doom (Lex Luthor, Cheetah, Solomon Grundy, Toymaster, & Weather Wizard) | Atomic Skull | Ra's al Ghul
Justice League vs. the Fatal Five: Fatal Five (Emerald Empress, Mano, Persuader, Tharok, & Validus) | Bloodsport | Two-Face | Harley Quinn | Poison Ivy

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Injustice: Gods Among Us: One Earth Regime (Superman, Wonder Woman, Yellow Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Shazam, Nightwing, Raven, Hawkgirl, Sinestro, Black Adam, Killer Frost, Solomon Grundy, Catwoman, Bane, & Doomsday) | Joker | Lex Luthor | Deathstroke | Ares
Injustice 2: Brainiac | The Society (Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Reverse Flash, Cheetah, Deadshot, Poison Ivy, Bane & Scarecrow) | One Earth Regime (Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Nightwing & Black Adam) | Dr. Fate | The Lords of Order | Grid | Atrocitus | Joker | Darkseid