Game Over!
~ Final words before Death

Halbergoi is the first of the Players from Team Azald. His Blood Game was to destroy building by summoning spears to rain down on them and is the main antagonist in episode 2 of the 2016 TV series Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

He is voiced by Tetsu Shiratori who previously voiced Yokubarido, Debo Doronbosu and later voiced Dave Red and Envy Chiruda.


Halbergoi first appeared on the Sagittari Ark announcing to Ginis that Team Azald will be the first to bring terror on to Earth.

Back on Earth, he appeared on one of the buildings ready to begin his Blood Game and he does by raining the spears down onto the buildings in Japan. However his mayhem of destruction was stopped by the arrival of Yamato and to his response is by shoving him out of the way however he was backed up by the arrival of Sela, Leo, Amu and Tusk, so they transformed and battle Halbergoi. During the fight he used the coins to summon a couple of Moeba to help him in this combat. However they were wiped out when the team used Beast Unleash on them, so Halbergoi has to battle the group himself. After that he was then taken out by the team using Zyuoh Slash.

However thanks to Naria she enlarged Halbergoi by inserting a Continue Medal in his right chest. He then battled the Cube animals by raining more spears onto them, but they managed to deflect his attack. After that he was then faced by ZyuohKing 1*5*4 as it battle him. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Zyuoh Megaton Kick.

In episode 26 Halbergoi is later "revived" and enlarged by Bangray after scanning Zyuoh Eagle's memory of him. After that he is then destroyed by Wild Tousai King.


  • Halbergoi's design looks very similar to Datolar from 1980 TV series called Denshi Sentai Denziman.



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