And I, Halcon, agree.
~ Halcon listening to the Zeron Brotherhood's communications.
I prefer to research and then destroy!
~ Halcon about how she takes out her enemies.

Halcon, also known as Bertha Flannagan in her human disguise, is a minor antagonist in Part 1 of 3Below, the second arc of the Tales of Arcadia trilogy. She is one of General Morando's bounty hunters who prefers to research about her enemies before killing them.

She is voiced by Fiona Shaw.


Halcon is first seen when Morando hires her as one of his bounty hunters to kill Aja and Krel Tarron, as well as Varvatos Vex, and retrieve the life cores of King Fialkov and Queen Coranda so Morando could destroy them. Later on, she stands in the Moon while intercepting the Zeron Brotherhood's conversations so she could find out more about the Royals. She discovers that the Brotherhood got their ship sabotaged by Krel, where she finds out that the Royals are hiding in the Californian town of Arcadia Oaks.

Upon traveling to Arcadia at night, Halcon targets at Krel and RK-Y Blank and successfully shoots the latter. The following day, she disguises herself as an elderly human calling herself Bertha Flannagan, lying to the intern principal, Señor Karl Uhl, that she is from a school board administration. She gives Aja and Krel hundreds of pages and copies for them to sign while lying again that her administration needed their proper identification. Señor Uhl, however, doesn't trust her, as he suspects that she is just there to make false accusations. Eventually, Varvatos arrives to her with the forms and threatens to vaporize her, only for her to dismiss it and lie a third time that her paperwork is orderly now, when in reality, she got the address to the Royals' whereabouts so she could kill them.

Halcon stalks Varvatos all the way to the Motherahip, where she gives him poisoned cookies which cause him to fall unconscious. She then reveals her true form to Aja and Krel and that she was one of Morando's bounty hunters, sent to eliminate House Tarron. She then fights them for a while before discovering the room where the King and Queen's life cores are kept, attempting to take them before Aja stops her. Seeing that the Tarrons are too much for her, she cowardly flees for her life, only to accidentally ram into a glass window. When Halcon finds the door, Luug clings onto her leg as she flies into the sky before Varvatos reawakens and quickly disintegrating her. All that remained was her label pin.

The following day, Varvatos asks Señor Uhl what he thinks happens to her, and he responds that she "flew off in a coop".



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