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Thomas: But, daddy, he ain't no zombie. He's just a man!
Roger: Thomas! We're doin' this to survive. You know that.
Jack: Using a firearm for self defense is our god-given right as Americans, Thomas.
~ The Hall Family

The Hall Family are a trio of psychopaths in Dead Rising. They are a team of a father named Roger Hall, and his two sons named Jack Hall and Thomas Hall. Each one of them carries a sniper and uses them to kill not only the zombies but survivors as well. Frank West managed to find all three of them and killed them off. After they died, Frank can acquire their snipers.

Roger was voiced by Steve Blum, Jack was voiced by Jason Spisak, and Thomas was voiced by Phillip Tanzini.

Roger Hall the Patriarch

Roger Hall

Roger Hall is one of the psychopaths in the video game; Dead Rising. He is the patriarch of the Hall family, leading his two sons Jack and Thomas in the post-zombie outbreak Willamette. Using a sniper rifle, he hunts down zombies and survivors indiscriminately. Roger is found in the Entrance Plaza during the scoop Mark of the Sniper.

Roger, Jack, and Thomas Hall are encountered when Frank West arrives at the Entrance Plaza to rescue Wayne Blackwell, who has been pinned behind the counter of Estelle's Fine-lady Cosmetics by the trio. Roger encourages Thomas to shoot Frank, claiming that they're doing it to survive. Thomas, though initially torn, decides to heed his father's and brother's orders.

Jack Hall the Elder

Jack Hall

Jack Hall is a psychopath in dead rising and Roger's older son. Unlike his younger brother, Jack has no qualms about killing humans as well as zombies. And he constantly preaches Thomas about Second Amendment: their right to bear arms. After he is defeated, he dies and drops his weapon.

Thomas Hall the Younger

Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall is one of the psychopaths in the videogame Dead Rising. He is the youngest son of the Hall family, and only one to realize what they are doing is wrong. But he is pressured by the other two.

Despite being the "only sane one". Thomas still needs to be defeated like the other two. There was no cutscene after the three are defeated. They just die.


  • The Hall family are the few psychopaths that don't have an end of fight cutscene.
  • Jack and Roger are the names of two antagonists in the novel "Lord of the Flies". In the novel, both Jack and Roger are part of a group of primitive hunters who pressure others into joining them.
  • Thomas's classification as a psychopath can be questioned. He showed great hesitation in attacking Frank, but was pressured by his father and brother even when he did not want to shoot him. However, he remained hostile even after his father and brother were dead, although he may just be trying to avenge them.


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