Hello, puppies. Just thought I'd visit the kitchen for a late night "snack".
~ Halloween Hound cornering the buddies.

The Halloween Hound is the secondary antagonist in Spooky Buddies. He was a dark-magical hound who became Warwick's sidekick.

He and his master were accidentally released into Fernfield and they have plans to destroy and take over the world. He can easily consume an animals soul with just one howl. He was voiced by Diedrich Bader.



75 years ago on Halloween, the Halloween Hound magically appeared from the other side of the mirror due to Warwick's summoning spell and decided to make a pact with Warwick. After eating the souls of Pip's siblings, they turned into stone statues. He attempted to consume Pip's soul; However, as the sun began to rise, he got sent back on the other side with Warwick as he escaped from the Sheriff and any other humans. 

In Spooky Buddies

75 years later, he and Warwick were freed from the mirror and into the real world. After they arrived at Fernfield, they separated so the Halloween hound could search for 5 puppies of the same blood. Eventually, he found the ones he needed; the buddies. He kept chasing them around the city, catching the souls of Zelda and Deputy Sniffer. As Pip and the Buddies arrived at the cemetary, Pip reunited with his body. The Halloween Hound arrives and finally captures the buddies.

At the manor, after Mr. Hoot gave up being evil and released the buddies, the Halloween hound consumed Mr. Hoots soul. Eventually, Pip decided to sacrifice his soul to protect the buddies. Afterwards, he was able to release the evil spirits around Fernfield, possessing human bodies in the process. The Halloween Hound was still determined to kill the buddies anyway.

In the kitchen, he attempted to get Budderball, but due to his powerful flatuence, Budderball reflected the spell back at him, turning him into stone instead. After Warwicks plan was ruined and because of the sunrise, everyone that turned into stone turned back to normal. Due to the sun being his weakness, it's highly possible that the Halloween Hound died afterwards, even though it was never shown.


The Halloween Hound was cold, dark, frightening, menacing, and a bit more serious as he doesn't crack as many jokes, unlike Warwick.