I thought I raised you better. Are you blind? He's a robot!
~ Hamegg after he zaps Astro Boy with his cattle prod.
(Zane: That's enough!) What's the matter with you? They're just machines! They'll do what I tell them! What, I'm gonna get embarrassed by some soup up hotshot from Metro City? (zaps Astro) A hundred year old bulldozer from New Jersey?! (zaps Astro again) I don't think so!!!
~ Hamegg to Astro and Zog while harming the former.

Hamegg is the secondary antagonist of the 2009 computer-animated film adaptation of Astro Boy.

He was voiced by Nathan Lane, who also voiced Snowbell and Preed.


When first introduced, Hamegg was seen as a good-natured, happy-go-lucky, astute, magnanimous, encouraging, gentlemanly, great-hearted and benign individual, even to the point of being a brief father figure to the orphaned children under his care and to Astro Boy when he first met him. However, it's not after scanning Astro by accident that he revealed himself to be harshly haughty, abrasive, mean, erudite, grouchy, gluttonous and malicious, as Hamegg forced the robot boy to participate and fight in the former's robot battle ring, and then attempted to zap both Astro and Zog when they refused to clash against each other. Hamegg is also shown to be a coward when he tried to prevent Zog from stomping on him by mentioning the Laws of Robotics against it to no avail.


A slimy showman, Hamegg keeps orphaned children under his thumb and has a grudge on Dr. Tenma since he fired him from the Ministry of Science. Even worse, he is in charge of gladiator-style robot games in which robots fight each other until one of them is killed.

When Astro Boy learns of his vile deeds, Hamegg blasts him with a cattle prod and forces him to attend the games. Astro fights off most of the competing robots, but when the giant robot Zog appears and pats his head, an enraged Hamegg threatens to turn them both off but is swiftly defeated by Zog with a quick stomp and the robot's foreboding structure afterwards, although Astro later saved Hamegg from getting squashed.

Hamegg attempts to leave but is stopped by the kids, with the assistance of Zog, so they can use his car. Although he most likely lived, as he was only seen be carried by Zog, Hamegg's fate remained ambiguous.

It is unknown what happened to him afterwards.


Stop! The Laws of Robotics! You can't hurt a human! It's been that way for 50 years! (Zog: I'm old school).
~ Hamegg pleading for the giant robot not to stomp on him.





  • Despite being the secondary antagonist, Hamegg clearly never worked with President Stone, as the latter had General Heckler on his side when he captured Astro Boy.
    • However, in the official comic adaptation based from the movie, Hamegg, upon meeting him, mentioned that he knew Stone since third grade (as Hamegg further stated he used to do his homework for him).
  • His personality is reminiscent of Fagin, the Coachman, and Stromboli.
  • Hamegg's appearance in the movie was modeled after his voice actor.
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