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The world shall belong to my children!
~ The mutated super-heroine, Terra, speaking under Hamidon's control

Hamidon is the leader of the villainous race known as Devouring Earth, plant and element-based monsters found roaming the world. Hamidon wishes to destroy civilization to return the world to a "pure state" and his Devouring Earth act as monstrous eco-terrorists, crushing human society, often by starting with it's most wasteful elements.


Hamidon - Human

Dr. Hamidon Pasalima, pre-transformation.

Hamidon was originally human. He worked as a biological engineer and had major ecological concerns. Little is known about the finer points of Hamidon's life, but his research turned as radical as his concerns for the environment and he created a plague which mutated biological organisms, starting with bringing plants to life as human-like bipeds but also mutating humans into various seemingly elemental forms. Hamidon himself was patient zero for the finished version of his plague and he has evolved into a godlike entity similar in many ways to an amoeba - magnified to terrifying proportions. Referenced as a super-organism, Hamidon is no longer a singular being but rather a massive network of collected beings that plans on devouring everything it comes across - Hamidon may be the ultimate source for the Devouring Earth and if so is using them to further it's ultimate goal of expanding and absorbing the world into itself.

Hamidon Raid

Hamidon is the most powerful of all villains in the City Of Heroes videogame franchise, so powerful in-fact that the monster provides one of the biggest "raid" style events in the game - known affectionately as a "Hami Raid", it showcases the colossal might of the entity as it takes a large number of top-rate heroes (and villains) to work together to even stand a chance against it. In return, players are granted powerful boosts for defeating Hamidon.

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