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Villain Overview
Thing is, I'm a gentleman. You'dah knocked? You couldah come right in. But you had to go and sneak around. That's the problem with you new cops: no respect. Course, used to be, we earned your respect. You hit us, we hit back. Made you know your place. Gave you the fear. But now- now yah think a stiff breeze'll blow us over. Time to bring the fear back.
~ Hammerhead as he ruthlessly kills the kidnapped police officers.
I just want to thank you for showing me what I've been doing wrong for years. If I want to rule this city, I gotta modernise. Evolve. Now that I'm evolved, it's time for me to be the boss I always shoulda been. Just as soon as I kill you both.
~ Hammerhead during his final fight with Spider-Man and Silver Sable.

Joseph Martello, more commonly known as Hammerhead, is a major antagonist in the 2018 video game Marvel's Spider-Man, as he was the unseen overarching antagonist of the main game's side mission Cat's Cradle, and later appeared as the main antagonist of the DLC story trilogy The City that Never Sleeps.

He is a ruthless crime lord and head of one of the criminal families of the Maggia organization, who aimed to overthrow his fellow dons and take over all of New York City with stolen Sable International technology.

He was voiced and motion-captured by Keith Silverstein, who also voiced several other villains which include Hawk Moth in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Johan Liebert in Monster and Gantu in the Stitch! anime.



Little is known about Hammerhead's life before becoming a member of the Maggia crime syndicate. What is known is that he was born in Russia and that he had a carbon steel plate placed into his head following an attempt on his life, which granted him increased strength and durability in his forehead. Over the course of his career, he gained a reputation of killing his enemies by head-butting them.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Even though he never debuted in the mainstream version of the video game, Hammerhead's plan was foreshadowed in the side mission, Cat's Cradle, when Spider-Man found Black Cat's hideout and her apparent plan to blackmail the other Maggia dons.

The City That Never Sleeps

The Heist

In truth of Black Cat's purported intentions in the side mission, Cat's Cradle, Hammerhead sends Black Cat to steal multiple data drives to blackmail the other Maggia dons. However, after learning that she betrayed him and stole the data for herself, Hammerhead rigs her apartment to explode and watches her "death" from a nearby building as Spider-Man attempted to save her, unaware that she survived.

Turf War

Following Black Cat's deception, Hammerhead changed his plans to instead kill the other dons. He also began stealing Sable international's hardware and declared open war on the rest of Maggia, as well as the N.Y.P.D. During a attack on Harlem Sanitarium by the N.Y.P.D., Hammerhead captured and killed Captain Yuri Watanabe's squadron, and even though Spider-Man arrived, he escaped in the confusion.

Going into hiding in the meantime, Hammerhead planned to assassinate the other dons and kidnapped them with Sable International's tech. While continuing to steal more equipment, he sends his forces to attack police conveys across New York City to led Spider-Man away from a police precinct where he and his men stole an experiment known as "Project Olympus", killing numerous cops in the process, which infuriated Watanabe further.

As a final stage in his plan to bring back the "good old days", Hammerhead planned to raise his status by killing the other dons in a public and televised execution by burying them in a pit with cement at Hudson Yards. In the meantime, Hammerhead enhances himself with Project Olympus, an experimental battle armor. However, the execution of the dons was foiled by Spider-Man, who then confronted Hammerhead on top of the construction site.

Shrugging off Spider-Man's interference, Hammerhead decided to kill the former in order to earn the fear and respect that he craved. Despite the power boost given by his armor, as well as the aid of several of his men, Hammerhead was ultimately defeated. But before the police could bring him into custody, Watanabe arrived, driven over the edge by Hammerhead's schemes and coldly shot him in the head before the Spider-Man and the other officers could stop her.

Hammerhead's body was placed in an ambulance, likely to be taken to the morgue. However, the transport was sabotaged by one of Hammerhead's men incognito of a paramedic, who was able to revive him with a taser.

Silver Lining

Following Hammerhead's escape, his men continued stealing Sable International tech to enhanced his crime family. However, while Silver Sable returns to the city to reclaim her stolen tech, Hammerhead, enraged by his previous defeat, forced Oscorp scientists to convert his body into a gigantic, super-enhanced cybernetic exoskeleton. As Hammerhead leads Spider-Man and Silver Sable into a trap on top of the Colexco building, he reveals his new body and assaults them both on Sable's jet. As he tries to finish them both, Black Cat is revealed to be alive as she rescues Spider-Man, while Hammerhead crashed with the jet. As Silver Sable survives, Hammerhead kidnaps her and takes her to his underground lair to be interrogated and tortured by his men. After Spider-Man saves her, they check Hammerhead's files on a flash drive given by Black Cat and learn that the metal plate in his head is made of carbon, which is sensitive to heat.

At Silver Sable's secret base, Spider-Man tests the laser cannon on Sable's jet before contending with Hammerhead. Spider-Man and Sable use this weakness against him by shooting heat lasers at his forehead before eventually crashing the laser-equipped jet into him, therefore finally defeating the crime boss for good.


  • Unlike his mainstream counterpart, this version of Hammerhead has had his real name revealed, similar to his Shattered Dimensions counterpart.
    • His surname "Martello" is the Italian word for "hammer".
  • Hammerhead's character bio explains that he is 6'5" and weighs 290 lbs. It also says that his birthplace is Russia.
    • This implies he is based off his Earth-1610 version from the comics who is 6'5 and not his Earth-616 version who is only 5'10. Both are in the 200 weight class, however.
  • This adaptation of Hammerhead is arguably the darkest one so far, as unlike the previous ones, his backstory, although still mysterious, shows no means of justifying his multiple heinous acts.


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