Han Jae-hee is the main antagonist of 2013 Korean series Nice Guy who was former girlfriend and childhood neighbor of Kang Maru whom she betrayed him for money.


Early life

Jae-hee came from a poor family with an abusive father who had beaten her and her mother, who was a prostitute, for debt, when Maru came to save her for a few times. her brother Jae-shik gambled for money that caused the family poverty very poor. Jae-hee become close to Maru who lost his father and his mother faced problems for money to support Maru's sister.

Nice Guy

Both she and Maru had shared a romantic relationship later. Maru became medical doctor and Jae-hee became newsreader, during the interview she kills Maru's boss who tried to rape her and call Maru to seek help. She met Seo Jung-gyu, a chairman of the CEO and marries him by using money and become the stepdaughter to Jung-gyu's daughter Eun-gi, a cold-hearted woman. She gave birth to her son named Eunsook while Maru was sentenced by 5 years for murder. Later he become gigolo to revenge against Jae-hee. When Eun-gi lose her memories and believes Maru is her boyfriend, Jae-gyu passes away after Jae-hee refused to give her the medicine to him and later he dies and Eun-gi loses her memories.

Living as the wife of the CEO is not easy for her. She had an affair with Ahn Min-Young who was Joon-gyu's lawyer. Her relationship with her stepdaughter Eun-gi is stained because she married her father for money. Later, she was confronted by Eun-gi's godmother.

She turns Eun-gi's room into Eun-seok's room while Eun-gi was cared by Kang Maru who still plot revenge.

Plans revealed and arrest

After the past with Maru revealed causes called off wedding of Eun-gi and Maru, her brother blamed her for ruining Maru's future and the suffering of their mother. 

Jae-hee begged Min-young to spread Maru's life but he refused and stabbed Maru and Min-young was arrested.

Later she confesses to the police that she indeed killed Seo Jung-gyu and Maru's boss. Both Jae-hui and Min-young got sentenced to seven years jail and Jae-hee learns that her son was raised by Eun-gi.



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