Get your hands off my watch!
~ The Hand Witch to Stanley Pines.

The Hand Witch is a minor antagonist from the Disney animated television series Gravity Falls. She is a reclusive hopeless romantic who tries to blackmail men into dating her.

She was voiced by Matt Chapman.


In Journal 3, Stanford Pines describes meeting the Hand Witch for a tarot card reading, where she tells him that he will soon have to make an important choice in his life. She gives him a magic blue ring, and tells him it will turn black when the time to make the choice is up. However, she then begins to flirt with him, making him leave.

In the episode "Little Gift Shop of Horrors", Stanley Pines tells a story about his encounter with the witch. He saw her selling watches at a carnival, and stole one. As punishment, the Hand Witch cursed him so that his hands vanished. Wanting to remove the curse, Stan took Dipper and Mabel to the Hand Witch's lair and asked forgiveness by returning the watch. The Hand Witch demanded a kiss as an apology, but Stan refused. However, the Pines learn that lifting the curse has nothing to do with a kiss, and that the witch was just lonely. Dipper and Mabel offer to help her search for love by decorating her cave lair, and the satisfied witch returns Stan's hands. After the Pines leave, a hiker stumbles upon the cave and seems instantly taken with the witch.


The witch is eccentric and crazy, but is actually a hopeless romantic and a tragic, sad soul who seeks love and companionship, down to the point where she blackmails and threatens to try and make someone love her. However, after she is helped by someone, her forgiving and kind side is seen to be revealed.



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