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The Hand sat on the bar. It took drinks, served orders, dealt murderously with people who looked as though they wanted to be murdered
~ The Hand's nature

The Hand in the Old Pink Dog Bar is an antagonist in So Long and Thanks For All the Fish. It is a supernatural, disembodied meaty-looking hand which sits on the bar of the Old Pink Dog Bar. In life, its owner donated his hand to medical science before his death. Medical science didn't like it and donated it back to the Old Pink Dog Bar.

The Barman doesn't believe in the supernatural, he just knows a good friend when he sees it. He treats the Hand like an employee. The Hand begins to torture Ford Prefect when he doesn't pay, and the words "Credit? Uuurgh" which come from the Hand gripping him, are often coupled in the bar. The Hand begins to grind Ford's shoulder blades like it has learned pain torture from a master. It does release him when he promises to write the bar into the Guide.