The Hand of Exmortis, or The Hand of Repose, is the anti-hero protagonist of the horror flash game Exmortis and the secondary antagonist of Exmortis 2.


Exmortis (Pre-Exmortis)

The Hand discovered a demonic place called Xavier's House and was too frightened to stay for long. However, he was drawn by an irresistable compulsion to return and eventually did so. He was later stuck in the house and was corrupted by evil entities and Vlaew during his time inside the house. He prepared a ritual and tried to sacrifice a group of campers, one of them escaped and was locked in the house.


Sometime later, The Hand woke outside the house with amnesia and returned once again. Inside the house, he house finds a old diary and the last camper, he decapitates the innocent man which he mistook for the madman who wrote the diary (which was actually written by himself). He realizes that the camper was the last sacrifice and finalizes the ritual. He then becomes a powerful demonic being and tries to destroy the world with his army of unholy demons.

Exmortis 2

A man named Joshua Hannay was sent by a mysterious person to stop The Hand and his reign of terror, Josh killed himself in order to go to the spiritual realm and defeat the Hand of Exmortis.

After completing puzzles, he returns to the human world and finds himself in some sort of bloody dungeon - which later turns out to be the tunnels under Xavier Rehayem's house - full with demonic entities led by The Hand. Joshua then kills The Hand by stabbing him with a magical weapon called the Kris Blade.

After his death, the mysterious man revealed himself as a ancient greater fiend named Lord Vlaew who was manipulating Joshua the whole time and trying to become a god-like creature.

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