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Hank is a minor character in the Loud House franchise. He and his friend Hawk made their debut in The Loudest Yard. He was voiced by Mateus Ward, who also voiced Junk Lord fom Craig of the Creek


Hank and Hawk are bullies, bullying their victims into submission. This drives them to villany. They shown nearly no remorse for their actions, until they are lured into a haunted house of horror in Trick or Treachery.


Hank is a big, dark-skinned boy. He has black hair which covers his eyes. He wears a white shirt, burgundy jacket, blue jeans, and white shoes.


In their debut appearance, Hank and Hawk are on the Hazeltucky Hockers, a rival football team to the Royal Woods Roosters, the football team Lincoln is on.

The duo gain a more prominent role in Trick or Treachery, which sees them bullying others for candy. The duo are defeated when their trek sends them into a house of horror that the Loud family set upon them. Hank and Hawk decide to abandon their original agenda for their own safety, and they are never seen again.

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