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I'm part of a sacred order, a soldier in a shadow war, a war that’s been raging since before the time of Salem; we are a brotherhood pledged in blood, dedicated to stamping out the pestilence of witchery on the North American continent.
~ Hank revealing his true colors.

Hank Foxx, whose real name is Henry Renard, is a major antagonist in American Horror Story: Coven. He was Cordelia's husband who is in fact a witch hunter and the scion of one of the senior members of the Delphi Trust.

He is portrayed by Josh Hamilton, and by Toby Nichols as a teenager.


On the first sight, Hank seemed to be a loving husband who is eager to satisfy his wife's desire for a child and willingly participates in a fertility ritual. However, it was later revealed that Hank was a lying adulterer and a psychopath, cheating on his wife and casually murdering his lovers.

Hank also has an extremely strained relationship with his mother-in-law, Fiona Goode, with Hank claiming that Fiona neglected Cordelia. On the other hand, Fiona insisted that Hank was a parasite with no aspiration or plans, believing his affection to Cordelia was merely a fabrication.

It became even worse when Hank was revealed to be a witch hunter working with Marie Laveau and his father's company, showing himself to be devoted in his company's task of eliminlated witches.

However, Hank's affection to Cordelia was revealed to be genuiue. He really did love Cordelia as he refused to kill the Coven when he realized his wife would be put into danger. Instead, he raided Marie's beauty salon and killed Chinwe, Gummy and Chantal before his own death at the hands of Queenie.


  • Hank's true family name, Renard, is French for "fox".
  • Over the six years since he infiltrated the Academy, Hank has killed a total of nine Salem descendants in the last three years, five of which was possible through Cordelia's research.


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