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Hannah Webster was an upper-level warlock, and one of the two prominent villains in the first half of season one in Charmed, working with Rex Buckland to steal the sisters' powers.

She was portrayed by Leigh-Allyn Baker.


Prior to Charmed, two upper-level warlocks killed Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster, assuming their identities, and taking over Buckland's Auction House. When Rex introduces Prue Halliwell to Hannah Webster, she intentionally knocks a ladder, causing a tin of paint to fall towards Prue, inadvertently using her telekinesis to avoid the paint falling on her. After she leaves, Rex asks Hannah her opinion on what happened, to which she replies, "I think she's either the luckiest woman alive or she's a witch." 

Prue casts a truth spell, unintentionally causing everyone to reveal the truth of whatever is asked of them. Hannah almost blew her cover, by wanting a sandwich that was meant for Prue, which prompted Prue to ask why she wants it if she despises the type, she explains she doesn't want Prue to have it. Wondering why she was being a bitch to her, Prue directly asked her, Hannah reveals it's her mission to destroy her; luckily, Rex intervenes, pretending to think it was a rivalry between the two. Rex scolds Hannah in private about her behavior, which she begs for forgiveness. He does, and Hannah uses thermokinesis to ignite Rex's cigarette.


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