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Han Grosse is one of Hitlers top enforcer and a major antagonist in Wolfenstein 3D, and the secondary antagonist of the 2009 Wolfenstein.


Wolfenstein 3D

He first appears in the last level of the first episode, and awaits Blazkowicz near the exit, where they fight. The player must dodge and shoot at him, afterwards he will drop a gold key allowing access to the exit.

Hans later appears as a regular enemy in e2l8, and three of them appear in e6l10, in separate rooms, though only one is necessary to kill.


In Wolfenstein, he is somehow still alive (or a different character) and works for Deathshead as his bodyguard, he appears in a bar beating up a civilian after he attacked a Nazi, he is seen again holding Caroline, the Kreisau Circle leader hostage,he shoots her and he and Deathshead escape.

Finally he appears on the Black Sun Dimension and fights Blazkowicz, but loses again.


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