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Men. I will be in my office, preparing important documents for General Dunkel. Be on the lookout for any suspicious terrorist activities. And would someone please bring me a cup of tea and a ham sandwich? Heil Hitler!
~ Stiglitz on intercom to his men.

Übercommander Hans Stiglitz is an SS Officer serving under General Gerhardt Dunkel and a major antagonist in the Wolfenstein: The New Colossus DLC The Diaries of Agent Silent Death.

He was voiced by Diego Wallraff.


Early Life

In his youth, Hans, his sister Lotte, and his family would go camping with them. In a letter by Jessica Valiant in California, Hans enjoyed his time camping with his family, reflecting how close he was to them. Hans eventually joined the Nazi Party, and became a high ranking member of the Party, and became known for his torture methods. His sadistic personality and brutal methods even made his own men question him, but he remained on good terms with other high ranking Nazi officials, such as Oberstgruppenführer Gerhardt Dunkel.

When OSA agent Jack Valiant was captured, Hans Stiglitz was the one responsible for torturing her to death. After World War II, Stiglitz was assigned to a Gestapo office in Sacramento, California. He was later targeted by Jessica Valiant aka Agent Silent Death in revenge for her husband's death.

The night before Jessica went after him, Stiglitz had a nightmare about Jessica killing him while he was paralyzed in bed that frightened him so much that after he woke up, he called up his superior officer Dunkel and told him about it. In addition, Stiglitz's paranoia and fear made him have his men keep lookout for any terrorist activities while he prepared documents to send to Dunkel.


And so another Nazi bellend had been sent to hell. Good riddance, Übercommander Hans.
~ Jessica Valiant after killing Hans Stigiltz.

While he was working at the Gestapo office, Stiglitz was found and killed by Jessica in his office. However, he effectively warned Dunkel that Agent Silent Death was coming to kill him, and that he had nightmares of her killing him. Despite this, Hans' warning was in vain, as Agent Silent Death managed to kill Chuck Lorentz at his studio, and Dunkel on Moon Base Gamma.


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