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Dr. Hans Ubermann is the main antagonist in the 1992 computer game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. He is a Nazi scientist who hopes to discover Atlantis in order to use its ancient and powerful technology to conquer the world.


At first, Ubermann hopes to use the Atlantean mineral "orichalcum" to build weapons of mass destruction, but changes his mind after he and Klaus Kerner discover a machine in the middle of Atlantis designed to turn people into gods. In the past, the machine had created many freaks of nature due to not knowing the proper amount of orichalcum beads required, but the Nazis believe it will work on them due to their superior Aryan qualities.

After Kerner is horribly mutated by the machine and commits suicide, Uberman decides to use Indy as a guinea pig to test how much orichalcum is needed to successfully power the machine. Indy manages to talk him into transforming himself instead, threatening Ubermann with eternal damnation should he become a god first. After being loaded with one hundred beads, the machine transforms Ubermann into a being of pure energy, but he soon becomes unstable, losing cohesion and ultimately destroys himself, which in the process triggers the final collapse of Atlantis.

In the bad ending, Sophia (Indy's girlfriend at the time) is possessed by the spirit of the ancient Atlantean king named Nur-Ab-Sal and steps into the machine herself, killing Ubermann and herself in a similar manner. Indy manages to escape the destruction of Atlantis in a German U-boat.


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