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Hans Zarba is the main antagonist of Son of The Pink Panther.

He was portrayed by Robert Davi, who also played Jake Fratelli in The Goonies, Franz Sanchez in License to Kill, Robert Masterson in The Taking of Beverly Hills, Alejandro Sosa in Scarface: The World Is Yours and Goran Vata in The Expendables 3.


Princess Yasmin of Lugash is abducted in French territorial waters off the coast of Nice by terrorists led by a mercenary named Hans (Robert Davi) in order to force her father to abdicate and allow her disgraced stepmother's lover, a military general with terrorist ties to an unfriendly neighboring kingdom, to claim the throne.

Charles Dreyfus, now the police commissioner of the Surete, is tasked with finding the princess and investigates her kidnapping in the South of France. Dreyfus has a run in with the kidnappers and almost gets killed by Hans when they are arguing until a local gendarme Jacques Gembrelli unknowingly saves Dreyfus' life. Gambrelli opens the rear doors of the kidnapper's van and unknowingly spies the Princess who he believes is the driver's sister en route to the hospital.

Hans becomes aware that Gambrelli witnessed the Princess in the back of his van and sends his henchmen to kill Gambrelli as a routine precaution. Dreyfus follows Gambrelli to the hospital where he observes the bumbling Gambrelli's antics with stumbling around as well as getting his bicycle stuck in a wet cement sidewalk outside the hospital. When Hans' henchmen arrive and chase after Gambrelli on his bicycle, Dreyfus manages to save the bumbling policeman and takes Gembrelli to his home to where he lives with his mother Mara, whom Dreyfus recognizes as a suspect in a murder case 30 years ago. Han's henchman plants a bomb in the Gembrelli household, but it ends up sending Dreyfus to the hospital.

Gambrelli recognizes one of Hans' henchmen at the hospital who is inquiring about a doctor for Hans who is injured after Yasmin tried to escape. Impersonating a doctor, Gambrelli gains access to Hans' hideout and clumsy attempts to treat the injured Hans, who soon sees through Gambrelli's charade and has him locked up with the princess.

Hans decides to move his safe house out of France and to Lugash, and sends his men to kill Gambrelli by placing him in a van and rolling it down a steep road off a cliff, but Gambrelli manages to escape by accident.

While being followed by the Lugash Army, as well as Cato, Gambrelli ventures to a castle located outside the Lugash capital city where in a climatic gun battle, Gambrelli gains access to the castle with the assistance of the army. Gembrelli then defeats Hans with help from Cato and saves Princess Yasmin.

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