Hansel and Gretel appear in the Netflix TV series Disenchantment as the main antagonists in the episode "Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!".

Hansel was voiced by David Herman and Gretel was voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Unlike the original characters from the tale, they are both insane and cannibalistic as they love to eat people, though they also eat non-human beings too such as they tried to have Elfo cooked.

It is mentioned by them that they ate their parents as well and were already insane before meeting the witch and were adopted by her.


As mentioned by them they killed and cannibalized their parents and were already insane by then. They were adopted by the witch and were given candy but it was never enough as they continued to eat people and magical creatures. 

One day the witch was cursed into uncontrollable laughter and was sent away to be killed at Dreamland. As Elfo came to their place they invited him for dinner only for them to try cook him in the oven. Much later as Bean and Luci came to the candy house, the two siblings invited them in but Bean figured out who they are cooking when she sees the recipe and Hansel mentioning that what they are cooking is not ham. As Bean first thought they accidentally ate Elfo it turns out he is alive and well in another oven and they engage in a fight until a blowpop literally blows up and allows the siblings to run away to the basement, where they have their previous victims made into several dishes. As Bean tries to reason with them they still intend to eat her and her friends. As they try to kill Bean, Luci encourages her to kill the two and while Bean objects she indirectly kills Gretel from behind with the axe much to Hansel's shock and anger, claiming they were supposed to grow old together and eat a family. In revenge he tries to kill Bean but she swing the axe into his head and kills him as well.

In the meantime, the curse on the witch is lifted, allowing her to talk again. While Bean regrets having killing the two, Luci is proud that she has killed anyone for the first time ever. The three left the house as it explodes, destroying what remains of Hansel and Gretel.

Season 2 reveals that Hansel and Gretal's spirits have been imprisoned in hell, where they are forced to watch their deaths over and over again.


  • As the original tale was written in Germany, they have German accents.
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