So tiny.
~ Hao's repeated line.

Hao Asakura is main antagonist of anime series Shaman King. He is very different character from his manga counterpart.


Unlike in the manga, very little is told of his past in the anime, only how he was reincarnated and that he stole the Spirit of Fire. Also because of Asakura Yohken and Matamune are manga-only characters it is never mentioned who precisely killed him, only that it was an unnamed Asakura and that it was done while he was sealed with the 1080 Prayer Beads. Also he shows a lot more interest in joining with Yoh in the anime, and far less in the manga.

In anime Hao is depicted straight as the villain, being cruel, callous, ruthless, relentless, uncaring, megalomaniac and deceitful (in the way that he even smiles evilly when maiming his enemies and has no problems or qualms sacrificing his followers). However, in the manga he starts out this way, but is eventually revealed to be more of the "Tragic Villain" variety. Also, in anime, he doesn't feel any genuine loyalty to anyone.

At the end of the anime, he keeps the Spirit of Fire and has it devour the Great Spirit in order to gain its power instead of winning the tournament and the Great Spirit as he does in the manga. Hao is ultimately killed by Yoh who had received power from Shamans all across the Earth, using his Giant O.S. to cut both Hao and the Spirit of Fire in half. This is unknown, however, if he was killed for good because later Yoh worries that Hao may return again.


  • In Japanese version Hao was voiced by Minami Takayama, while Hikaru Midorikawa voiced his Patch Hao incarnation.
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