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HA HA HA! Very funny, lazy duck! But you can never defeat me! NEVER!
~ Happy Cat warning Dodgers that he will never be defeated

Happy Cat is a corporate mascot for a large line of products and a recurring antagonist in the 2003 animated series Duck Dodgers. Dodgers frequently destroys it in a comedic fashion but it always operates, mocking Dodgers for his failure to silence him.

He was voiced by the late Mako, who previously voiced Aku in Samurai Jack and also the master of Greg Baldwin, who voiced Aku in Season 5 of Samurai Jack .


The Queen Is Wild

When he makes his debut in the Duck Dodgerrs episode, "The Queen Is Wild", He wakes Dodgers in an annoying manner until the latter destroyed him with a hammer, calling it the Cadet's worst Christmas present given to him. 




  • His name "Achoo" is an obvious parody of Aku from Samurai Jack, another villain that Mako voiced.